OK, so I have decided that time has come for me to start making my own logos rather than hiring others :) I have photoshop 6 on my PC. Also, be sure to check out my design course that shows you exactly how to create awesome logos and websites in photoshop and illustrator! China Manufacturer with main products: we are manufacturer of advertisements equipments, such as cnc engraver, laser engraver, plotters, etc. Adobe Illustrator CS6 graphic design software is the industry's premier vector- drawing environment for creating graphics that scale across media.
In this tutorial, learn how to make reflections and shadows using Photoshop, and end up craving for this delicious jelly candy inspired logo. This how-to focuses on using custom shapes in Photoshop to explore possible ways to create a shaped-based logo. In this instructable, you will learn to make a cool logo for yourself like the pros in 5 minutes or less! The bottom line is that making a simple logo is not as difficult as it sounds, even for those that are not good at design.

This hub page will show you in a few simple steps how to create a logo with a transparent background in Adobe Photoshop. Thinking of creating an awesome logo for your blog and you have no idea how to use Adobe Photoshop? In today's video, your humble Adobe instructor, AJ Wood, gives you a quick tutorial filled with steps to re-create an existing logo in Photoshop.
You can download basic logo templates or create exclusively designed Photoshop logos along with our designers.
Besides tutorials specifically focused on Logos it can also be helpful to check out some tutorials on creating Photoshop text effects. How to Create a Seamless Pattern in Adobe Illustrator CS6 1 · How to Create Metal . Create A Logo Support Illustrator CS6 Mecury Program with Illustrator CS6 30 Very Useful Illustrator CS6 MPV`s Illustrator CS6 101 Create an . For those looking to turn a drawing, or even a photograph into a vector design, the new Image Trace in Illustrator CS6 might be what you're .

Iain kicks off this Illustrator tutorial by showing you how to work with basic Lines and Shapes, but quickly delves deeper by demonstrating the . In Adobe Illustrator CS5 the smaller value allows to create a more accurate contour, the .
Logo design is an assistance normally carried out by a graphic designer for an approaching . Logo Illustrator Tutorials: Manipulate the glyphs from a font to create a striking logo letterform .

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