You can match, change or extend how you track performance and employee development with our flexible review engine that allows you to build, conduct and report on performance throughout your organisation. Self Assessment, Manager Appraisal, and 360 degree feedback and secondary review signoff are supported. Employees can use online tools to do self assessments and see past performance, while managers can create new reviews, access past reviews and consider all feedback sources when completing performance assessments.
The ActionHRM solution takes the conflict out of performance appraisals by providing a secure but transparent system.
Performance outcomes can be used to help plan salary increases, bonuses and also allow for corrective action and performance improvement planning if required. Use ActionHRM to put in place a personalized development plan for each employee – one that will help them gain vital new skills and expertise identified as part of their performance review.
360 degree feedback professional development tool, designed to positively impact a manager's growth and career, and an organization's success.
Profile's Checkpoint Peer Review quantifies a manager's competencies, verifies the results from a variety of perspectives, and identifies ways to enhance skills. Checkpoint Peer Review is an ongoing process that can be used at key intervals to monitor the progress of professional growth.

The Organizational Management Analysis Report summarizes everyone who has taken a 360 Checkpoint Multi-rater Peer Review by team, department or by organization.
The Checkpoint SkillBuilder Series is conveniently located on the Internet, making it easy to implement and execute. SkillBuilder applies Profiles' unique KSS system to help managers KEEP DOING the things they do well, STOP DOING those things that interfere with their effectiveness, and START DOING things that will improve their performance.
SkillBuilder is an ideal method for managers to improve their leadership and management skills. You could start with a simple 10 question review and extend through to a detailed performance management review with regular, feedback, goal assessment, development and succession assessment. ActionHRM makes it easy to record agreed-to plans, assign training courses, and then monitor and track completion of courses and performance against plans using a performance summary table. For managers, supervisors and others in leadership positions, it can facilitate peak performance that generates improved productivity in the workplace.
After managers have used the Checkpoint 360° Competency Feedback System to identify their strengths and areas for development, they can use the Checkpoint SkillBuilder Series to develop the competencies that are most important to their professional growth and success. The Checkpoint SkillBuilder Series is an organized, self-paced, self-study professional development system that requires minimal HR effort.

It gives managers the tools they need to maximize their strengths, become better managers, and lead more effectively!
HR, managers and employees can also define goals including how they will be measured, weighted and when they are due. These 70 items are the most universally required for success in leadership, management, supervision, and effective team participation.
It contains thoroughly researched material that helps managers improve performance in all competencies. Our performance management software supports employee self-assessments, formal manager reviews, and even 360 feedback.
When completed, reviews are saved in the system and easily accessed online and through standard reports.

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