This is such an easy cream cheese frosting (and is actually our favorite because it’s so fluffy and light). Or, if you’re in the mood for something without chocolate, try our soft and chewy oatmeal raisin cookies (with recipe video).
Get Free Recipes by EmailJoin over 21,000 home cooks and sign up for our free weekly email with hand- picked recipes, recipe videos and cooking inspiration. This is such an easy cream cheese frosting (and is actually our favorite because it’s so fluffy and light). Hi, not sure what happened, maybe I used the wrong 9″ cake pan, but my cake overflowed all over my oven!
I just remembered to come back here and let you know that I made this for a dinner party and Easter.

If you are visiting from a mobile or tablet device, our star review system can be tricky (hopefully fixed soon!). You only need one bowl to make this easy blueberry muffin recipe with blueberries, flour, sugar, vanilla, and vegetable oil. Tender vegetables, a light tomato sauce and lots of cheese make this vegetable lasagna recipe one of our favorites.
This ultra-flavorful chicken tortilla soup is thickened with corn tortillas and has shredded chicken, ancho chili powder, corn and lime.
The vanilla is added with the sour cream and eggs — there was a typo in the recipe (sorry!!).
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You’ll find recipes that are easy-to-make, worth your time and that you’ll want to make over and over again. We are not patient and when a 9-inch cake is sitting on our counter, we get all weak in the knees and cannot stand to wait!
Will it affect the overall taste?Or is there any way I can replace it with something non-alcoholic? Tried to bake this last night but my cake came out with a mound in the middle (,uneven rising?) And my frosting was quite runny…can I check if I am supposed to use the handmixer for the powdered sugar addition and the heavy cream parts too?

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