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In honor of Valentine’s Day, I have compiled all of the drawings of Jordin and me from my drawings365 blog. December 31st, 2011 – Happy New Year from those who know how to party to the countdown in an empty theater! December 22nd, 2011 – Christmas service premier was tonight, wife and I performed as Eminem and Katy Perry. November 17th, 2011 – For some reason, my wife and I don’t get to play music much together. August 31st, 2011 – I wonder what my younger self would have thought if someone told me the girl on my tee-ball team would be my wife. August 16th, 2011 – In the last 48 hrs of our vacation, my wife read over 900 pages of her new favorite series. In this book, we meet a bored lion, who leaves his grasslands for an adventure in the city of lights. Our first introduction to him was a book we found in a lighthouse gift shop called Lightship. Secrets to Living WellOur Living Well column is full of posts that will help you up the quality factor in your every day life.

True story: I still get nervous in front of the camera, especially if there’s a “high risk” chance of passersby seeing me strut my stuff.
Instead, we sat on the couch, she read to me, I played guitar for a while, and then I drew a picture… in fact the first drawing on here since finishing the 365 project! I pretend to read too, but every few sentences seems to spark a new idea and I begin thinking or daydreaming, and 48 hrs later, I’ve read a total of 12 pages from my 120 pg book. Your wife is so loved and looking at the pictures you are, too :) So happy that you have both found a love like that.
Ben Blair gave me this book for Mother’s Day (did I tell you I collect Caldecott books?) and I love it. This is another BIG book — it fills up your whole lap in a sideways format, as if the illustrations want to be studied. If you’ve ever been to Paris, or are planning a trip there, this book is especially delightful because it hits many of the major tourist highlights — and the illustrations are fantastic! And the message is clear: don’t remain on the surface, dive deep to find the best adventures and the best friendships! My husband lived in France for two years while on a mission for our church, so we love all French things! It is a longer book, but they are always captivated by the story, the poetry of the words, and the beautiful pictures. The book is filled with tips and strategies for making your home beautiful, comfortable, functional and kid-friendly — a place where both you and your kids will thrive. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like i’m an internationally acclaimed model or high profile bitch of any sort. I’m slowly settling back into my Australian life, but making ALL THE PLANS to be back to the USA (and hopefully Europe) in no time at all!

In fact, you won’t even know i’m there until you find me in your kitchen with a cup of tea and your cat on my lap.
Even though I also have a special fondness for every one of the other characters on my blog, I too love looking through the ones of the two of us.
Many have asked for a copy, so I will try to figure out how to make it available on Amazon. All four picks are really, really beautiful and I’m delighted to add them in our family collection. You nuture it and care for it and as you get more confident about the idea, the idea will get better as well. I’m just talking about the various times me and my pal Sam furtively glance around and drop our bags on the sidewalk, after which I (sometimes awkwardly) attempt to vogue and mince like nobody’s watching.
I don’t know anything about publishing, but I think that would be so cool if people could have these drawings in a book!
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Last night, Jordin and I sat in bed, scrolling through this post, smiling and remembering all of the sub-texts, the highs and lows that have shaped and strengthened our marriage over the last year.
As a procrastinator at heart, the last year has been for me a matter of getting in bed with Jordin, snuggling, beginning to drift off, then getting back up with my sketchbook and camera phone to begin drawing. Facebook is also where I will post information about the book, so “Like” the page to stay up to date!

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