Here are 10 simple DIY vertical garden ideas that demonstrate just how effective, and inexpensive, vertical gardening can be.
This amazing vertical garden, which also uses plastic bottles, hangs outside a school in Singapore. I asked the Handsome Husband if he could find me a couple of good clean pallets asap and he did.A  He was able to bring home 2 pallets in great condition the very next day. Here is what the back of the pallet looked like before I injected a ton of staples into the fabric.
If you don’t, when it comes time to stand your pallet up, the soil will slide, and your plants will end up behind the slats.
Next add your plants.A  I filled this one with strawberries, but I plan on filling my next pallet garden with an assortment of herbs.
Can I send you my 4 and 6 year old boys to terrorize your chickens for a day while I build a pallet garden?
You could hide the exposed soil with your abundant moss to Shade and keep the soil from coming out when you water.
Make sure you use only pallets with the letters HT which stands for Heat Treatment, which is used to kill any fungus or insects. Chemically treated pallets will be marked with MB, a highly toxic insecticide, banned in North America and European Union. Pallets in North America are usually stamped HT, which means it is heat treated instead of chemicals, they are no longer allowed to be treated this way here.
Use the light ones stamped with HT for pallet gardens and the heavy one stamped HT for firewood in your rocket stove, or else , if the boards are in good shape you may want to take a reciprocating saw and cut the nails so you can use the wood for other projects.
I used an old cheep blanket and burlap fabric over it (for sturdiness) to hold the back of my pallet. Cardboard, cardboard, cardboard, it’s free, made with organic glue and turns into fertilizer. My father recently spent a TON of money making a special box with heavy wood, a pvc pipe watering system and lattice to make basically the same thing for my grandmother for her birthday. I do have a tad bit of OCD and things that arent lined up and centered tend to bother me, so this is PERFECTION in my mind.
Hello Mavis- Thanks for inspiring me to do better and get better deals for the food I feed my family. Description : Colors vertical line shinning widescreen theme design high resolution wallpaper.
Vertical gardening is becoming very popular with urban, sub urban and rural gardeners alike.
Place the large container against the wall – a corner is best so the tube is less likely to fall over. Yes, strawberries grow from seeds, it is the small kernels that are on the outside of the berry. To winter the strawberry tube I would burry the tube in the ground a little and make a mound of dirt, mulch and then snow over top.
What i don’t understand is, how come so many people on here are asking how to do EVERY aspect of this project. PLEASE ALL START USING YOUR OWN IMAGINATION, YOU MAY BE AMAZED AT WHAT YOU ACTUALLY DO KNOW AND CAN DO. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Wonderful job. Really cool idea, definitely worth a try if you want to take advantage of your vertical space when growing. 3) cover little pipe with some burlap or other material, cork one end, duct tape on top end (keeps out soil while filling). 5)Add some good fertile slightly acidic soil until you get to a hole, add seedling, add more soil repeat until filled.
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Excellent for the home or the office, a green wall can turn any dull and dreary room into an inviting and alluring environment.
Through a process known as evapotranspiration, the air surrounding the green wall is naturally cooled.
The foliage absorbs and reflects the noise that comes its way, so if there’s a room in your home you want to make as peaceful and relaxing as possible, a living green wall can help – and that’s not to mention the general sense of calm and well-being that comes from being around greenery! Finally you will want to choose and insert the plants you want to include in your green wall. Growing a vertical garden indoors is the same as growing plants in containers on the fire escape or indoors.
A vertical garden involves a sort of container and system that lets you place the plants vertically. The sky is the limit for vertical wall gardens as they are essentially the same as regular gardens just vertical rather than horizontal.
A container system starts with a series of containers, set of brackets and a strong material, like wood.

The only difference between an outdoor and indoor vertical wall garden is the size and weight. Indoor vertical wall gardens are very easy to make and add a living piece of art to your humble abode.
A vertical garden, or a hanging garden made of living plants, is a fantastic way to turn a ho-hum space into a focal point. Are you intrigued by the idea of adding such a garden to your space, but think that it will be too difficult to create and care for? To create your succulent wall garden, you are going to need a frame, potting soil and a collection of succulent clippings. When it comes to hanging your succulent wall garden, you are going to want to display it in a space that receives a lot of sun. Don’t use painted pallets, also used for transporting chemicals, usually for the pool industry. I live in Seattle…any chance on getting the scoop on where to get untreated pallets?! I also used a layer of burlap on the front of my pallet (the inside front), so that the ground does not come out. Im still waiting on mine, and while hes saving his pennies and finding an army of men to lift the thing to the wall where it hangs, im going to go “borrow” some of the pallets he has waiting for the fire pit and make my own! It saves space by growing upwards which keeps plant off the ground and out of reach from a lot of insects that can harm the plants. Remember that one side will face the wall so only put holes on the surfaces that will get sunlight. It is so simple, why do so many think they need to be babysat all the way through everything.
We try to show you what is new and beautiful in this area, arranged in several categories (apartments, ideas, interior design, home decor, home design, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, furniture, hotels & resorts, architecture) related to the area and style. Either part of a building or free standing, this sustainable innovation is healthy and great to look at.
This can be great for creating a good first impression on your clients when they visit your business. In winter, a green wall on the outside of a building acts as insulation, reducing the need for costly heating too. It is one of the lesser-known benefits of a green wall, reducing background noise in loud, communal dining areas, or reducing noise pollution from traffic on busy main roads. Although a professional will be needed for larger scale projects, this is still something you can attempt yourself on a smaller scale at home.
Get started by building a frame; you will need a good, solid structure which can be hung onto the wall. Use a material which has effective water retention properties and lets roots grow through – felt is often the material of choice here. The usual style is to attach a tube across the top of your wall, which will drip water down throughout the whole structure.
You can grow a selection of herbs in a vertical wall garden and hang the containment system on the wall of your kitchen. You can use recycled materials, like old gutters, or materials bought from the home improvement store.
For example, you could attach three rows of gutters to a solid wall in the interior of your home. Because houses do not have unlimited space, so indoor vertical wall gardens tend to be smaller and less heavy. Succulents are an excellent choice for a vertical garden because they are hearty, they grow slowly and they come in a range of colors, sizes and textures. You can purchase a preassembled frame from a home supply store, or you can create one yourself. There are so many different types of succulent plants and all of them are as attractive as the next. These plants should be watered when they approach dryness, which is about every 7 days or so. Water the planter lightly and allow the water to drain well before replacing it on the wall. They allow you to save space and to display your herbs and plants in a beautiful and interesting manner. Once the pallet is filled with soil (it’s easier to fill it without losing any soil, and spread the soil evenly) i just cut slits in burlap and inserted my plants.
I made mine the height of the outside staircase outside as it gets pretty good sun there and the rails give me something to secure the unit to. If you put holes all the way down the upper planter won’t get quite enough water as it will all rush out the lower holes.
I would assume you would water from the top of water tube and it would water the plants all the way down.
If installed in an office environment, the presence of green walls can lead to greater employee productivity and overall health, since cleaner air leads to better concentration, healthier employees and fewer sick days.

Or, if you want to give your home a nice colourful touch, it will add some green to your own four walls and be a great talking point when you have guests over. Did you know however than installing a green wall acts as a natural air conditioner, balancing humidity levels in the process to keep us comfortable.
As this is one of the most important aspects, you will most likely want to consult an expert in the field. Just take into account the current aesthetics of the room or garden where you are constructing your green wall. For a more in-depth guide to creating your own green wall, take a look at this article. It’s a fairly straightforward process involving containers, a hanging system, water and soil.
You can also make a vertical wall garden of veggies by using the right materials to create a structure able to support larger vegetable plants, like tomatoes. When it comes to making your own indoor vertical wall garden, there are many options and styles to create or buy. Fill the gutters will soil and plant with your favorite flowers, vines or veggies for a permanent feature wall.
If so, you should consider creating your very own colorful and living work of art to liven up that space – with succulents. Blending a variety of these plants together to create a vertical garden will create instant interest to your space. A vertical succulent wall garden is actually quite easy to create and rather easy to care for. Creating one yourself will require a picture frame, a wooden shadow box, planting fabric and potting soil.
This means that the space you hang the garden should receive a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight.
In order to determine whether or not your plants are approaching dryness, use your finger to feel the soil. Also, you get to organize them according to your own criteria and to create beautiful combinations of colors and shapes.View in galleryThere are lots of different types of vertical planters. But, the side of our garage is in the sun and I could lean a few pallets up against it and have an amazing herb garden. My plants are still small, so they dont cover all the ground and burlap is helping to hold it all in. If you think you will do a good job of capping off the base end of the tube, you can put one small hole at the bottom so it doesn’t go anaerobic in there. If you really have something good, we will publish it with your own name in our online magazine. Growing a vertical wall garden indoors is the perfect way to get your herb garden without taking up precious kitchen space. You can also choose to plant a selection of flowering greenery, vines or even cactus.  Anything of a reasonable size can be planted in a vertical garden. After arranging the plants, let the frame lay flat in a sunny location so that they can take root. These plants will survive in areas that receive slightly less sunlight, but they will not thrive as well as they would in direct sunlight. Initially I had the pallet at about 40% angle to the ground, now it is almost upright (I added plants to the top of the pallet).
Just don’t expect it to hang on the wall with a large vertical garden as the weight of the soil and plants tends to make it difficult. A word of advice; creating a cluster of several of the same types of succulents will make for a very eye-catching display. You can stick either seeds, or strawberry plants in the wholes once it is filled with soil. That’s way the container vertical wall method is more likely to be used then the picture frame style vertical wall style. Cut out holes in the wood squares big enough for the pots to sit comfortably in and drill holes in each of the corners.
Remove the slats from the top of the pallet, cover the back with a thin piece of wood and then with plastic sheeting.
You can hang it from a big branch in a tree or from a beam.View in galleryMake a lovely planters for your little colorful flowers and display them on the balcony. You need a wooden pole, 4 clay pots, zip ties, flowers, soil and paint if you wish to give the pots a makeover.
Measure and cut the pole to fit under your deck railing or anywhere else you want to place it.

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