The following resources may be used instead of detention or given to students once they show up for detention! Below you will find many necessary resources that will be needed for the start of the school year! It includes student information forms, sample syllabus, syllabus templates and more! FACS student information card and photo release form-cards work even better when printed on cardstock. Teaching, especially at the secondary level, requires special knowledge and preparation in the area we teach, plus excellent leadership skills.
Our classrooms look should match the call for excellence, hard work, and respect; otherwise, we might as well be talking to the wall everyday.
More importantly, the manner in which classrooms are kept should show how much a teacher values respect -- the respect students need to have for learning, for each other, and for property.
Creating a classroom that our students enjoy coming to every day is the cornerstone of classroom management. AccommodationsHotels, Condos, Villas, Suites, Room for rents in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye.
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Island ShoppingGift Shops, Art Galleries, Local Furniture in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. It requires that we be specially prepared in the subject that we teach, and that we know how to work with young people. Classrooms that are messy and disorganized (books and papers piled on the desks, various materials and resources strewn all over the place, bare and dirty walls) are not conducive to learning. Adults and students who walk into a bright, neatly arranged, poster-filled classroom feel like they’re walking into a museum.
Although students might not verbalize it, they see and feel that sense of respect every time they walk into a classroom. A fresh, appealing room environment contributes to the feeling that being a student is a “special” experience.
Each teacher has no more than 45 minutes at a time to “manage” all of them, and bring out the best in each of them! Yet, 32 or more different and hormone-raging students do not automatically sit quietly in the same room for 45 minutes at a time, and allow teachers to work with individual students. On the other hand, clean, organized, poster-filled classrooms will do wonders for behavior in those rooms.

A neat, well-organized, poster-filled classroom has a powerful effect on students – it sweeps away discouragement and mental clutter.
A disorganized, unkempt, or clutter-filled classroom will send the message to students that poor behavior and middling work habits is acceptable, regardless of how often or how forcefully we say otherwise. Plus, an attractive classroom encourages students to want to be part of what goes on inside. We can walk into some classrooms and just know that the teacher expects the best from students. Now, multiply that times 30 (or more) “in the same room” – 45 minutes at a time, everyday for 6 or more continuous hours.  Could you handle that?

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