Charlie is a former baseball player who had lots of anger issues and is now a therapist for anger management. In its first iteration, the Skydog Wi-Fi router wraps state-of-the-art Web-based management tools in old-fashioned hardware. This dual-band router is not only based on the older 802.11n standard, ita€™s equipped with only 2x2 radios, meaning it can send and receive only two 150 mbps data streams (300 mbps in aggregate) on each band. The Skydoga€™s hardware limitations are unfortunate, because everyonea€”from parents interested in managing, tracking, and controlling what their kids do online, to the most hardcore enthusiasts who want to fine-tune every aspect of their local networka€”will find the cloud-based network-management tools the Skydog team has developed to be incredibly useful.
Ia€™ll go over the Skydoga€™s many positive attributes before discussing its benchmark performance, because its cloud-based network-management tools really are remarkable.
In the default configuration, these zones are labeled Home, Guest, and Work; but the Guest and Work zones are turned off, so all the bandwidth is reserved for the Home zone. Not only can you can establish up to three "zones" (theya€™re actually virtual networks), but you can allocate how much of your Internet bandwidth each one is entitled to use.
A robust reporting system can monitor how much each user spends on each website, how much data theya€™ve uploaded and downloaded, and more.
Newbie router installers and network builders will find even Skydoga€™s most advanced features easy to set up, thanks to an excellent embedded help system. You cana€™t force channel bonding on either of the Skydoga€™s frequency bandsa€”meaning you cana€™t configure the radio to combine two 20MHz channels to increase available bandwidth. Unlike most consumer routers, the Skydog doesna€™t currently support WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), so you cana€™t connect a client to the router using the simple push-button method.
The Skydog comes with a four-port gigabit switch, but ita€™s USB 2.0 port is currently disabled.
When I switched over to the routers 5GHz network (which is what most consumers will actually rely on, since that frequency band is much less congested than the 2.4GHz band), the Skydog got beat up at every test location. Skydoga€™s 5GHz 802.11n close-range performance is better, but it drops off a cliff at longer range. At the risk of muddying the waters, you can get the best of both worlds by using a Skydog router and an 802.11ac router together. Potential Skydog buyers will also want to know that PowerCloud expects to eventually collect an annual subscription fee of $30 from its customers. Based on my discussions with PowerClouda€™s management, ita€™s clear the company recognizes the Skydoga€™s shortcomings.
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Probabilities and statistics are on the side of the patient investor who sticks with a plan…but let me get back to my thoughts on 2015 before I get too far off on a tangent. But does it change where you are going, how long the whole trip is or how you are getting there?  Nope.
We put out a mid-year review video found here (and we will be out with a 2016 new year review soon) that goes over our thoughts on what really causes recessions. How the market does in 2016 will depend on both the economy and corporate profits, but just like crossing the state borders on a drive to Miami, they are essentially meaningless. Earnings are a huge deal because there is an almost one-for-one correlation between them and the equity markets. These low commodity prices have benefited nearly everyone outside of the energy industry, emerging market economies and companies in the mining industry. Falling prices then negatively impact global sentiment, which then makes its way into the broader stock market. Looking ahead, what happens to China and the dollar will likely have an influence on the Commodity sector this year.

I still stick to the fact that the consumer is responsible for 70% of GDP, and that housing and cars drive second and third (and more) order effects in our domestic economy, and both are strong. The most likely path in 2016 is probably just an extension of 2015…kind of like crossing the state border in a trip to Miami.  2016 will probably see a modest, continued and unimpressive economic expansion that adds a little tailwind to corporate profits. Have a long-term financial plan and an appropriate investment strategy that supports that plan. Stay invested in sectors of the market which, during the expansion phase of the economic cycle, have a higher probability of outperforming others. We make tweaks to the underlying sectors and individual stocks in our portfolios but for the most part, staying allocated to small and mid-cap growth, cyclical sectors of the S&P 500 and away from the Value and Defense sectors have been good decisions over the past eight years. Historically, the long-term investor that adheres to a professionally crafted investment plan is more likely to achieve his or her financial objectives. For high-net-worth individuals who worry about selling their business, outliving their money and passing on wealth in the most tax-advantageous manner to family or charity, the Monument Team can help provide clarity, remove anxiety and clear up uncertainty so they can live better now and in the future. Please review our Important Disclosure Information and Privacy Notice set forth in the Our Process section of this website. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Ita€™s blessed with the most powerful and sophisticated network-management features Ia€™ve seen in a router, but ita€™s running on hardware that would have been state of the art when the IEEE 802.11n standard was finalized in 2009. More powerful 802.11n routers have 3x3 radios that can send and receive three 150 mbps data streams (450 mbps in aggregate). My favorite feature is the ability to establish up to three network a€?zonesa€? (theya€™re actually virtual networks) and then allocate the available bandwidth between them. When you turn on the other zones, you can create templates that will guarantee a minimum amount of bandwidth for each one. Skydog has 140 policies that you can help you manage what your kids can do online, and how long they can do it. These profiles can control which sites theya€™re allowed to visit as well as the times theya€™re allowed to go there (no Facebook access during homework time, for instance). Skydoga€™s cloud-based service sends the router administrator an email each time a new device connects to the router, so that the admin can assign that device to a particular user.
In addition to context-sensitive text, there are cloud-based video tutorials for most of the help topics. PowerCloud says it has plans to enable this feature at some point in the future; but for now, you must manually type the routera€™s passphrase into the client. Here again, PowerCloud says they intend to enable this feature in the future, but for now, you cana€™t use the Skydoga€™s USB port to share a USB printer or a USB storage device on your network. With the client nine feet from the router, it was only slightly slower than the Asus RT-N66U router thata€™s been my longtime favorite N router. The economy trudged along, the unemployment rate fell, and the Federal Reserve finally lifted the Fed funds rate at the end of the year. Dollar caused exports to fall, and we also saw huge reductions in the Energy sector which took a toll on manufacturers. It should come as no surprise that the biggest loser for the year was the Energy sector which posted a loss of -23.6% for 2015. I don’t have a crystal ball…all I have are statistics, probabilities, information and my brain to make sure ideas are grounded in reasonableness. The start of a new calendar year does not mean that the issues from 2015 (poor corporate earnings, the flat global economy, the strong U.S.
Dollar along with the fact that multinational companies earning money overseas must convert it back into U.S.

I stay away from forecasting earnings since it’s easier to just look at what all the other CFAs are predicting across all the great research shops and average them together since everyone is making educated guesses based on what companies feel like guiding them on anyway.
From there, you get the Energy sector experiencing sizable layoffs among oil producers and big cutbacks in capital spending.  That brings you back full circle to earnings (above). This is just the ticket for people like me who have a home office, or anyone who wants to set up a limited guest network for their visitors (guests can access the Internet, but nothing else on your network, and their devices cannot connect to each other). If you want even more control, you can establish a whitelist (users in a given zone can visit only the sites on the list) or a blacklist (users can visit any site except the ones listed). But if you dona€™t want to outright ban your kids from doing something online, you can set up alerts that send you text messages or emails based on their network activity.
If your teen-age kids think they can outsmart you by using a frienda€™s device to visit places youa€™ve banned, theya€™ll quickly learn otherwise. Configured as such, the router should bond channels as long as it doesna€™t detect other wireless networks operating nearby. Asusa€™s best 802.11n router, meanwhile, is currently street-priced about $25 less than the Skydog. But my bottom line is that PowerCloud shouldna€™t make you give up 802.11aca€™s awesome wireless throughput and range to get Skydoga€™s awesome network-management featuresa€”or dish out a lot of cash to get both. And for a limited time, the router is being delivered with three years of service included in the purchase price. In fact, the current Skydog is already prepared for this: If you upgrade to a faster Skydog down the road, youa€™ll need only to push a button to save all of the networking-management settings youa€™ve painstakingly created.
In a digital world where cash can rapidly move from country to country, European capital seeking a relatively higher yield in the U.S.
We are now entering the eighth year of this bull market and while that seems to make a lot of people nervous, the length of a bull market does not forecast a demise. Thanks in large part to the steep drop in oil prices, profits at energy-related firms took a huge dive last year (reference the sector return I mentioned above). Viewed as an industry leader in digital marketing and social media, Dave is the writer of Monument Wealth Management's weekly "Off the Wall" Financial Blog and Market Commentary. As part of the installation routine, Skydog runs an Internet speed test and records the result in its configuration file. If theya€™re spending an inordinate amount on YouTube or an online gaming site, for instance. But at my two longer-range test pointsa€”where the client is 35 and 65 feet away from the routera€”the Skydog got crushed. Plug in the new-and-improved Skydog, and it will download all that information from the cloud and configure itself automatically.
This is great for consumers but bad for producers.  Simple, I know, but worth pointing out. The service can even limit the amount of bandwidth each user is allowed, so that one persona€™s file-sharing activities dona€™t impinge on someone elsea€™s Netflix experience.
Moreover, you should not assume that any discussion or information contained in this blog serves as the receipt of, or as a substitute for, personalized investment advice from Monument Wealth Management. Monument Wealth Management is neither a law firm nor a certified public accounting firm and no portion of the blog content should be construed as legal or accounting advice.
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