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The request for euthanasia by people with dementia is often driven by a view that the end of life with dementia is undignified.
Important in the case of dementia, is that the boundaries people with dementia set for themselves, to indicate the point at which they feel life is no longer worth living or dignified, shift as the disease progresses.
What does this tell us about our capacity to anticipate, and of the images we construct of the future with dementia that give shape to this anticipation?
Biographical statement: Natashe Lemos Dekker is a PhD candidate in the medical anthropology department at the University of Amsterdam. NLMM provides educational workshops and seminars throughout the lower mainland on topics related to medications and their side effects. Structure of the presentations is an interactive didactic lecture complete with power point slides and visuals.  Workshops consist of both a didactic component, and group activities based on case studies and lecture content. How It WorksThe goal of NLMM is to help patients maximize the effectiveness of their medications and minimize the side effects of their experience. This includes experts in individual departments of manufacturing and thought leaders in individual sectors of manufacturing.

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The number of requests for euthanasia in the case of dementia is rising, which is accompanied by lively public debates on how and if euthanasia for people with dementia should be made possible.
In the struggle to preserve dignity at the end of life, many people in the Netherlands who have dementia, explore the possibilities of requesting euthanasia. Her research is on long-term care and dementia in the Netherlands with a specific focus on the end of life and the politics of death. These workshops are available to frontline staff, nurses, mental health workers, caregivers, and residents.
Based on ethnographic fieldwork she analyzes the social processes and the management of death and dying with dementia. She holds a Master of Arts (Gender and Ethnicity studies) and a Master of Science (Cultural Anthropology) from Utrecht University. In general, people with dementia are not requesting for euthanasia because they do not want to live, but rather to prevent a process of decay and future suffering.

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