Contracts Management TrainingAt a time when contracts are becoming increasingly complex, effective management of contract creation and implementation can maximise operational and financial performance, and minimise risk. The Challenges of Strategy – How well do you Develop, Communicate and Implement your Company’s Strategy? Most companies actually save time and money by hiring a consultant to guide them through the often confusing language of the International standard. We help companies learn the art and science of auditing through our Internal and Lead Auditor training courses. Through internal Auditor training, learn how to plan and implement an effective internal audit program that adds value to your organization. This can save your company time and money by utilizing an experienced professional auditor to perform a thorough and objective audit of your management system. We can bring any of the training classes to your ogranization's premises at a reduced per student price.
The training format encourages student participation through class activities designed to teach proven applications guaranteed to benefit every student. Too many organizations initiate ISO certification solely because of a customer’s requirement.
Very simply, a Management System is: The identification, documentation, and continuous improvement of the processes that constitute the flow of work performed with an emphasis placed on quality.
The greatest benefit comes from preventive action and continuous improvement activities that reduce the Cost of Poor Quality. Alan helped us in designing and implementing a quality system that meets the ISO 9001:2008 Standards. In-house training is the most cost effective way of improving your manager’s performance.
Friends Provident, Xerox, Honda UK, Lloyds TSB, Capital One Bank, Taylor Wimpey, Starbucks, Mondial Assistance, Local & District Councils and over 3,500 other companies, both large and small, have benefited from the training expertise of our staff in providing them with a tailor made training solution to meet their specific requirements.
Whether it be for a group of new or existing managers we can design and deliver a course that is centred around your exact requirements and based upon your manager’s training needs. The training can be delivered at your premises or offsite at a hotel or training centre – the choice is yours! All you need to do is provide us with what you want to achieve or tell us about the training requirements of the group and we will produce a course proposal for you along with the costs. What makes us unique is that every manager who attends the course will receive unlimited amounts of email and telephone support from their course leader. You will most likely recognise BBFC from the opening credits of a movie at the cinema – they are the people who classify the film as a PG, U, 12 etc.
BBFC also wanted the training to allow managers to understand their role, exploring the concepts of nurturing ability and skill, motivation and incentive, and the opportunity to participate. The main focus was on learning practical skills that the managers could actually use in the workplace rather than lots of theory.
The Number 118 118 have been plastered over the TV recently promoting their directory enquiries number. 10 managers from cross functional areas attended the training that covered topics such as dealing with poor performance, coaching, performance management, staff development and delegation skills.

The First Group are the largest bus operator in the UK running more than 1 in 5 of all local bus services and carrying 2.8 million passengers every day.
After a restructure they had 5 brand new managers who had never had any formal management or leadership training before so the requirement was to provide an in-house course that covered all of the main management disciplines so that they could be thoroughly prepared for their new roles. Their 5 managers went away with a toolbox of management skills ready and prepared for their new roles. OHT wanted some management courses delivered to ensure that every manager and team leader had a set of tools that they could use to stop the spanish customs that had spread throughout the company when it came to managing their staff.
This included: Leadership for success, time management, effective delegation, coaching and providing feedback, performance management, effective communications skills, dealing with conflict and building high performance teams.
If you have got some training requirements in mind please call us on 0800 849 6732 or complete the online form below and tell us about what they are and we’ll get back to you with some options and costs.
Do you feel like time is constantly slipping through your fingers – like no matter what you do there seems to be too few hours available for everything you need to get done?
The course is designed to familiarise you with the various time management strategies, tools, and tips that enable you to take initiative for organising your time and suitable courses of action to prevent time robbers from slowing you down. This course is primarily designed for those who work in an office-like environment, but is also suitable for anyone who is looking to improve their use of time at work. If you wish to try this course then register for a demo by clicking the 'interactive demo' button. Introduction - what is time management?, poor time management, time management skills, time management case study, evaluating how you use your time, workload analysis, week analysis, and reflection exercise.
Planning and Prioritisation - effective planning, the 5 Ws, effective scheduling, batching, reward schemes, time management matrix, working towards goals, and working SMART.
Delegating Tasks - effective delegation, what to consider before delegating, what to do when delegating, and what to do after delegating. Organise Yourself, Organise Your Time - organising your area, organising your documents, organising your emails, and keeping organised.
The importance of time management for maximising efficiency and productivity, which with good strategies can be achieved.
How to evaluate your usage of time so you can then determine which areas of your life need to be better managed.
How to deal with time robbers, both self-inflicted and imposed by others, especially by being assertive. How to effectively delegate tasks that are overloading you or can be done better by others to another person. How to prevent meetings from disrupting your schedule and how to get involved in their set-up to improve their time usage. How to improve your usage of time by keeping your personal space organised, including your desk, documents, and emails. This Level 3 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace course aims to provide managers and supervisors with a thorough understanding of the health and safety risks and their relevant control measures in the workplace. The Risk Assessment course teaches candidates how to identify hazards and produce a thorough risk assessment that is appropriate to your workplace.
Whether you are selling consumer goods, business-to-business or dealing with government organizations, we can audit your situation to provide clear and concise recommendations.

All ISO training conducted through PQS is presented in an informative and entertaining manner. This cost is defined as: The sum of all costs that would disappear if there were no quality problems. With his in-depth knowledge of the ISO systems and dedicated support to our company, we obtained ISO Certification … only 3 months after our first team meeting.
In-house courses are usually run for 1-5 days, if you are looking for a longer management development programme (3 months+) please click here.
This means that they can ask for some personal advice and tips whilst implementing what they have covered on the course. We received a call from their HR department because they were looking to improve the skills of a group of their managers providing a good grounding in management and leadership skills. This covered all of the main management activities – leadership skills, management styles, learning styles, coaching, appraisals, running one to ones,  running team meetings, dealing with under performers, how to motivate your staff and team, time management, delegation, how to deal with difficult people and communication and assertiveness skills.
Their aim is to empower people with learning disabilities to lead valued lives as participating members of local communities and to enjoy full citizens rights. The course covered all of the main disciplines associated with management and leadership excellence.
Keeping on top of everything going on in your day doesn't have to feel like an uphill battle.
By applying the techniques and strategies discussed throughout this course, you will be fully capable of making time for every task you need to do – without the accompanying feelings of dread and stress. Anyone at any level of their company will benefit from the strategies and techniques discussed throughout this course; it will be useful to those who are looking for proven methods of time management. You will be given the option to purchase and continue with your course at the end of your demo! Developed by Chartered Members of the Institute of Occupational Health & Safety (CMIOSH) with many years experience in the delivery of training solutions, the result is an accessible interactive high quality training package.
The training is based on real life experiences gained through years auditing and consulting with large and small businesses.
The real value lies in establishing a Management System and maintaining and operating that system to improve the business activities towards growth and profit.
First operates the Croydon Tramlink network carrying approximately 20 million passengers a year on behalf of Transport for London.
The challenge that OHT were facing was that it had managers of different ages and with different levels of experience. This Time Management course will train you to efficiently utilise your time so that you know how to strategically dedicate it to activities and tasks that are most beneficial for your business’ and your professional growth.

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