Winning and retaining new business in today's competitive environment is ultimately down to the strength of your sales team. Our sales leadership programmes range from fundamental through to advanced level and are designed to deliver immediate and lasting results. This course allows high-performing Managers to consider how their leadership style and the culture in the workplace affects results, and provides effective tools to lead in line with organisational direction. Middle and Senior Managers who want to consider how their management and leadership style creates a culture, and how that culture affects performance and output. This course focuses on the higher value skills of leadership and gives delegates the opportunity to assess their natural leadership styles and how they can adapt it to get the best from different people and situations. This course can optionally be taken as one of the courses that contribute to an ILM Level 5 Award.
Level 5 is for all managers and leaders who are (or aspire to be) managing through another management level or are leading senior people. Make and deliver well-structured, confident presentations and meetings that achieve the objectives you’ve set. Discover and implement the skills that turn proficient or aspirational individuals into high-performing team members and team leaders. We do not promote or believe in any ‘single answer solution’ to the challenges facing today’s highly complex and competitive commercial and cultural environments. Our solutions, designed uniquely for your business, are designed to engage people intellectually and emotionally, helping to shape underlying attitudes and encouraging them to think, feel and act differently.

We deliver solutions both nationally and internationally for our clients, often working with multi-cultural groups.
We research, design, and apply, finely tuned development interventions to help your people meet the challenges you face today, and, equip your people for an increasingly challenging tomorrow.
We believe that no two organisations are the same, and, that the same apparent problem in two different organisations cannot be solved with the same solution! Once we fully understand your needs we design and deliver powerful interventions that ensure all participants are stretched, challenged, and motivated to try new ways of working.
Poor communication in the workplace is rarely A problem, it’s nearly always THE problem.
Without leadership an organisation would lose it's way, chaotic decisions would be made and innovation would stagnate as the organisational vision disappears. All too often smaller organisations fail to take on board the importance of developing their employees specific leadership skills and behaviours, relying instead on "time-served product knowledge" to get them through. Respected, well trained managers, boost motivation and morale and improve employee retention rates.
Take a browse through our Leadership and Business Skills courses and if you dont see anything that ticks all your boxes then please contact us to discuss bespoke packages. Our best selling Transformational Leadership programme is now offered as an open course thoughout the year due to its popular demand for smaller organisations who cannot fill a full group course.
The course centres on the Manager’s role as a leader, facilitator and motivator of people in line with specific objectives.

Days purchased can be booked immediately or left on account until you’re ready to use them.
Thus two delegate days could be one person on a two-day training course or two separate one-day courses, or two people taking a one-day course either together or separately. We have built our reputation and success on an ability to align development to specific commercial, individual and group needs. This is made possible by our approach, attitude, and beliefs toward people development being the ‘prime driver’ of success in today’s increasingly competitive and changing world. This course gives Managers essential strategies and skills to successfully deal with their teams, situations or difficult individuals.
Specialists in training, coaching, open courses, in-house training, learning and development and team building. Leaders are strong and skillful at implementing change and help to guide teams through times of uncertainty. Ambitious employees become disengaged as their strengths are not valued, weak leaders fail to challenge under performance, team conflict arises, job role satisfaction fails and evenutally teams fall apart. It looks at how to consider day-to-day interactions such as giving feedback in such a way as to generate the behaviours they’re after.

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