This Gallery Canvas Wrap is printed on high quality paper then treated with a superior faux canvas that is guaranteed to protect your artwork. I love every time I have the opportunity to share with others about why my Psalm 1 illustration has been dubbed the “fruit cocktail” tree. Also, where this verse says "in everything we do, we prosper, I thought about what God’s perspective of prosperity might look like beyond financial gain or material blessing, and the imagery of the two birds and a nest came to mind. Part of the reason it's been challenging to keep up with all the many forms of social media is that the Portland Saturday Market re-opened the weekend of March 1st!
Remember in the last post I was telling you that one of my favorite verses was Jeremiah 31:3? A friend came over the other day and was looking for something inexpensive that her church could give the women who will be attending theirupcoming retreat. A few days ago, I was talking with a friend about how God had answered a prayer she had prayed for me about three years ago. Our Gallery Wrap style wraps the canvas around the sides of 2" thick stretcher bars, then secured to the back of the frame and finished with hanging hardware.
In this Psalm God says we will bear fruit… and what came to mind as I pondered verse 3 was that we, as believers in Christ, bear the fruit of Spirit which we know is multi-faceted… love, peace, joy, and so much more.

They symbolize the idea of our greatest prosperity being the spiritual heritage we pass down to our children, our neighbors, and so many others, through the fruit we bear and the lives we live.
Consider how your talents, gifts, and abilities feed and nourish the people God has placed in your life and how their fruit feeds you as well. Words have such power in our lives, don't they?And I just believe it's good to surround ourselves with Words that remind usto focus on what is good, true, noble and of the Lord!
The sides of the gallery wrap are solid black, creating a beautiful continuation of the word art.
If you are creating a grouping of similar art on the wall, then yes, there should be cohesion to your frames.
But we also bear the delightfully multi-colored fruit of our labor in respect to using our gifts, talents, and abilities for God’s glory.
I recently put this little collection of pansy art together as a digital download to celebrate spring and remind us that if we sow faith in God in whatever our circumstances, we are sure to reap the blessings of His goodness and grace!
We can all visualize a tree and we all know what leaves and fruit look like so we have a good place to start… but sometimes, as we take the time to meditate on a verse, God coaxes us to think outside the box… to “see" a little more than we did at first.
Because we are all created to be unique individuals, the fruit we bear through our good works will be as unique and varied as we are… therefore, a “fruit cocktail” tree.

Yes!I'm so excited about these and will be telling you more about them in the daysto come!
This way, the focus is on the artwork or the photography, rather than on the huge assortment of frames.
Wouldn't it be fun to see my art on fabric and journals and stationery and oh so much more? However, if you are adding singular pieces, dispersed throughout a room, than you can use different frames. If the frames happen to match, than that's great, but they don't have to be identical throughout the entire room. But it made me think about how I am called the fragrance of Christ to God first and foremost.

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