So you’re running out of new ways to keep your Facebook page fun and engaging, and you know there has to be another way to make your page a gateway to sales. Facebook contests provide an enormous range of benefits and an excellent return on investment. Second, the customers that enter your contest are interactively engaging with your brand, which is very beneficial if you are trying to leave a memorable impression.
If you’ve read any sort of marketing contest “how-to” post before, you’ll know that offering a gimmicky prize like an iPad is a big no-no.
In order to really entice targeted customers to engage in your contest, the prize has to be something that relates to your brand.This is key. An iPad or any other general prize may provide you with thousands of random entries, but it won’t necessarily get you more leads.
Think of something brand related that will offer your customers a value that they haven’t been offered before. The longer your contest takes to explain, the greater the chance is that people will move on before entering.
So to that end, your content has to be short enough to explain in seven seconds or captivating enough to hold a viewer’s attention past the eight second threshold. Since we have such a small amount of time to convince a prospect to engage on our page, we have to be tactical with our presentation. Great images can sometimes be hard to find, but an image or video that relates to your brand or contest is certainly better than no visual at all.
Work with your UX designers to ensure that your contest is easy to maneuver for even the un-savviest of users. Because the goal of this campaign is to lock up leads, you don’t want to deter any potential users by trying to squeeze out unnecessary info from them in the entry form.
For example: If you’re not planning on calling the entrants, don’t bother asking for a phone number. Contests can be a great way to start a long-term relationship with new customers, or nurture the existing ones you already have. Emily Zurrer is a marketing enthusiast and recently retired Canadian Olympic soccer player. Designing your Facebook Wedding Page so it is easy to use and a special place to share your wedding news is simple. Facebook Groups are great for promoting interests and hobbies, but they do not have the same resources and customizable options offered with a Facebook Page. Some of the Facebook features you already know, love, and use all the time are also great tools to take your Facebook Wedding Page to the next level. If a picture is worth a thousand words, your Facebook Wedding Photos probably contain the equivalent of War and Peace twice over (with a happier ending of course).
Upload images and video to your Facebook Wedding Page is the same as uploading images and video to your personal profile. Note: You can also upload your pictures from your Flickr account using the Flickr application, but since Flickr is an external application, the image quality doesn't look as polished compared to the standard Facebook photo album.
Using the Facebook Edit Page menu (the first option under your profile picture), find the Event box and select "Edit." Similar to setting up an event with a personal profile, you will input an event title, location, date and time.
You can choose to make the event public on your Facebook Wedding Page Wall, or make it a secret gathering for all your closest friends. Note: Every blog update will automatically appear on your friends', fans', and likes' Facebook News Feed. Note: One of our favorite wedding bloggers, Bridezilla, is a great addition to this Facebook Wedding Page.
All of your boxes will show up in the Boxes tab in the Facebook Wedding Page's top navigation bar, as well as to the left of your Wall if you choose to display it there as well. Note: If you plan on creating a custom box for your Wall page, we recommend only using images 180 pixels wide and under.
We made a box for Invite Right: The Complete Guide to Wedding Stationary Wording and Etiquette located to the left of the wall.
Under the Facebook Edit Page menu, find the FBML Box and click "Edit." Next, add a title to your FBML Box and insert the code you developed for the content in the box. Unlike a personal Facebook profile page, where the tabs are limited to Wall, Info, Photos, and some applications, your Facebook Wedding Page can have customized tabs. Just like creating a box, you can create a new tab by selecting "Edit" inside the FBML Box from the Facebook Edit Page menu. Remember: If you've already create a tab or a box, you will need to select "Edit" from your previous FBML project, then select "Add another FBML Box" at the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Facebook Pages also allow the option of creating a default landing tab for all of your friends who are new to your Facebook Wedding Page. Discover the possibilities of a Facebook Wedding Page with Facebook Applications that allow you and your friends to interact with you page. To use the Wishpot app, add Wishpot to your Facebook Wedding Page, find the Wishpot box in your Edit menu and click "Edit." Wishpot will send you to a registration page where you will create a profile or link to your existing Wishpot account. You can create your own poll with the fully customizable Poll application: just search for Poll in the Facebook search bar.
We're using the Google Calendar application, which pulls from a personal Google Calendar into the calendar tab of the Facebook Wedding Page. In the Google Calendar tab, select "Add a Calendar." You will need to copy and paste your Google Calendar code link into the Facebook application.

If only there was a place on Facebook where you could find wedding vendors, view the latest wedding trends and chat it up with tech savvy brides like yourself. How are you going to ask your friends for music advice if they've never heard the song before? Using Page Maps, you can add a mini map in a box that links to a larger map with Google Map directions. Link your personal Twitter handle or a special wedding Twitter account to your Facebook Wedding Page by clicking on the top information bar. Wedding etiquette guides recommend avoiding total wedding preparations on the web for a reason.
If you really want to link others to your Facebook profile page, Facebook badges will help you out. MORE ABOUT BRANDONAfter being physically and mentally disabled by a brain tumor, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health to help his pregnant wife in her fight against stage 3 breast cancer.
Fortunately there are a few easy ways to set yourself up for encouraging more engagement on your page, and they aren’t all that hard to implement. Choose imagery wisely - The visuals you choose to use on your posts and ads make a big difference.
Use call to actions in your cover photo - A recent addition to your arsenal is the ability to add one of 7 different calls to action into your cover image. Optimize your page descriptions and About sections - This is your opportunity to tell the world about yourself and your company.
Answer people - If there are queries, comments or inquiries made by your followers, make sure that you respond without delay.
Contact us for more information on how we can help you get more leads and more sales for your business. To start, they give people a reason to connect with your page, and if the prize or incentive is a great one, they’ll share it with their friends too. A single Facebook contest can give you the same value for your time as dozens of pieces of content, which saves you a ton of time and effort. If the prize is something generic or completely unrelated, the customer may lose sight of what your company is really all about. Their incentive to continue along the contest process will be much greater than if it is something that has been done too many times before.
But keep in mind that an amazing photo isn’t necessarily going to lock up a potential customer if it has nothing to do with your company. If the user has made it to the call-to-action – the contest entry form in this case – you are now on the final home stretch to generating a lead. A “thank-you” gift is another opportunity to make customers feel more connected to the brand, and it can be something as small as 10% off. As marketers, we are always searching for awesome ways to generate leads and inch customers toward the end of the sales funnel and onto that sweet, sweet conversion. Emily writes blogs in her spare time as she searches for ways to conquer the digital marketing world. Some of it should be familiar; it's similar to how you set up your personal Facebook profile. Facebook Markup Language uses many of the same rules as HTML, allowing you to upload your own content like pictures, maps and widgets to tabs and boxes on your Facebook Page.
For each piece of content you create after your first project in FBML, select "Edit" from the previous FBML project, then select "Add another FBML box" at the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Create albums and galleries documenting each step of the wedding planning process, all the pre-wedding events, and the ceremony itself. While Facebook will allow you and other administrators to tag friends from a personal account, non-administrator fans are unable to upload pictures or videos to the photo gallery. Give your brilliant blog posts a wider audience by feeding your blog into your Wedding Facebook Page. Under the Note's Settings, click "Import a Blog" and copy and paste the blog URL into the web URL Box.
Create one tab for the bridesmaids and one for the groomsmen so they know exactly where to go to get the info on fitting dates and bachelor(ette) party details. You can change the location of the FBML content from a box to a tab using the Applications Setting button inside the FBML Box.
Wishpot is a great application to create wedding registries (or other wish lists of thing you like to share with your friends) and find fantastic deals. Should you choose "At Last" by Etta James or "It's a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong for your first dance?
That means everything from RSVPing on time to writing down the correct date for bridesmaid dress fittings on a calendar. With the Facebook Music Player app, you can create a whole playlist of your favorite tunes and play them whenever you want. These days, if you can't plug in a starting point and destination and click "Go" it's probably a waste of time, energy, money and paper. Using the image source code from your image-hosting site, create the HTML code for your image and link to the search query for your destination. It can take away the special touch of a mailed invitation or card with pictures of the bride and groom, and not everyone has access to the internet. If you have any questions or updates to add to this tutorial, please add them to the comments here.

Badges are simple images and can be loaded very easily.Ask Friends to Visit your PageTry to use the “suggest to friends” feature of your Facebook page. Your overall design should include a call to action and feature the three most important apps on your timeline.
Create a content strategy that focuses on the type of info to be shared and speaks directly to your audience. Look at industry opportunities and take advantage of them through your content sharing strategy. Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies. If you’re not interested enough to come around everyday, odds are no one else will be either. We have an excellent lead generation program where we pay for all your advertising expenses and take all the risk for you. This can be a breath of fresh air when you are feeling inundated with blog posts and other inbound techniques. Generally a person will leave a webpage in 10-20 seconds, which really isn’t a very long time to convince them to stay on your page and learn more about your product or contest.
The absolute worst thing that could happen at this point is that your form asks too many questions or looks too long, scaring off your potential customer. Late additions from your honeymoon are the perfect "epilogue" to your Facebook Wedding story. Now, there are probably 1,000 wedding etiquette books that say you should by no means whatsoever rely on the internet to get an accurate ceremony guest list.
After you click "Start Importing" you will see a preview page of your blog, where you need to click "Confirm Import" to finish the process.
Using the edit menu, click on "Wall Settings" and change the default landing tab to the tab of your choice. You can elect to post the poll results on your wall, and even display the pictures your friends who participated. Keep one master schedule available to everyone with a calendar app, which pulls your personal calendar into your Facebook Wedding Page.
The Wedding app has all the bases covered, allowing you to publish your latest wedding planning masterpiece to your Facebook Wedding Page or your personal profile.
The double-whammy ensures no one will forget to RSVP, and you get convenience coupled with sentimental value. Feel free to visit the Wedding Example Page on Facebook for more tips and tricks on how to Facebook your wedding. Doesn’t your business already suck every free second of time from your life as it is? Make sure you include links to your other web properties, as well as giving a clear picture of who you are and what you’re about.
Show up, and when you have a post that gets a good response, consider promoting it with a paid ad. Giving them a feedback as soon as you possibly can tells them that you are still listening and encourages them to visit your page again and again. Where there are no borders – no limits – and where the possibilities go beyond your imagination.
With FBML, you can upload your custom project as a tab or a box and show it off to your friends. This includes, but is not limited to, the ex, the former best friend who is not invited, the members of your church, people in New Zealand. This is a massive undertaking and understandably we’re limited in how many companies we can help at any one time.
But for the smaller events, like the bachelorette party, where you know everyone has access to Facebook, go ahead and do the inviting, planning and RSVP coordination on your Facebook Wedding Page.
The finalized menu (including vegetarian option!) can be on display, along with links to your wedding registry websites. For invitation inspiration, check out the totally customizable selections of bridal shower invitations, wedding invitations and more at Storkie. Thus you will be able to expand the number of your fans and ultimately will get a huge amount of traffic to your website.Apart from all these, you can connect your business page to twitter or can go for newsletter promotion. To know more on this topic you can get in touch with a company that offers customized online business promotion services.
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This is why; if you have not yet created an account in Facebook, this is the high time to develop one for yourself.
Some of the tips that may help you to get publicity online are mentioned below:Install a Facebook “Like Box” to your portal Installing a “Like Box” is indeed an apt way for getting traffic to your site.

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