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Engaging managers act fairly and consistently and use a broad range of strategies, systems and processes to manage and lead.
Engaging managers are proactive and understand the contribution that performance management makes in sustaining and improving the performance of individuals, teams and organisations.
Engaging managers understand that they need to achieve a balance between managing and achieving the task and the needs of their team and the individuals within their team. Adair's model of Action Centred Leadership illustrates this balance very effectively with three overlapping circles.
Managers need to understand how to prioritise and allocate their time and resources to meeting the needs of the three areas which can at times compete with each other. In this brief post we introduce the key project management skills needed to deliver a project successfully. Whether you are new to project management or an old hand there are number of things you need to do well to succeed.
These are the key skills ? competencies ? of project management and leading business change.
In Top 3 Project Management Skills we introduced three fundamental characteristics of the project manager: engaging stakeholders, managing risks and planning and control. These characteristics each require different project management skills … and different leadership skills.

The following list defines eight essential project management skills we cover at Leadership Thoughts.
We deal with each of the key project management skills and introduce some basic methods and personal insight that ? we trust ? will help keep you and your projects on track. Planning, execution and team handling or resource management are some essential skills a project manager must possess or develop. The Multitasking MythRead in 3 minutesIn this post we consider the multitasking myth and explore the reasons behind multitasking. What Creativity Can Do to Businesses, and Why You’re Getting It Wrong10 Principles of 21st Century LeadershipGive Me a Few Minutes and I’ll Make You a Better Project ManagerDon’t Panic!
10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Project Management Process FrameworkRead in 4 minutesIn this post we review Robert Buttricks bo The Project Workout and explain the benefits of a well thought-out project management process framework. There’s No Such Thing As an IT ProjectRead in one minuteThere’s no such thing as an IT project!
Do You Recognise These 10 Essential Team Behaviours?Read in 3 minutesWhat are the 10 essential behaviours of a high performance team?
I adapted Kammy Hatnes' pyramid structure to show the increasingly difficult management skills you must master at each level and to also display how these management skills build on each other to help you achieve success in your management career. You should still be able to navigate through these materials but selftest questions will not work. The neglect of any one of the circles will impact negatively upon medium and long term performance.

But, project management is a particular kind of management that needs other skills to overcome the challenges projects bring. Whatever style you bring to your leadership role, choose the right tools, keep using them, and learn your craft. Most of the PM’s face issues with handling resources, as it involves assigning, managing and getting outputs from the resources allocated. As you develop your skill as a leader, as you make the transition from manager to leader, you will achieve the success you truly want in your management career. As for me, I develop my organisational management and project integration management skills using some helpful advices like Trello and Casual. Each level of the Management Skills Pyramid is listed below and is discussed in more detail on the linked pages.The Management Skills Pyramid, Level 1Level 1 of the Management Skills Pyramid shows the basic skills a manager must master just to get the job done.
With them it’s really easy to track who is doing what and see the progress of the whole team.

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