Adrian and Gillian zoomed into second place in The National Lottery Rich List with their A?148 million win, just behind Colin and Chris Weir from Largs who remain at the top of the list with their jackpot of A?161,653,000 won in July 2011. Late on Friday August 10th Adrian Bayford joked with his wife Gillian that they should have bought some Euromillions tickets for the A?148 million draw. The couple then called family members to share the good news, having given up on getting the children back to bed. The couple claim the prize with the National Lottery, but Camelot claim that they have not decided whether to take publicity or not according to the Sun. Adrian and Gillian are revealed as the A?148 million winners in a National Lottery press conference with photo shoots and TV interviews.
Mr Bayford, 41, said he would carry on running his music shop in Haverhill, Suffolk, which he opened 17 years ago.
Her husband said he had always wanted to visit the Canadian Rockies by train, and the children want to go to Disney World. The Daily Record publishes a story where Adriana€™s best friend Richard Hudspith, 39, says: a€?They met when Adrian dialed the wrong number and got through to Gillian. So lottery winners are followed by the press and paparazzi take your photo for days after the announcement, so don't do anything stupid! THE A?148million lottery winners have flown off on holiday reports the Sun a€” paying A?130 on EasyJet.
The Sun says LOTTERY mega-millionaires Gillian and Adrian Bayford have been advised to hire close protection bodyguards a€” for their KIDS. The Mail says Adrian Bayford has been flooded with letters from all over the world asking for a piece of his A?148 million jackpot. LOTTERY multi-millionaire Adrian Bayford returned to work a€“ and a€?normalitya€? a€“ yesterday after returning from holiday, according to The Express. One of his first jobs was sorting through the sacks of mail asking for financial help which have arrived since the huge win was revealed. The press will report how you spend your money and any interesting tidbits of whata€™s happening in your life. Since their initial weeks in the limelight, the Bayfords have been back in the press for buying a A?6 million Downton Abbey style mansion and for stopping work.

After seeing what the Bayfords went through the team at FindmeaJackpot would stay anonymous and take my chances!
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An estimated 8,000+ athletes entered the 2012 lottery with hopes of securing one of 205 Kona Slots.
The World Triathlon Corporation, owners of the Ironman branded events, have dramatically revised the Ironman Kona Lottery Program for entry into the 2012 race.
In years past, the lottery program offered about 205 entries: 150 for athletes from USA, 50 for international athletes, and 5 for physically challenged athletes. For the 2012 lottery, 205 slots will again be awarded, and WTC made the laudable decision to attempt to give precedence to those who've demonstrated distinguished dedication, either by finishing 12 or more Ironman branded triathlons or by entering the lottery many times in previous years. The WTC has the right idea, seeking to reward those with tremendous dedication to the sport.
As to the next 100 lottery slots, a change is now in place to recognize the number of times a triathlete has entered the lottery and not been selected. Raymond Britt has been a pioneering senior executive in the Digital, Web Analytics and eCommerce Strategy industry since the late 1990s. UK Jackpot Huntera€™s website FindmeaJackpot has followed the media frenzy around the UKa€™s most recent big Euromillions Jackpot winners - Adrian and Gillian Bayford from Suffolk, who won A?148 million on August 10th 2012. But he HAD bought five tickets which he checked on his phone and then told the wife and kids.
Gillian said a€?Everyone was very surprised to hear from us so late at night and thought we were joking at first.
They were keeping their identity a secret until today and after posing for the cameras, the pair were flown away by helicopter to a secret location. So everybody now knows how much you've won, which town you live in and what your house looks like!
The couple have been warned by Camelot that Aimee, six, and Cameron, four, could be kidnap targets for organised gangs.

World Record lottery winners Christine and Colin Weir are still in the limelight over a year after they won their Euromillions Jackpot. So if you go public you are now a a€?celebritya€? and all your doings a€“ good and bad a€“ are open for public scrutiny. From the pool of athletes who registered for the lottery in each of the three groups, lucky winners were selected, effectively at random. If you've entered 8 times and not been selected, you'll have 8 chances to be selected in the 2012 lottery.
He also confirmed that he plans to stay in Haverhill, Suffolk, but that special security arrangements will be made to protect their children.
Their PR is now so slick that I suspect they have professional help handling the press, and if I for one had won A?148 million I would seriously consider doing such a thing myself! He was rumored to have spent around $3,000 on cocaine every day, he also bought several luxury cars and crashed them on a homemade racetrack. It was called Wrestlicious, and featured scantily clad women fighting in a specially built pink ring. Strangely, it didn't become a success.South Korean immigrant Janite Lee won $18 million in a lottery.
She gave out the vast majority of it to a number of causes such as education programs, charities and political organizations. She decided to get a huge loan she would slowly pay off, but she struggled to do so and the debt grew until it was worth more than her actual lottery winnings.John Kutey won a share of the $319 million prize offered in the Mega Million lottery in 2011 along with six other people.
He and his wife decided to spend $250,000 on demolishing a local pool and installing a huge spray park along with donating $200,000 to help build a water park in New York.Gerald Muswagon won $10 million on the Super 7 jackpot lottery in 1998.

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