I have long been saying that we create our world with intent and belief, and largely this is true. As I have activated, harmonised and balanced all of my chakras, I have noticed my feeling centre, my heart chakra, more than I ever have before. I imagined that the kids had all gone to bed after their respective showers, pyjamas and books peacefully and calmly with no calling out, etc.
My eldest daughter didn’t stay up playing in bed until late and went to sleep at a reasonable time. One manifestation that I believe we should all be working on however, is creating a better world to live in. Per Gregg Braden’s research into experiments conducted, there is an exact formula for the number of people required to make a significant change to the others around them.

Law Of Attraction: Visualization, Manifestation, Attract Love, Fulfillment, Wealth, Happiness & Get What You Want » PDF Books Planet - Download Free Digital Books in PDF, EPUB and MOBI Formats For Free! But there were two You Tube clips linked to it, one of which resonated with me significantly. What Gregg has established, using his learned knowledge and that of proven scientific experiments, is that the world around us that we each perceive, is a direct result of thought and emotion. Last night during arsenic hour, the kids were running riot and my wife was at the end of her tether. Then, through my heart chakra I used the emotion of love to imagine how I felt at this time, which was peace and joy. One of the questions that has been asked is, “if we create our own reality, why do we live in a world of chaos?” Well it’s pretty simple really.

The majority of the western population is bombarded with fear and despondency through the mainstream media. On the planet with 7 billion people on it, that is around 8,633 people, that, if orchestrated at the same time, could change the world.

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