Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. For more information about the Ripley Asset Management and the services we provide, call us on +44 1423 815435. For Centennial Coal, Knowledge Global streamlined compliance reporting, improved accuracy of carbon liability reporting and improved operational efficiency.
Fitness First are using NRG Insight to monitor energy costs and identify areas of further energy cost reductions.
Breakers country club in Terrigal NSW, improved their Energy Cost Management using NRG Insight with demonstrated results.  Kog Bill automates the bill data capture. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, feugiat delicata liberavisse id cum, no quo maiorum intellegebat, liber regione eu sit.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Since we weren't able to go over all of the classroom management case studies in class today, I'm posting them here figuring that it would be helpful for folks to read them over and think about how they would respond. A common method used to review changes in the internal and external environment is a SWOT analysis.
Management accountants look at this data and balance short and long-term plans and goals to ensure sustainable growth. Below are external web links provided by Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in relation to their business activities. Subscribe to our newsletter for current business news including lesson plans and activity ideas. If you learnt more about Developing ethical business strategies from this Chartered Institute of Management Accountants case study, why not share it with others? This page and contents, ©2016 Business Case Studies, is intended to be viewed online and may not be printed. With car manufacturing and sales becoming a complicated and multi-faceted process involving so many different tasks: sourcing, production, distribution, marketing, sales, after-sales and many others, having a good understanding of project management helps the businesses to break the whole process down into manageable pieces and execute each as a separate project. For a big car maker like Honda, it is very important to make sure they have a constant link with the separate dealers’ DMS so that they can control the process and most importantly plan the production at their UK factory. ETL Solutions was called in to help Honda with after-sales customer satisfaction survey and automated car parts replenishment.
The problem was that the data had different structure depending on the DMS used by the car dealer.
The main challenge was to plan and produce data processing rules that would create data which Honda’s own system could accept and process.
The main challenge was to build a tool that could be used both on-site and distributed to various automotive websites.
Because the partner websites were so different in the way they’re constructed and different was the level of web proficiency among the owners, we had to come up with a solution that would make embedding the tool as simple as possible. Initiation – setting up the goal, understanding the purpose of building the tool and justifying the resources required to deliver the project. It was a complicated system that had to process feedback across six different car brands and several European countries.
One of the reasons why Pcubed was successful with the Ford ECIS was that they managed to identify the best sections of the existing system and build-in the new process seamlessly. The beauty of these case studies is that all the teams have tried to keep things simple and remain true to the basic values of project management. Arvid Linde is an award-winning journalist, automotive engineer and author of several motoring books, including "Electric Cars - the Future is Now!" You can find out more by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

Case Studies At Water Management Inc., we measure success by how your business implements our conservation and efficiency solutions. Chicago Oases Tollways WMI was contracted to complete a domestic plumbing retrofit program at seven Oases Illinois toll ways throughout Chicago, IL.
Hershey Medical Center WMI completed water use assessment of the medical facility's grounds.
Baltimore County Public Schools Water Management was responsible for the replacement or retrofitting of the existing mechanical steam traps at BCPS with engineered venturi nozzle condensate removal devices to reduce boiler consumption and maintenance requirements within the facility. Prince George’s Public Schools WMI's reputation as a leading water conservation company led Johnson Controls to subcontract WMI to find and implement unique ways to decrease their client’s utility expenses through a two-phase steam system optimization program.
George Mason Child Development Center WMI donated a 1,000 gallons rainwater harvesting system to GMU Child Development Center to collect rain off of their 4,000 square foot roof space. Southern Nevada School District WMI was tasked with replacing outdated and inefficient plumbing fixtures (toilets, aerators, showerheads) were replaced with HET WaterSense approved fixtures.
Lisner Nursing Home WMI was tasked with installing new 1.6 gpf ADA-height powerflush toilets, showerheads, and flow controls on the faucets through out the property. Frenchman’s Reef Marriott Resort Water Management installed a fixed network meter reading system at The Frenchman’s Reef Marriott Resort. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Fort Worth, TX is a multi-functional, industrial facility that sits on 270-acres. 1818 N Street Water Management was tasked with completing valve replacements on existing toilets, installing a number of new ADA toilets with piston valves, and replacing urinal piston valves. Thomas Jefferson University Hospital WMI was hired to find unique ways to decrease the annual water expense. Anderson County Officials in Anderson County, Tennessee were looking for innovative, sustainable measures to reduce their energy and water consumption while continuing to provide residents with a high quality of service. City of Honolulu Water Management, Inc.’s (WMI) reputation as a leading water conservation company led the City to subcontract WMI to find unique ways to decrease the annual water expense of several government buildings. Harding Place Condos Harding Place, a 106-unit condominium complex in Nashville, TN, hired WMI to implement a water conservation program that included replacement of all their existing toilet fixtures.
Brookside Park Condos At Brookside Park Condos it was clear that installing AMR submeters for each garden-style building would provide an immediate benefit. Colonial Village Apartments In November 2009 a request was made by Water Management on behalf of Colonial Village apartments to Washington Gas to upgrade the existing gas meters on the property for their 27 garden style apartment buildings to handle an increased load. Langston Lane Water Management was tasked with installing new Niagara Power One toilets, aerators, and showerheads in all units.
E Street Coop WMI was hired to complete domestic fixture repalcements, This work resulted in an immediate savings. 1841 Columbia Road Apartments Green Roof WMI to install a new Live Roof green roof system at the 1841 Columbia Road Apartments in Northwest Washington, DC.
Capital Area Food Bank Rainwater Harvesting System The Capital Food Bank in Washington, DC hired WMI to decrease their annual garden watering expenses.
The University of Texas at Austin started the process of gathering information on how to update the main campus irrigation system in 2008. Good planning enables businesses to put together more accurate forecasts for the future direction of the business. SWOT looks at the internal strengths and weaknesses of an organisation and at its external opportunities and threats. Organisations that have the best prospects of emerging with success from a recession are those that manage to cut costs and improve efficiency whilst still investing in the future. Co-ordinating the stocking, sales and client support can be a nightmare unless properly managed.

The saving grace was that all the different DMS were able to produce or export some sort of data. Interactive tools like calculators and quizzes are a great way to keep website visitors longer on site. Under the assumption that our average partner had very little or no programming knowledge, it meant being able to provide one line of code that the user could embed on his site. It’s important to implement monitoring so that the developer receives instant feedback when something goes wrong with the tool.
For a large car maker like Ford, customer relationship management takes up a lot of time and resources. The system run several dozen of projects simultaneously and the challenge was to implement a control process within the projects.
Upon completion of an investment grade audit, WMI concluded that on average, 20% of the steam traps were malfunctioning. The system is designed to strategically collect meter reading data and operated in conjunction with a handheld reading system as a hybrid automated meter reading solution.
The primary water using features that were modified following the audit in 2011 were those which could provide a large savings opportunity at the lowest cost. WMI proposed sub-metering the city's cooling tower supply and blow-down lines, allowing them to eliminate the sewer charge on water lost to drift and evaporation. As part of its efforts to control costs and conserve water for their residents, they hired Water Management Inc. The SWOT analysis is used to show the results of an audit of internal and external factors.
As part of this process, they must also consider the ethical impact of any strategic decisions they make.
It increases conversions and helps promote the website because the visitors who find the tools useful often share them with their friends and colleagues. In the automotive industry, and I believe many others that rely on software systems heavily, very few will have the luxury of building a project from scratch. The increase coincided with a change in the sewer monitoring equipment, changed out by Columbiana County in late 2003. Sometime during the semester you become aware that a few of them are using the laptop for purposes that have nothing to do with your class (e.g.
In particular, they look at the probability of other events taking place that could help or hinder the business.
This is a delicate balancing act, but one for which CIMA management accountants are trained and thrive upon. Honda UK has a network of 200 independent dealerships using different Dealer Management systems (DMS) to carry out sales, accountancy and servicing. In this example, the ECIS was run on limited resources because it wasn’t involved in the actual car production.
He then uses both financial and non-financial data to make business plans to minimise risk and exploit the opportunities identified. After a full assessment, Pcubed started implementing their changes on just one of the projects to prove its viability. For example, the current pessimistic economic climate will have major implications for a business.

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