Free Website Header Graphics will open up for you a new avenue for creating website graphics for your internet products. Harnessing the power of Adobe Photoshop to create all of your website graphics is the first step to free website header graphics. The next step is developing your website graphic design skills so that you can create attractive and professional website images. Photoshop Basics will show you how to harness the power of Photoshop in order to create stunning website header graphics for your internet marketing.
There are nine (9) video tutorials with step-by-step instructions to show you how to create website header graphics. Also you will receive four (4) video tutorials to put you through a practical design exercise. This next module will definitely take your website graphic design skills to the next level. You will receive 250 Layer Styles, several Shapes and Textures, Striped Backgrounds and 184 Cool Custom Gradients. You will also receive three (3) video tutorials to show you the ins and outs of these custom effects and tools. Once you have mastered these one click custom effects and tools, you will be amazed at how quickly you will be able to create attractive and professional website graphics for your internet marketing.
You will receive ten (10) video tutorials with step-by-step instructions that are very easy to follow and implement. After watching these video tutorials, you will be able to create minisites like the ones below.
Learn how to create ebook covers, DVD covers, disc covers and boxes the easy way with ecover action scripts and pre-designed templates.
You will receive sixteen (16) ecover action scripts so that you can create your own e-products graphics. This module is for your personal development skills in Photoshop so that you can develop creativity in your website graphics design.
In fact, the more you use these video tutorials, the greater your skills will develop when it comes to website graphics design. In this module, you receive a series of five (5) video tuturial sets to vary your design of minisites from dark and mysterious to bright and colorful.

You also receive a super template that require minimal customization so that you can have your minisite created in minutes. The first bonus you will receive is a collection of premium quality download buttons, order buttons and seals.
The second bonus is a collection of seven (7) video tutorials which cover those little website graphic areas that I mentioned above.
One of the great advantages of creating your own website graphics is that it saves you a lot of time and money. Put these two products together and your website graphic design skills will increase exponentially. Nevertheless, you can downlaod these three website header graphics and use them as you please.
Free Website Header Graphics: Free Website Header Graphics is a collection of free website header images, which were created with the assistance of Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets. 1) IMAGE TITLE - Label your image with a meaty keyword2) PRODUCT TITLE - Give your item title a meaty keyword3) PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - Weave in your important keyword into your product description.
First off let's look at the most obvious keyword comparison for those of you selling jewelry online. ONE - "Dragonfly brooch" potentially brings in 70% more traffic than "dragonfly pin."TWO - Although there are more than 3 times as many searches online for "flower earrings" than for "floral earrings", there are almost 7 times as many "flower earrings" to be found online. Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets is a product with the power to take your graphic design skills to the next level.
The video tutorials and templates will help you create minisites, header and footer images, ecovers, logos and much much more. In this module, you will learn how to create minisite graphics for squeeze pages and sales pages. Just edit and customize and with one click of your mouse, you will have a stunning ecover for your e-product like the ones below. You receive eleven (11) video tutorials to show you how to use the ecover action scripts and the pre-designed ecover templates. Really, at the end of the day, all you need is Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets.
In a cyber world inundated with craft products how can you get people to find your site?In Part 2 of this three part series I hope to shed some light on how you can increase traffic to your website just by tweaking the keywords you use in your photos, product titles and product descriptions.In this article I will cover some keyword comparisons and how to get smart with your keyword selections.

The statistics I have provided here are relevant for the time in which I wrote this article.
This module will change that and before long you will know how to use layer styles, shapes and textures, striped backgrounds and gradient presets. Although the examples I will give are all jewelry keywords you can take the same principal and apply them to selling crafts online.In part one of my jewelry keywords series I talked about how to label images and product titles. Cramming too many keywords in will not help your site traffic and may in fact damage your position in the search engines.
If you live in Canada you will likely spell it as "jewellery" and in the US it will be "jewelry." Make sure to research your keywords for both, especially if you live in Canada. By the same token "rabbit necklace" is a much more highly searched keyword than "bunny necklace" by as much as 47 times the searches.FIVE - Do plurals make a difference? After watching these video tutorials, you will be able to create all the header images you will ever need. While one spelling may turn up a high level of searches, the other may turn up less competition. This makes it more unlikely to be found on Google Images using that term.To give a good example of keywords for selling crafts online we can compare butterfly and dragonfly keywords. There are more than ten times the searches for "butterfly decorations" as there are for "dragonfly decorations." There are marginally more searches for "dragonfly wall art" than "butterfly wall art". To recap the two areas we have covered and complete the process, here are the three main areas.
Even if you are attached to the Canadian spelling you may want to reconsider if it will bring in more traffic.Remember if you are selling crafts online you can use the examples below to get the gears rolling on how to find keywords for your particular product. Like selling jewelry, selling crafts online will return a whole set of interesting results for high traffic keywords once you start asking the right questions.

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