When the Main Jackpot reaches $50 million, $1 million MAXMILLIONS prizes will also be offered!
All three sets of numbers are eligible for the LOTTO MAX Main Draw and MAXMILLIONS Draw(s), when held.
You can use Quick Pick to have your numbers randomly chosen for you or a Selection Slip to choose your own numbers.
Simply ask your lottery retailer for a Quick Pick OR check the Quick Pick box on a LOTTO MAX Selection Slip and the lottery terminal will randomly choose your three sets of numbers for you. If you want to play for more than one draw in advance, use a Selection Slip and mark the number of draws in the Advance Play box. A winning set of numbers for the LOTTO MAX Main Draw entitles a winner to a prize in only one of the above prize categories. The prize pool for the LOTTO MAX Main Jackpot and MAXMILLIONS Draw(s) is based on a pari-mutuel share. When MAXMILLIONS prizes are available, your LOTTO MAX ticket not only gives you a chance at the Main Jackpot but it also gives you a chance to win any of the $1 million MAXMILLIONS Draws on the same date! If the Main Jackpot is won, any MAXMILLIONS that are not won are added to the next base ($10 million) LOTTO MAX Jackpot. LOTTO MAX Main Draw prizes and MAXMILLIONS prizes must be claimed within 12 months of the draw date. The software and plug-in can be obtained free of charge from the Adobe® Web site, which also offers customer support. Officials are waiting for the holder of the winning ticket to come forward to collect the prize. Whether you are a new or seasoned Captain, the Group Play Captain's Tools are designed to make the Captain's job easy.
Download the Lottery Group Play Form and print it out to manage your group purchases and play. Get your team together and fill in the details including team members' names, payment details, contact info, etc.
Choose one person to act as the Group Play Captain to coordinate group members, collect payments and validate tickets. If you know someone who would make a great Captain, let them know about the Group Play Captain's Tools.
Record group participation – You can use the online tool or the Lottery Group Play Paper Form.

You can help with the prize claims process by keeping accurate and up-to-date records of your group play. If you are using the Paper Tools, make copies so everyone can see the selected numbers (see photocopied ticket information below). Save a copy, upload or send copies of any new tickets to each group member every time the group plays.
Prior to the draw, make a group decision about how much of the prize winnings will be split among the group and how much will be returned into future lottery ticket purchases.
If you plan on being away or out of town before a draw, make sure you pay your Group Play Captain in advance and have those payments documented.
Agree on, and document, how member participation will work in the event of unexpected absences, such as illness or life events, that prevent a member from paying before a draw.
When photocopying Group Play lottery tickets for your group members, please make sure to fold the ticket just under the ENCORE number to display number selections only. ATTENTION groups with retailers: Group lottery tickets are void if an OLG retailer or a person involved in the handling of lottery tickets at the retailer's store is a member of the group and the group's tickets are purchased, electronically checked or electronically validated in the retailer's store. The Lottery Group Play Tips and Tools information contained on this website, including the Lottery Group Play Form, Jackpot Alert and Winning Numbers Posters, are made available by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) solely for the convenience of lottery group players in Ontario aged 18 or over. For each set of numbers played, the lottery terminal will generate two additional sets of numbers chosen. If you want to play for more than one draw, mark the number of draws in the Advance Play box. A pari-mutuel share is a calculation in which the total monies allocated to a prize category are divided by the total number of winners in that category. These funds are held separately from Ontario-only games and are administered by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation. Download the official Interprovincial Lottery Corporation Rules and Regulations Respecting Lotteries and Lottery Tickets and the Supplemental OLG Rules and Conditions to Interprovincial Lottery Corporation Games. Lottery and charitablegaming products are only available to those persons 18 years of age and over, while casinos and slotfacilities in Ontario are restricted to those persons 19 years of age and over.
And if you already know a Captain who could benefit from the Captain’s Tools, direct them to the Online Captain’s Tool section for more information. If you believe you won the lottery, validate the ticket at an authorized Lottery Retailer or call the OLG Support Centre at 1-800-387-0098 for more information. The person who redeems the ticket for a group should sign the ticket and show that it belongs to a group of people by adding a phrase such as “In Trust.” All names of members of a group should be recorded for each draw.

OLG assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the entitlement to any prize of any group or group member or for compliance with any laws which may prohibit or restrict groups playing lotteries or for the accuracy of any of the information at any time contained on the Lottery Group Play Form, Jackpot Alert or Winning Numbers Posters. There are times when ownership of a lottery prize is disputed by the claimants and other parties.
Sometimes, customers select certain number combinations more often than other number combinations, which may result in a greater number of winning tickets and a lower prize share.
If the Main Jackpot is not won, any MAXMILLIONS that are not won carry forward to the next draw as MAXMILLIONS prizes. While efforts are made to ensure that the rules are accurate and up to date, the game conditions cannot always reflect changes. So get your friends, family, co-workers, teammates or even your favourite baristas together and play as a group. Using the online tool will get your group mates to appreciate you more than they already do!
The winning numbers that appear on this website do not constitute official winning numbers. Some of the more popular combinations are based on sequences of numbers, vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines on selection slips, multiples of numbers, variations of historic dates or birth dates, etc. The Interprovincial Lottery Corporation (ILC) reserves the right to change these game conditions, with or without notice and at such times and in such manner as ILC deems appropriate. The parties involved may settle the matter privately, or by proceeding in the Ontario courts, or resolved through arbitration by an arbitrator appointed by the Chair of the Board of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). For tickets purchased for the July 10, 2015 draw or earlier, please refer to the Previous LOTTO MAX Game Conditions. If there is more than one winner in a MAXMILLIONS Draw, the MAXMILLIONS prize will be shared among the winners in that draw.
Unauthorized use of the information contained on this website, including the Lottery Group Play Form, Jackpot Alert and Winning Numbers Posters, is strictly prohibited. Any changes in whole or in part to the displayed information must be approved in writing by OLG. For more information about Group Play or for prize-claiming instructions, visit olg.ca or call OLG's Support Centre at 1-800-387-0098.

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