Watch Tedashii perform his new song "Fire Away" featuring SPZRKT hereAbout the AuthorSteven Solis is Christian Hip-Hop's Wizard of Oz, breaking more unsigned talent than anyone you know.
Listen and download RSPMG artist Mission's latest free track "7 Days A Week" produced by K. Singer-songwriter Ruby Skyy aka Adrian Quintana, featured on Skrip's "Heir In The Air", released her lead single and first music video "Beast Mode" to come from her Summer 2016 project Misunderstood. Columbia Records announced today the signing of groundbreaking hip hop artist Lecrae (Lecrae Moore) in a deal with the artist and his own label, Reach Records. Christian emcee Sevin spoke to Rapzilla about a series of topics ranging from what’s wrong with Christian hip-hop, hate, and advice to give to young artists.
After living 13 years homeless, getting sober and renouncing his gang affiliation, Sevin of God Over Money started to become comfortable. The sleep and dream cycle varies between individuals, but the majority of health people show a consistent pattern illustrated by the graphs above.
A person will experience a higher degree of dream recall when they are healthy, go to sleep at the same time each night, and wake up naturally after a full night of sleep.

Grow wings and fly, talk to God, travel to ancient Rome, dine with Marilyn Monroe, open opera season at the Met? There's a moment of clarity where you realize that you don't, in fact, have wings, and that you can't possibly be having dinner with Marilyn Monroe, because she's dead. This cycle is most apparent while we sleep because each cycle includes a period of deep sleep, and a period of REM sleep.
The person must also have an interest and curiosity for their dream experiences each morning upon awakening.
My goal is to make this information visually easily to understand, accessible, and available to everyone. One study monitored subjects with electroencephalograms (EEGs -- a test of the electrical brain activity) as they slept. We'll explore both the science and the fantastic, and we'll find out how to put you in control. The eye movements correspond with the dreamer looking around and seeing things in the dream.

At the end of each Ultradian Rhythm, there is a short period of wakefulness when the person can adjust their sleep position before falling back into sleep. The participants motioned with their eyelids when they were in the middle of a lucid dream.
Each subsequent ultradian rhythm requires less deep sleep, and so the REM period becomes longer.
The EEGs confirmed that they were in REM sleep while they signaled their lucid dream state [source: LaBerge].

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