In this famous book, the authors present their vision of the ideal manager: yes, the one who gets his staff to produce the right results while still feeling good about themselves, and content within the company.
Forget long speeches: todaya€™s trend is to describe the aims of a task on paper in 250 words max. Boosting the morale of your troops by complementing them on their work should also be done in a matter of secondsa€¦ But you should do it more frequently and immediately after completion of the work concerned. The same applies if one of your staff makes a blunder: rather than dwelling on the issue for hours, ita€™s better to react immediately.
You learned it in Leadership 101: goal setting is the most powerful motivational tool in a leader’s toolkit. In The New One Minute Manager, Spencer Johnson and I teach people how they can achieve results and satisfaction with today’s One Minute Goal Setting.Collaborate. Inform them that you wish to discuss their work with them, and then remain firm and focused on the facts (without judging them either). But is your goal setting up-to-date?In the past, top-down leadership was a way of life, so the leader always set the goals. Instead of setting goals for your direct reports, listen to their input and work side-by-side with them to develop clear, specific goals.
So ita€™s an opportune moment to re-examine (for a minute) this magic formula thata€™s been creating a buzz for years: one minute management. Today leadership is more of a partnership than a superior-subordinate relationship—and effective goal setting is a collaborative process.When leaders set goals without involving the employee, people feel left out of the process.

Make sure both of you understand what the direct report’s responsibilities are and what they will be held accountable for. Quite simply because he has the knack of reconciling the companya€™s productivity with the well-being of his team, and takes very little time to achieve this. And dona€™t forget that once the recriminations are over, referring to the matter again is counter-productive! In many organizations when you ask people what they do and then ask their boss, you often get two different answers.
Occasionally, employee resentment sets in.In some organizations goal setting is left to the employees.
This leads to the unfortunate situation of people getting in trouble for not doing something they didn’t even know was their job!Limit.
While this hands-off approach may be comfortable to employees, it can lead to people working on projects that aren’t aligned with the organization’s overall goals, or that focus primarily on the employee’s existing skills. As a result, both the organization and the employee fail to grow.To achieve the best results and greatest satisfaction, leaders and direct reports need to work together to set goals that are aligned with the organization’s objectives and offer the right amount of challenge for the employee. People with too many goals can lose track of what’s important and spend time on the goals that are easiest to accomplish, whether or not they are of the highest priority. So set goals on only that 20%—that is, the key areas of responsibility—maybe three to five goals.Write it down. After you and your direct report agree on the most important goals, have the direct report write down each goal—what needs to be done and by what due date—in no more than a paragraph or two, so the goal can be read and reviewed in about a minute.One benefit of having concise, well-defined goals is that follow-up conversations can focus on specific tasks instead of the person.

Together, you and your direct report can talk about what you both can do to move the project forward.Review. Remind them to take a minute every now and then to look at what they’re doing and see if it matches their goals. If they are spending time on activities unrelated to the goals, encourage them to adjust what they’re doing and refocus on the goals.
Check back with your direct report at regular intervals to see how the goals are coming along—and praise their progress!Working together on goals has the added benefit of improving the relationship between you and your direct report.
Don’t be surprised if you become more passionate and engaged as well!One Minute Goals work well when you:Plan the goals together and describe them briefly and clearly. His groundbreaking works have been translated into over 40 languages and their combined sales total more than 21 million copies. In 2005 he was inducted into Amazon’s Hall of Fame as one of the top 25 bestselling authors of all time.

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