We are located in Los Angeles, California with offices in San Diego, San Francisco, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. The program, which is named as the Program in Massage Therapy is a program of 500 hours and it mainly consists of a wide and a very elaborate description of bodywork. This is a class that presents a detailed study of physiology and anatomy of the body of a human being which is considered to be very important for body workers and massage therapists. In this category, the theory about the massage therapy effectiveness in discussed and the students are also taught the procedures and the techniques of massage therapy and various other treatments of body conditioning for remedial and hygienic purposes. The classes in Kinesiology or the upper body are specially focused on muscular and skeletal movements and in these classes the students also learn the technique of identifying the insertions and the origins of the skeletal muscles in the upper body and postural expressions produced by them. The content of the pathology class focuses on diseases and disorders that are encountered most commonly by body workers and massage therapists.
This class aims at introducing students to massage business and the ethical issues that can be related to this profession. The students are trained in using the technique of deep-tissue massage for working out well with the connective tissues and the muscles and this helps in facilitating the balance and release structurally and at the same time relieves tension. The class dedicated to sports massage trains the students in helping athletes maximize the physical potential that they possess.
We can incorporate your company's examples and terminology to ensure that the training can be directly related back to your workplace.

1-day and 2-day short courses are delivered with a unique focus on 80% activities 20% content - just the way learning should be! Training is much more effective and enjoyable if you can apply the concepts you learn directly to your own circumstances. This IASSC Certification has opened a world of international employment opportunities – thank you!
Each course involves about 20 activities each day to assist practical skill development and understanding of concepts. Training is customized according to the requirements of the participants for maximum benefit. We are the pioneers and leaders in field of pest control services since past (25) twenty Five years.
All of our management training courses are available for onsite delivery at your company offices in Los Angeles. The program is basically aimed towards providing important knowledge and instructions in physiology and basic anatomy of the body of a human being, Swedish instructions and instructions on different varieties of massage such as deep-tissue massage, oscillation massage, reflexology and in-office massage. All the systems of the body, including tissues, cells, muscles, integumentary and the nervous systems are basically covered.
The students are provided training in identifying the symptoms and the indications of pathologies and at the same time they are also taught about the precautions that they require taking in such conditions.

The body workers and the massage therapists are presented with different types of employment options. We are technically qualified under (NPPTI ) " National Plant Protection Training Institute" and (iict) " Indian Institute of Chemical Technology" backed by a team of highly professional and experienced to carryout services. Additionally, management training solutions such as Executive Coaching, Experiential Keynotes and Executive Retreats may be delivered onsite at your location or at an offsite venue near you.What makes our management training programs and leadership training programs so effective for your management team? This program has been specifically designed for preparing the students for the licensing requirements of the city and the state within the State of California and also for the entry-level rankings and posts in beauty salons, health clubs and clinics.
State & Central Govt offices, Banks, Residential colleges, Schools, Hospitals and Food Industries. Moreover, you can choose modules from our management training menu to create agendas for up to five days of interactive management training.

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