Human resources management is vital to any enterprise and this seminar is an excellent crash course to this very important field. Company checks are accepted, provided that they are received at least five (5) banking days before the event. Registrant may refund amount paid, with less 30% processing charge from the LISTED AMOUNT within 30 days, or opt to use the payment for a seminar of equal value within 60 days.
Registrant may refund full amount paid within 30 days, or may opt to use the payment for a seminar of equal value within sixty days of cancellation. Payment may be refunded upon presentation of the original copy of bank deposit slip and a valid ID. Enter your name & email address to subscribe to this website and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Now consider the same negotiation, except that your have been trained in deception management techniques. I’m doing this very second is getting me further to my goals, or is it just taking time right now and making me busy.
I know about my industry, and I was amazed at the breadth of knowledge he had in my little world.
From the fundamentals to advanced courses, our GD&T, Tolerance Analysis, and 3D-MBD training is based on the most rigorous understanding and implementations of these subjects available. Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing Training – ISO 286, ISO 1101, ISO 2768, ISO 5458, ISO 5459, ISO 8015, ISO 14405, ISO 14660, etc.
Most of our customers have us present our GD&T Training Courses onsite at their facility. Although GD&T is a science of the details, it must also be understood in the context of the big picture. We suggest you consider our GD&T and tolerance analysis training courses to help you understand your variation, how to quantify it, how to mitigate its effects in your products, and how to implement dimensional management throughout your enterprise. Participants getting much more than process – receiving the most sophisticated and detailed tools, shortcuts, exact how-to instructions, and secrets of how to win.
Materials with embedded multimedia and graphics-rich animated slides, complete with hands-on exercises and discussions using the most effective adult learning techniques, to aid in better understanding and retention. Valuable insights through instructors who are practicing, pedigreed proposal professionals, to answer tough questions instead of just delivering teaching material, to tailor the material to your specific challenges, and to share their experience based on the most current realities. Each course’s curriculum builds on other courses, to provide systematic and comprehensive understanding of the profession.
Our classroom seminars and workshops (one to two-day long) delivered as interactive classes conducted at our training facility in Rockville, Maryland.
Gain understanding of the basics of Federal Business Development (BD) lifecycle, and learn how to navigate the U.S.
Arm yourself with real knowledge and tools you can apply immediately to capturing contracts. This course offers a rich toolbox of the most sophisticated best practices-based techniques and tools for every step of the way. This unique course shows how to develop compliant and highly persuasive proposal sections in at least half the time that it would normally take.
Everything you need to know to prepare winning multiple award contracts (IDIQ, GWAC, MAC, MAS, BPA, etc.) and the task order proposals that follow. This class covers a spectrum of the most important topics, from preparing for a proposal effort and making a bid-no-bid decision, to orchestrating a great proposal kickoff, driving subject matter experts to produce winning content, exhibiting superb leadership and management skills, optimizing proposal team performance, getting the most from the proposal color reviews, and mitigating proposal risks at every stage to reduce stress and increase win probability. The polished, professional appearance of your proposal is paramount to making a positive impression on evaluators. This course provides information on everything necessary to come up with the graphics idea that conveys your solution in a customer-centric way to contribute to the persuasive power of your proposal, and ensure that your graphics have a professional look and feel. Get beyond the basics and supercharge your business development capabilities and potential in OST’s all-new, participative and immersive Advanced Business Development Course.
TRAINING and CERTIFICATION CATALOG for capture, proposal, and business development professionals to learn more about the available training and professional certification options. UPCOMING public CLASSES brochure to get the schedule of the classes for you and your colleagues to attend.

ON-SITE TRAINING brochure to bring the most practical and effective training programs to your company and get the training designed specifically for your needs and goals. The seminar also aims to teach some of the important legal aspects ranging from compensation and mandatory benefits to termination of employment. Then kindly fax deposit slip (indicate name of participant and seminar title) to confirm reservation. I would just like to inquire as to the duration of the seminar and if you would be requiring anything prior. I am interested in attending the seminar on June 23, 2014 Regarding HR Management Training.
Me and my HRD clerk are planning to take this course…thank you and i am looking forward for your quick reply. Because you only have 7 hours training,its quite far to travel Luzon just to attend a short course.
It is a program that teaches lie detecting as well as how to recognize what others feel, what they actually mean regardless of what they say, and more.
All members of the internal and external development and supply chain must understand the functional ramifications of their drawing and model specifications.
Level 1 GD&T explains on the meaning of the symbols and specifications and how to properly specify the needed tolerances. If our clients are interested, we also explore the implications of their Dimensioning and Tolerancing Schemes on the rest of their company, helping our students to understand the tradeoffs in cost and quality they make when selecting various Tolerancing Schemes. Changes in the structure, philosophy, expansion of scope, and the overall intent of the new revision are discussed.
These classes are run by highly experienced and knowledgeable instructors, who are considered as industry leaders, and provide in-depth, hands-on training on all aspects of the government acquisition process.
Government market place, perform strategic BD planning, market analysis, federal marketing, pipeline development, opportunity qualification, and maximize your win probability. Master techniques for customer engagement, intelligence gathering, win strategy development, competitive analysis, teaming, solution development, and more. It is an interactive 2-day workshop that is 40 percent lecture, 50 percent exercises, and 10 percent discussion.
It covers detailed methods for outlining within the sections, developing section content, infusing proper structure and flow, and implementing correct writing processes and section planning techniques.
This course dives into the intricacies of developing proposal outlines, annotating these outlines, preparing compliance and cross-reference matrixes, and preparing storyboards or work packages the right way. This course offers practical tools for proposal managers on everything from cost volume basics to process, data calls, assumptions, compelling cost volume narrative, WBS, BOEs, price to win, and cost strategies. The course also focuses on measuring and improving cost-efficiency and effectiveness of the capture team. This class will show you how to dominate task order competition and become the number one winner to maximize earnings from your IDIQs.
Non-appearance or failure to inform us of cancellation will result to forfeiture of full amount paid. You assume their hesitation means that your offer is to your advantage, not theirs and you sign the contracts.
You know their hesitation was an act to make you believe you are getting the better deal. We ensure that your design, manufacturing, inspection, assembly, quality, and service personnel and your suppliers understand GD&T as needed to be successful and produce the highest quality, lowest cost products possible. Our clients learn how to apply GD&T functionally, and we teach their design teams how to make adjustments and tradeoffs with other departments to work toward lower cost functional products. Functional Dimensioning and Tolerancing and GD&T in the Workplace™ is what we are all about. We also offer Functional Dimensioning and Tolerancing courses and GD&T Certification Preparation seminars. Level 1 GD&T explains the exact meaning of all the Geometric Tolerances, Definitions, the Fundamental Rules, Feature Control Frames and Datum Reference Frames. We want our clients to understand the implications of the tolerances they specify, including the functional implications and the cost implications of the assembly, manufacturing and inspection processes.

Our explanations and materials are presented in a mathematically precise manner while keeping the material easy to understand and assimilate.
New terms, definitions, symbols, rules, feature types, tools, techniques, approaches, and changes made to each section of the standard are also discussed. Classroom training includes copies of all slides, with detailed instructions, checklists, and templates. It shows how to design win themes that deeply touch the customers exactly where and how it is necessary, in order to become memorable and influence them to select your company.
This is an interactive 2-day workshop that is 40 percent lecture, 50 percent exercises, and 10 percent discussion. It is built around a hands-on proposal development simulation exercise to practice, discuss, and integrate each step of the proposal process. It starts with analyzing different types of Requests for Proposal (RFP) and Requests for Quote (RFQ) formats to show how various customers may organize the requirements.
This is the place to stay on top of your game with improved skills, methods and understanding.
If you think of someone else who could benefit from this course, please forward this invitation to them!
Functional Dimensioning and Tolerancing concepts are introduced and woven through the curriculum.
The many nuances of GD&T and the importance of syntax and context are discussed in detail. We teach GD&T at many companies, from very small to the largest multi-national corporations. We are uniquely qualified to help your company understand what is needed to implement of 3D-GD&T™ to various degrees and become a Model-Based Enterprise. It will teach you real skills to raise win probability of the government contracts you pursue.
In other words, not recognizing the hidden expressions could have cost you millions of dollars. We make sure your staff gets this critical point, and we lead them to understand how they can optimize their use of GD&T for the goals of the business.
Functional Dimensioning and Tolerancing concepts are further developed and explained throughout the course.
And, we are invited back to teach more courses when staff grows or if more advanced training is desired. We provide services internationally, and we regularly work with multinational corporations in the U.S.
Our classes provide 3 CEUs towards APMP accreditation, or 3 PDUs towards PMP accreditation.
We explain specifications from both a technical point of view and a legal point of view, as engineering drawings and annotated models form part of a contract. We explain how to implement GD&T in the workplace, and how to understand the many tradeoffs between competing interests within the supply chain. You will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion upon completion of the classroom training.
Specifications are legally-binding and it is critical that your staff and suppliers understand the implications.
Teamwork is essential in any dimensional management implementation, and our GD&T training will help you develop more effective teams that solve your dimensional management problems optimally. There are many constraints in product development and product definition, and it is critical that everyone in the supply chain understands why certain specifications are needed, why they are beneficial, and the pros, cons, and tradeoffs of alternate approaches. It is also critical that your design organization understands the implications of the specifications they create on the rest of supply chain.

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