MEGA Millions, one of the largest multi-state lottery games in North America will be having another draw on Friday atĀ 8 pm Pacific Time.
Super Lotto Plus Winning Numbers – 6, 21, 22, 30, 38, and 26 where 26 is the Mega Ball. Mega Millions players can buy their tickets now from over 21,000 participating retailers of the California Lottery throughout the state for Friday’s draw. Standby at California Lottery Winning NumbersĀ to know this Friday’s Mega Millions winning numbers. Follow us on Twitter to get free up-to-date news via tweets from the World Correspondents, or you can subscribe to us by entering your e-mail below.

California Lottery Results Reveal Mega Millions Winning Numbers is a copyrighted article from the World Correspondents.
5 - California Lottery.Two Self-Employed Fantasy 5 Winners Come Forward, Each Winning More.
With no jobs available in the market, lotteries provide hope to be instant millionaires for many.
If you want to try your luck in lotteries, participate in this California lottery and buy your tickets now by looking for retailers that display the logo of the California Lottery. You can confirm your free subscription by clicking the confirmation link that will be sent to your e-mail address.

The above results (#2717 Super Lotto) are not officially certified by a californian lottery authority. Fast, convenient and easy results for all US state lotteries including POWERBALL and MEGA MILLIONS.Two Self-Employed Fantasy 5 Winners Come Forward, Each Winning More Than $150,000.

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