I am sure you have heard it said before, “Take care of yourself first,” many speak about loving yourself first, but this only leads to selfishness.
The first of which we will never be alone, to know that God is by your side and is there to offer support and a promise of a good outcome is the first step to feeling safe, secure and empowered!Next by looking to God you will have an example on how to love. You will learn forgiveness, kindness, compassion, unselfishness, companionship, and comfort just to name a few.Placing God in your marriage as one of three cords, also known as the triple cord, will bind your love into Everlasting.

When there is conflict in your marriage and you come before your father He will guide you on how to overcome the conflict. He will convict your heart when you do not love as you should, and He will help you to forgive your spouse when they do not love, as they should.
We are just human after all, humans are full of mistakes and always will be, and this is where grace comes in.When we accept the grace of God we are more willing to offer grace.

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