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Sarah Hodsdon is an award winning Craft Industry Designer & Internationally Recognized Mixed Media Artist. But what the world really, desperately needs, is a simple, easy to use, online graphics software that lets you upload a picture, add text, and save it as an ebook cover. KD-Renegade and InstantBookPresence are partner sites – beautiful, easy to use interface. The thing that sucks with all these options, is that they give you the tools but not the guidelines.
I want to have a kickass program, where I can make 100 starting templates, that you can use and customize. I’ve spent about $3000 so far, on a white label software and a handful of developers.
I help authors and artists turn their passions into full-time businesses, make a bigger impact, and blaze a luminous trail of creative independence.
This is exactly what I need to create covers for the children’s books I have written.

Our crafting experts will be posting various ideas to inspire creative use of BIC Mark-It Permanent markers in a variety of projects. When making paper bag book covers is there any way the marker will bleed through to the book if so how should I remove the marks with out harming the book?
Her passion is enabling ordinary people to tell their story, in their own crazy amazing, extraordinary, way.
Not all of them let you set your own custom image size however, and an ebook cover should be 1600px X 2400px. There are a lot of new solutions out there offering book cover software, or premade book cover templates, but a lot of those are also ugly. All I want to do is put everything together in an easy to use program that actually lets you design amazing book covers easily.
Altogether, this should be heaps better than anything else out there, and give you the tools to easily make a professional book cover that blows people away.
Right now I'm in Taiwan finishing a PHD in Literature, writing several books, and managing a handful of online businesses. My geek-rating is lower than whale poop (I’m still looking for the OFF button on my computer] but even I was able to create a Kindle cover for my latest book.

But you can get the next best thing for free - FOUR books I've written to help you write, format, publish and promote your books - over 100,000 words of publishing wisdom! You'll also receive exclusive tips on how to create like DaVinci, promote like Dali, and seize your inevitable success.
We'll also bring you the latest news on our products and encourage you to submit any questions that you may have. Since the markers are permanent, you should protect the surface between the book and book cover since ink penetration may occur. Bringing her own Sarahndipitous style to BIC, Sarah answers your questions about scrapbooking, journaling, and any other way you can think of to Mark your Memories & Moments. Looking into publishing my next series, stressing I wouldn’t have the $ to do 4 book covers so close together, even though my designer is suuuuper affordable.

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