Raleigh, NC-- Who wouldn't want to win the lottery and not have to pay taxes on the money won. Starting Tuesday, April 3, the NC Education Lottery will start three new Taxes Paid instant games that give players the chance to win top prizes up to $100,000 with the initial taxes already paid. The lottery will pay the minimum mandatory required federal and state tax withholding as part of the top prizes awarded for each of the three instant games. The game starts with more than $8.2 million in total prizes, including more than 106,000 prizes between $20 and $100. Players could also win one of more than 102,000 prizes between $10 and $35, or scratch and reveal a "coin" symbol to win the prize shown instantly.

For example, a "money bags" symbol wins double the prize shown and a "money stack" wins $50 instantly.
Besides the US Canada Tax Treaty, the US has a tax treaty with many other foreign countries. At least one piece of identification must have a photo, and all identification must be current and not expired. Applies to Canadian and international gamblers from non-treaty countries only. Ready to claim a gambling tax refund? Request a casino tax refund application package now.Don't see your country in the above list?

According to a recent court ruling, you are now eligible to claim back the tax withheld on your gambling income. To be eligible, you must have US gambling losses to deduct against your taxed gambling income.

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