We are excited that you are interested in Incredible Years® Teacher Classroom Management (TCM) Group Leader Certification! Step 2: Once your DVD review passes, you will be asked to send in the remaining paperwork – see notations below.
One-page letter discussing your interest in becoming certified, your goals, plans, and philosophy of effective teaching and your teaching or clinical experience. From each of 6 workshops for two cohorts, using the Final Satisfaction Questionnaire for the final workshop.
Note: Your DVD must demonstrate the points contained in the Group Leader Process Checklist. There is a certification fee of $525 which includes detailed DVD video review and supervisory report (up to two reviews), registration process, and certificate of certification.
Only those candidates who have successfully completed the approved training qualify to submit a certification application.

Conduct minimum of 2 teacher training workshops utilizing the video-based series (each workshop lasting the full 6 days or 42 hours spread out in weekly sessions). Submit to the Certification Committee workshop or session evaluations by each teacher who attends each of the training days for both sets of workshops, using the Final Satisfaction Questionnaire for the final meeting (see Leader’s Manual). The DVD should be labeled, identifying the program (Teacher program, workshop topic) and submitted with the group leader’s self-evaluation checklist and must meet minimal requirements for following session protocols. If your DVD is not edited, you MUST provide time codes to indicate the portions you would like reviewed.
If the supervisory report has been approved by a certified mentor (rather than an Incredible Years trainer) then the cost of certification is $175. Approved training consists of a 3-day workshop offered by a certified mentor or trainer of group leaders.
Group leaders may request telephone consultation, which is provided by a Mentor or Trainer.

Agencies may request these consultation workshops at their site or send group leaders to regularly held workshops in Seattle. It is a good idea to send time codes and label each of the different segments for your DVD.
For each additional DVD review (beyond the first two) a fee is required due to the time intensive process of the review and preparation of the written report. Most group leaders submit at least two DVDs (at different times, from different groups) before obtaining final approval.

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