I’m back to full steam with this little blog too- as usual, I have more ideas for you than time.
Ultimately though, I kept coming back to a little slogan that popped into my mind and wouldn’t go away.
My previous posts on Writing Workshop have generated a greater than normal amount of feedback from you, my faithful readers.
First, know that I write this post under the impression that you already believe in Writing Workshop as a best practice.

Here are two simple and engaging projects that will introduce photography to your students. As I sat down over the weekend to gather my thoughts, I filled a page with things I want to share with you; new research, puppet ideas, movement based lessons, arts integration concepts… wowee! I asked Carol to talk about the common obstacles teachers face when implementing WW and share her suggestions for overcoming them. Additionally, the photos themselves offer a powerful scaffold for writing as the content is already suggested by the image.

What about management?) so I decided to consult my friend (and expert writing teacher) Carol Cook.
For those of us who teach, it’s a chance to reinvent ourselves and our methods once again.

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