If you ever thought about managing your everyday business on chat, this app is just the thing.For example, you can Share or Request location updates to keep track of where your team members are. Because these are garage projects, one can assume it is Microsoft's way of trying to capitalize on the individual interests and talents of its employees, considering employees will sometimes want to do side projects for fun. The damning part of it is that this indirectly shows where employee interests lie, which appears largely to be with Android and sometimes iOS. Windows Phone is most definitely not dead, but I would bet that the majority of Microsoft employees don't currently share the vision being pushed by Microsoft leadership, otherwise they would be more excited and creative with their own platform. Looks like MS is testing all their apps on android before they release a surface phone with all these apps!! With Microsoft Hub keyboard, Microsoft Next lock screen and now this it looks to me like they are testing the market to see if dropping WP and going Android is a good idea.
Your XFINITY® WiFi hotspot provides your patrons and visitors Internet access using their WiFi-enabled devices.

For information on managing the private WiFi connection for your employees, please read Manage your Business Private WiFi connection online. Symantec, the Symantec Logo, the Checkmark Logo, and Norton, Norton 360 and Norton by Symantec are registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation ©2014 Symantec Corporation. You can also share a photo with location information for additional convenience, and while we're talking photos, you can take advantage of Bill Submit to capture and share bill photos, managing your bills on the move.
I do not see a use for this but the other two products are good but need a little refinement. You can turn your hotspot on or off and update the information that appears on the XFINITY® WiFi hotspot map directly from your online account.
Another Microsoft Garage project (an initiative that lets employees work on projects that usually have no relation to their primary function within the company), Kaizala helps you get work done by tracking bills, jobs, locations, and other track-me things. I think Microsoft will launch an Android phone with their own UI within the next year like BlackBerry did with the Priv.

Additionally, you can request and share somebody's availability on any future date, or easily share images and other attachments. If you ever thought about managing your everyday business on chat, this app is just the thing.Kaizala accomplishes its stunt by bringing your communication with team, partners and customers to one place. Microsoft made tracking your resources (people, time, and money) as simple as sending an 'action' in your chat.
Kind of like in Skype, you can organize your team just as you want a€“ it can be one chat for everyone, or opening a new chat for each project or team.
The app also supports a bunch of simple and quick actions to make the most out of the conversations you initiated.

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