The Powerball jackpot reached $1.5 billion on Wednesday, meaning the winner would walk away with $930 million after taxes. COLUMBIA - The Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri said it has seen an increase in people needing food recently. COLUMBIA - A national decrease in high school football participation has been attributed to heightened awareness of concussions. Seavey was in Columbia with her dad and best friend and decided to test their luck and buy Powerball tickets. The Powerball jackpot started making headlines when it reached $500 million, but people really started to take notice when the potential winnings tripled a week later. Seavey said she played over the weekend when the jackpot totaled $900 million and won $50. He doesn't think picking the numbers this time will help his chances any more than random numbers. Nerling said he'd spend a lot of it on his family and Seavey said she'd want to help others with her winnings. Music Times Network is always looking for well-versed, enthusiastic contributors and interns.Submit your application today! Keep up-to-date with what's going on in classical, jazz, theater, dance and more with Classicalite! The lucky jackpot winner would have the option of the $500 million prize paid over 30 years or the $337.8 million one-time payment.

FOX59 is Indy’s exclusive home for televised Lottery drawings, including Powerball and Mega Millions. Take Jack Whitaker, winner of a $315-million Powerball jackpot in 2002, who said he wishes he had never won after his teenage granddaughter became addicted to drugs and then was found dead in 2007 of what authorities ruled an overdose. Economists Scott Hankins, Mark Hoekstra and Paige Marta Skiba studied people who won more than $600 from the Florida Lottery between 1993 and 2002. Another group of economists studied winners of the Nationale Postcode Loterij, the second largest national lottery in the Netherlands.
In the British study, the authors honed down on medium-sized lottery winners, or 137 British winners of between about $1,536 and $184,309. In the study of Dutch lottery winners, researchers found that a winner's neighbors' consumption patterns changed. People who did not participate in the lottery but lived within a winner's postal code were more likely to acquire a new car in the six months after the lottery win than non-participants living in neighborhoods without a winner. Knowing a lottery winner may encourage some people to get into the habit of purchasing tickets. The Dutch study found that people who did not participate in the lottery but are surrounded by households who won the lottery six months ago are less likely to play than nonparticipants who are not surrounded by winners. The study added that although lottery winnings do not make households happier, they don't make neighboring households less happy. Check the report below to see if you won $1000 a day for the rest of your life, as well as update on last night’s massive half a billion dollar Powerball lottery drawing.

The massive jackpot will be split up and heading to North Carolina, Texas, and Puerto Rico.
Lottery games are designed to be enjoyable entertainment for adults, and for the vast majority of lottery players, that's exactly what they are. Wednesday’s Powerball drawing airs immediately following FOX59 News at 10, followed by your live Hoosier Lottery Daily 3 and Daily 4 drawing. It could also turn off others who think the chances of two people in the same community winning a ticket may be slim. The website breaks down the 18 most common Powerball numbers from the main draw and the 18 most commonly drawn Powerball numbers from the separate Powerball ball set.
Multi-State Lottery members sell lottery tickets for the benefits of their citizens, raising millions of dollars for worthy causes and projects.
In the year a prize is won, they found that "mental stress goes up, while in subsequent years lottery winners show less stress than non-winners." Of course, the absence of mental stress and happiness are not the same thing, they noted in the paper.

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