Even before Google made a social network to rival Facebook, there were rumors that Facebook might be at work on a search engine to steal some of the search-market share from Google. Today, Business Week spoke with sources from inside Facebook who said the company had hired former Google engineer Lars Rasmussen to head a team of two dozen engineers to improve the Facebook search engine. The idea of Facebook delving into traditional search, waging war with Google on its own turf as Bing has tried to do, however, is off the mark. Nonetheless, it is still hard form me to see a successful search engine coming out of Facebook. Making Memories With Your Best Friend Pinterest Pictures, Making Memories With Your Best Friend Facebook Images, Making Memories With Your Best Friend Photos for Tumblr.

Type in a query and you get a hodgepodge of results, from friends’ names to place pages to group names. It will need dossiers and dossiers of social connections and data to structure social results.
More likely, the company is working on organizing the search results from within its own walled garden.
Facebook now has a tide of information coming from users who go around the web and tell the social network what they like and don’t like. Facebook will bring that information into the search results, rather than trying to index the entire web with bots, like Google does.

When someone wants an answer to a query, they want to tap into the whole web not just into the social web.

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