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National Lottery numbers and results: did you win last night's life-changing Lotto jackpot? This week an unknown woman claimed she had won the unclaimed A?33m jackpot but had accidentally put the ticket on a spin cycle. How about buying nine-bedroom Sonning Court in Sonning On Thames, Berkshire, for A?15m and be George Clooney's neighbour? Since Camelot introduced 10 additional lottery balls they have lengthened the odds of winning the draw from 1 in 14 million to 1 in 45 million. The record jackpot won on January 9 was A?66million, it has been shared between two ticket holders (only one has claimed the prize so far). An 18-year-old boy, who doesn't want to be named, has become Britain's biggest teenage lottery winner, after pocketing £22 million on the Euromillions. So what has he spent the money on so far, and what advice would other teenage lottery winners give him? The friends said he had already given some money to charity, and that he was keeping his feet on the ground.
The mistakes of some high-profile wining teens may lead some people to assume that winning at a young age can be a double-edged sword.
Unlike NHS emergency services, the Essex Air Ambulance, part of the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust is a Charity providing a free life-saving Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) for your county.

Essex Air Ambulance, unlike NHS emergency services, is a Charity providing a free life-saving Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) for the critically ill and injured of Essex, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. Specialist Doctors and Critical Care Paramedics can be rushed to the scene of an incident with life-saving support equipment to deliver advanced clinical care that is normally only found in the Hospital Emergency Department. Deployed on average 2-3 times a day, the HEMS Teams are most commonly dispatched to patients with serious illness or injury caused by such incidents as traffic collisions, falls from height, heart attacks, stabbings, cardiac arrests and stroke.
The Charity holds lots of different Fundraising Events throughout the year and we have something for everybody! The Air Ambulance Flight for Life Lottery is a major source of income for the Charity and since January 1998 it has raised more than £16 million pounds!
With no direct funding from the Government or National Lottery we rely solely upon the people and businesses of Essex and Hertfordshire to remain operational and keep saving lives.
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Michael Carroll, the self-titled 'King of Chavs', from Norfolk, was 19 when he won the lottery. The tragic experiences of Stuart Donnelly, who was 17 when he won the lottery, is a cautionary tale too.
Once stabilised, the patient will be conveyed by air or land to the most appropriate hospital for their needs.
Whether you're a keen motorcyclist, runner or cyclist, a Strictly Come Dancing fan, to fancy dress initiatives or trekking all over the world!

He behaved impeccably, giving money away to friends and family, buying homes for his mother and father, and taking care of his father. We hope you or your loved ones never need us but thanks to the generosity and goodwill of the people and businesses of Essex and Herts the service remains operational. Carroll's experiences show that while everyone is foolish when they are young, being foolish and rich just makes the mistakes more obvious. She didn't win anything like as much as the latest winner, but her experiences may persuade the teen to pace himself, as £22 million will only last a lifetime if you show a bit of self-control. However, he said years later that the publicity and attention put a huge strain on him, and 12 years later he was living alone and hardy venturing out when he died at the age of 29. Two years later she was named by the Sunday Times as the 27th richest person in the UK, after deciding to invest her money for the future rather than splash out. Winners need emotional support to ensure that such a big win at such a young age does not overwhelm them.
There were no jackpot winners, which means Saturday's draw will be a triple rollover with a top prize of A?14.1m.

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