I pulled out just the hearts from the deck of cards and made one fantastic 13 page valentine book for my husband.
I am not the most creative person, but I am trying to be…what are some of the things that are in the book??
Reader Jean submitted this project idea at the Dollar Store Crafts Facebook page; it's a romantic book of "52 things I love about you" to give to your sweetie, out of a deck of cards and some binder rings. Filled with cute illustrations, it's sure to make her smile, and she'll love it even more because she gets to make it herself!

I liked the Five Love Languages of Children book the most (even before I had children) because it helped me understand the languages on a basic non-romantic level, although there are a couple other versions of the book, too. One question though, what are the covers made out of & where did you get the letters from? I want to make this for my boyfriend, we’ve been together for almost two years and I think he would really like it. Starting with the basic shapes, you can add the tougher multi-sided shapes when she's ready.

Look beyond Valentines' Day for this project as well; it would make a great personal gift for any occasion, or you could just use this idea to make an adorable mini scrapbook or tiny book filled with anything you want.

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