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Manufactured by 3M, Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressings - Frame Style are designed for protecting wound sites, as well as covering and securing IV sites. Tegaderm Film consists of a thin film backing with a hypoallergenic, non-latex adhesive that is gentle on the skin.
Tegaderm dressings enhance healing by creating a seal around the wound and maintaining a moist wound environment.
These transparent dressings are highly conformable, able to stretch easily over bony prominences for greater patient comfort.

Standard cork bulletin board is made with graphite blend cork for a professional appearance. 6 inch x 8 inch (15cm x 20cm) Transparent Film Dressing Frame Style Transparent film dressings designed for protecting skin and wound sites. This cable makes it easy to connect your phone to your computer to sync music and videos 2. Once your order is shipped, you will be emailed the tracking information for your order’s shipment.
Transparent dressings, such as these, allow easy monitoring of wounds and surgical sites without the need to remove dressing.
The film dressing is breathable, allowing for moisture vapor and gas exchange, which is essential in wound healing. It keeps the wound bed from drying out and allow epithelial cells to migrate easily across the wound surface.

Add it to your own USB port-equipped wall or car charger, and you can charge your device anywhere 3.
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Tegaderm Film also provides a barrier to external contaminants, such as bacteria, viruses and blood and body fluids. If the adhesive surface accidentally touches itself, the dressing can be separated and applied.

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