M&H Group practitioners have extensive experience in developing and implementing consulting recommendations. RAS has been providing software design, implementation and ongoing customer support for the ground transportation industry for corporate clients for over 20 years. RAS Consulting has designed software data processing systems for the messenger and trucking industry, corporate black car services, package intercept and mailroom tracking services.

Call us to set up a time to discuss any service or operational matter within our area of expertise and we'll give you a free initial assessment and provide you with some initial direction on a solution.
The Management Consulting Competency Framework defines the competencies and standards for management consultants, and forms the basis of the IMC USA's Certified Management ConsultantA® qualification (CMCA®). The competencies presented herein set forth the knowledge, skills and behaviors required of successful management consultants.

There are three levels of progression: early (technical expert), advanced (expert management consultant and CMCA®), and mastery (CMCA® widely recognized for expertise and actively sought by senior level executives), all underpinned by professional behaviors and ethics.

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