If you are looking for a professional caterer for your corporate event and catering, you have come to the right place. One thing that I value as a Brink's employee is the opportunity to develop professionally. Larry was employed in construction, industrial, commercial, and residential work until becoming the Electrical Inspector for the City of Ypsilanti, Michigan in 1986 with a promotion to Supervisor of Building Inspection in 1988.
I have had the opportunity to perform such tasks as motor controls, design building, estimating, project management, security installations, access control systems with video integration, voice and data installations including fiber with the use of media converters, grounding and bonding projects, and fire alarm systems. Victor Ammons was born in North Carolina, but has lived primarily in New Jersey since the age of five.
After a number of years of running the family contracting business while his father’s health declined, Vic trained and turned the business over to his brother-in-law. Vic and Anne now reside in west central New Jersey in an area with a few dozen families among over a thousand acres of woodlands.
Steve Arne has worked as an electrician, electrical contractor, and electrical instructor for 40 years. In 2012, Steve and Deb's son Ryan returned to Rapid City South Dakota to help Steve expand his training business at AETech Electrical Training Center to include a 640 hour full-time pre-employment Apprentice Electrician Training Program. Steve worked with Mike Holt as a technical editor and video team participant beginning in 2002, and uses Mike’s books in his classes. Steve and his wife Deb live in Rapid City, South Dakota where they’re both active in their church and community, and love to spend time with their children and grandchildren. Tarry has been the Chief Electrical Code Compliance Officer for the Broward County Board of Rules and Appeals (Florida) for the last twelve years, standardizing enforcement in 30 municipalities and the unincorporated area of Broward County. Bill Brooks has over 25 years of experience designing, installing, and evaluating grid-connected PV systems. His field troubleshooting skills have been valuable in determining where problems occur to focus training on those issues of greatest need. He is actively involved in the developments of PV codes and standards including IEEE-929 and IEEE1547 (PV Utility Interconnection), the National Electrical Code (NEC®) Article 690 (Solar Photovoltaic Systems), and IEC TC82 (international PV standards).
Dennis Carlson has been in the electrical trade for over 30 years, and has held the positions of Project Superintendent, Field Engineer, Start-up-Coordinator, General Foreman, Foreman, Journeyman, and Craft Training Manager. Since 2007, Dave’s been working at the Florida Solar Energy Center in Cocoa, Florida with projects including training prospective PV installers, educating code officials on proper PV design and installation, and analyzing the impacts of widespread PV on power systems.
Daniel Craft a high school dropout had little confidence in amounting to anything of value in society. At the young age of 20, he was offered a job as an electrician’s helper, where he learned fast that if he was going to survive in this technical world, he would have to go back to school. While working as an electrician’s helper he applied for an apprenticeship with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 441 in Orange County, California. Mike Culbreath devoted his career to the electrical industry and worked his way up from an apprentice electrician to master electrician. Originally from South Florida, Mike now lives in northern lower Michigan where he enjoys kayaking, photography, and cooking, but his real passion is playing with his horses. John is a Master Electrician in multiple jurisdictions and is a certified trainer and Level 3 BICSI Technician in design, integration, installation, and infrastructure in the telecommunications industry.
Doug holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Technology from California State University, Fresno, and California State Contractor’s license in electrical general contracting.
At Doug’s seminars, students not only increase their knowledge, but their confidence as well. For 30 years Joe worked for Westinghouse and, most recently, 15 years for Eaton Cutler-Hammer as the manager of an electronics R&D group. Jason is a licensed master electrician, a NABCEP™ Certified PV Installation Professional, and a UL Certified PV System Installer.
Before becoming an Inspector, Charles worked for 25 years in the commercial electrical trade, mostly as a supervisor over large jobs such as hospitals, high rise construction, hotels, and schools. Charles has been a leader in a church youth scouting organization called the Royal Rangers for 20 years, reaching, teaching, and keeping boys for Christ! Wes Gerrans, upon obtaining a Bachelor’s degree from Andrews University in 1965, began his career as an Industrial Arts instructor at Eau Claire Michigan High School.
Wes remains happily married to his wife of 43 years, Jacque, who continues to be a source of strength and encouragement.
Other areas of interest for Wes have included a commercial fishing business in Alaska, rebuilding wrecked vehicles, and restoring antique furniture. Ken Gordon has been involved in the electrical construction industry since 1974, starting with a family electrical firm owned primarily by uncles and cousins. Ken has been happily married to his wife Maryann for 30 years, and they have four children together, Andy, Amy, Sean, and Megan.
Scott Harding began his electrical career as an electrician’s helper working part time in the family business. Mike Holt resides in Central Florida, is the father of seven children, and has many outside interests and activities. What sets him apart from some, is his commitment to living a balanced lifestyle; placing God first, family, career, then self.
Michael enjoys jet skiing, motocross racing, and stand-up comedy, both as a performer and a member of the audience. Before completing his degrees, Bob served an 8,000 hour electrician apprenticeship at a Tennessee Valley Authority nuclear plant, and worked for approximately nine years as a construction electrician. Ryan Jackson is a combination inspector in the Salt Lake City, Utah, area who began his career as a carpenter while in high school. When Ryan isn’t working, he can often be found in his garage turning wood on his lathe, or in the kitchen where he enjoys wine making. Lee Jolley began in the trade over 30 years ago, working for several companies in many aspects of the field. Lee went to work for the Baltimore County, Maryland government in 1990 as an electrical inspector.
During his 21-year Air Force career James worked as a high voltage lineman, electrical instructor, and electrician. James is on the Electrical Advisory Board for several electrical training programs throughout the state of Oklahoma.
Jeff Larus started his electrical career by completing programs in Industrial Electronics and Electronics Technology at Western Dakota Vocational Technical School in Rapid City, South Dakota right after graduating from high school. Jeff and his wife Kae of 11 years live in Rapid City, South Dakota where they have two children Jessy and Tabitha in grade school.
Ryan Mayfield has been working in the renewable energy field since 1999 and currently focuses on commercial photovoltaic (PV) system design and education. President at Renewable Energy Associates, he provides design, support and educational services for contractors, architectural and engineering firms, manufacturers and government agencies. Ryan serves as Photovoltaic Systems Technical Editor for SolarPro magazine, regularly writing feature articles in SolarPro and Home Power magazines; he is also the author of PV Design and Installation for Dummies (published in 2010). In 1980, he went to work as an electrical designer for a local consulting engineering company. He presently lives in Sacramento, CA, with his wife of 31 years, his two grown children, and a grandson. Lynn started his career as an electrician in 1979, became a licensed Electrical Contractor in 1985, and owned and operated L & B Palmer Electric. Lynn currently resides in Elk Grove, California, with his wife Brenda and two children, Christopher and Jennifer. Jerry Peck started in electrical work about 45 years ago, pulling wire through attics and crawlspaces for his dad, an electrical contractor. Cafe Momentum takes great pride in using the freshest ingredients and preparing some of the most exciting meals for your private events at the restaurant or at your office or off-site location. Army after graduating from high school and received training in communications and electronics. In 1995, he became employed by the Ford Motor Company and works in the Research and Engineering Center in Dearborn, Michigan. Throughout my child hood I was always fascinated with the way things worked, especially electricity. He spent his high school and college vacation times working in a small, family owned electrical contracting firm. Nineteen years of his career were spent as a teacher and department head in post-secondary education.
Steve is currently a Board Member of the SD Electrical Commission and serves on the State and Local Chapter Boards of the SD Electrical Council.
He is very thankful to have been associated with an industry leader like Mike who has a real heart to help others and provides excellent training products to help students in the electrical industry.
The highest priority for both of them is putting God first in both their home and business. He has served on the Electrical Technical Committee to the Board of Rules and Appeals for over ten years, and as an advisor to the committee for nine years.

He has written several important technical manuals for the industry that are now widely used through-out the United States and beyond.
His interests include sailing, motorcycle riding, performance automobiles, home theatre, and all types of music. He’s certified with NCCER as a Master Trainer, and is a professor for Victoria University, Australia as a Master Trainer. They have two children, Brandy, a graphics arts designer who lives in Greeley Colorado, and Josh who is an electrical estimator in Denver Colorado. After receiving his BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering from UVA, he joined Solar Design Associates in Massachusetts from 2004 to 2007, managing and designing PV projects from 3-600 kWdc. He serves as a volunteer for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) and he is coordinator for a 7-university team aiming to expand power systems education.
Over a year had passed from applying, before being accepted in the five year apprenticeship where he would complete structured electrical courses as well as extensive hands on training. Daniel has a passion for helping others achieve confidence to grow into the person that God meant them to be. When frustrated by the limitations of that style of illustrations, he took a company computer home to learn how operate some basic computer graphic software. Mike loves spending time with his children Dawn and Mac and his grandchildren Jonah and Kieley. BICSI is a professional association that provides technical education, information, and knowledge assessment for the information and communications technology (ICT) community. Doug’s vision is to help you maximize your talents and abilities and to provide solutions to difficult problems. He is an instructor in the electronics department at Fresno City College, an Adjunct Professor at California State University, Fresno, and a nationally recognized speaker in the electrical industry.
Seminar topics include Electrical Safety in the Workplace (NFPA 70E), the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70), AC Fundamentals, AC Power Systems, Control Systems, Electrical Certification Preparation, and Continuing Education. This group focuses on electrical metering, control, and protection products for the residential, commercial, industrial and utility markets. From 1996 to 2006, he owned and operated the first fully licensed PV contracting firm in Maryland, where he designed and installed many of the DC region’s earliest utility-interconnected PV systems including systems for the Pentagon, the Department of State, and the White House. He has over 7 years of experience training thousands of engineers, installers, and inspectors in PV applications and the NEC.
He is also an Electrical Instructor for the Arkansas Electrical Apprenticeship Program and a member of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors. They have raised three sons and one daughter and now have one grand-daughter who is two years old. She retired from being a school psychologist this year and is now enjoying a more leisurely pace at home. First driving material delivery trucks, he was soon introduced to doing takeoffs and the estimating process. An ongoing project has been remodeling their home where they have lived for 25 years, doing much of the work themselves. After graduating with an Electrical Engineering degree from Clemson University, he worked as an electrical engineer for RTKL Associates, a large design firm located in Baltimore, Maryland.
He began as an apprentice electrician and became one of the most recognized experts in the world as it relates to electrical power installations. He’s a six-time National Barefoot Water-Ski Champion (1988, 1999, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008), has set many national records, has competed in three World Championships (2006, 2008, and 2010) and continues to train and work out year-round so that he can qualify to ski in the 2012 World Barefoot Championships at the age of 61!
Brian is currently the CEO of Dan House Electric, Inc., an unlimited electrical contracting company based in Florida and working throughout the SE United States.
In addition to managing his growing company, Brian also speaks at various training and motivational seminars and classes. He began doing electrical work when he was 18 and, at the age of 23, Ryan landed his first job as an electrical inspector and subsequently became certified in building, plumbing, and mechanical inspection (commercial and residential), as well as building and electrical plan review.
He helped Mike with his Understanding the NEC, Volume 2 videos and began editing his books as well.
Ryan married his high school sweetheart, Sharie, and they have two beautiful children together: Kaitlynn and Aaron.
He feels fortunate to have worked with some great guys that taught him NEC requirements as much as the skills to do the work.
With great respect for the position, he strived to learn as much as he could about all the codes that are pertinent to our industry.
Going to school at night and on weekends, he received a Baccalaureate of Science Degree, with Honors, in Occupational Education, with specialization in Corporate Training Development, Electrical Power Systems, and Computer Business Information Systems. He worked his way up through the electrical ?eld, starting as an apprentice at an early age, following his family’s preceding path. Jeff completed his electrical apprenticeship and two years as a journeyman working in his father’s electrical contracting business.
As a combination inspector for the city, Jeff does primarily electrical and mechanical inspections. Jeff and Kae have been active in Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Black Hills and the Casey Family Foster Care Program. Typical projects include commercial and residential PV system designs and training PV system designers and installers. He is an Affiliated Certified Master Trainer (from the Institute for Sustainable Power Quality) for the PV course he teaches at Lane Community College.
Ryan holds a Limited Renewable Energy Technician (LRT) license in Oregon and chairs Oregona€™s LRT apprenticeship committee.
They enjoy getting outdoors as much as possible, especially when they get the opportunity to get in the canoe for a few days.
A hydro-electric plant was located nearby where Ron could see water being converted into electrical power.
Since then, Gary has worked for consulting engineering companies in California, Nevada, and Colorado. His completed projects include: overhead and underground distribution systems (including sub-stations), building lighting and power layouts, telecom and data centers, large scale communication backbone systems, UPS and power conditioning projects, power generation with multiple generators and paralleling switchgear, special engineering projects, and graphics applications.
Lynn currently teaches in the Building Inspection Technology Program at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento.
Around 1965, he had his first personal contact with lightning, where he found lightning flashes across a surface. Vic married his high school sweetheart after sophomore year at North Carolina state University, from which both graduated with honors two years later.
Vic and Anne, who will celebrate their 45th anniversary in 2014, are avid square and round dancers, and are active in several clubs. Since Steve retired from Western Dakota Tech in 2003, he has provided industry-direct training specializing in continuing education Electrical Code classes and Electrician Exam Preparation classes for Journeyman and Master's level exams. He has been a member of National Electrical Code (NEC) Code-Making Panel-13 of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) since 2000 for the 2002 & 2005 NEC. His recent publications include the Expedited Permit Process for PV Systems, the Field Inspection Guidelines for PV Systems, and Understanding the CalFire Solar PV Installation Guidelines, as well as articles in Photon and SolarPro magazines. Brooks is an active participant on many codes and standards panels including Code-Making Panel 4 of the National Electrical Code, UL1703 and UL1741 Standards Technical Panels, and IEC TC82 Working Group 3 and 6. In April 2013, he graduated from Salem International University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Realizing the necessary sacrifice of laziness and ignorance, for a life of dedication and discipline, he began taking electrical courses at Los Angeles Trade Tech. Daniel is now recognized by the IBEW and the state of California as being a Journeyman Electrician. Becoming aware that computer graphics offered a lot of flexibility for creating illustrations, Mike took every computer graphics class and seminar he could to help develop his computer graphic skills. After completing a four-year BAT Electrical Apprenticeship program, he went on to earn his Journeyman and Master licenses as well as his BICSI certifications. He is a member of the National Fire Protection Association, the International Association of Electrical Inspectors, and a 2006 winner of Mike Holt’s Top Gun presentation award.
Joe loves to travel, usually with his children, and most recently back-packed the Grand Canyon. For six years Jason was the Senior Director for Technical Training for a global manufacturer of PV systems. He is also the author of several technical articles on PV and is the co-author of a textbook on PV design and installation for a PV system manufacturer. He enjoys participating in community projects, has a passion for teaching, and for sharing the Good News of Jesus. Ken became involved in project management, with a good deal of guidance from cousins Phil and Jim Gordon. He worked as a sales rep, did technical support, onsite training, and system installations for TRF Systems for 7 years. Other interests include hypermiling (driving for maximum mpg), computer gaming, working on his 1965 Amphicar.

As a matter of fact, Mike Culbreath, Master Electrician, who produces the finest electrical graphics in the his- tory of the electrical industry, didn’t finish high school either. Passionate about helping others, he regularly engages with the youth of the local community to motivate them into exploring their future. Bob has served a number of roles in the electrical industry, including an engineering supervisor, maintenance supervisor, plant engineer, and an instructor of electrical and electronic theory for the U.S.
Bob serves as an adjunct faculty member at a local technical community college, and is the Chairman of the Electrical Curriculum Advisory Council.
Two years after becoming an inspector, he was approached by a friend in the area asking him to fill in at an electrical seminar for him.
He believes that there are only a small handful of opportunities that change a person’s life and career, and meeting Mike was one of them. Special thanks to Ronn, Chad, Dennis and Eddie for keeping me straight and arguing Code with me.
In 1997 Lee started teaching at the Harford County Electrical Contractors Association apprenticeship program. Tom has been intrigued in this ever-changing business since day one and he’s continually striving to be the best at what he can do. He tested for and received his South Dakota Electrical Inspector’s license as soon as he was eligible to test. Over the years, he has acquired many certifications in all aspects of building inspection and plan review. Ryan also works directly with manufacturers of PV-specific products to help gain market acceptance and develop products that directly help the implementation and use of their products.
John started in the electrical trade in 1980 as a helper and attended an ABC Apprenticeship Program, then worked his way up to Master Electrician. Projects have included commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental, and public agencies. Cost estimates have been an integral part of all projects; working with established budgets, setting construction budgets, or responding to change order and value engineering requests. Lynn is a member of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors, Sacramento Valley Chapter, where he also served as Chairman, and was a member of IBEW Local 340 Sacramento.
After working for the County of Sacramento for 10 years, he went to work for the State of California as a Construction Supervisor.
Larry was trained as an Army instructor and taught communications and electronics at the U.S. I got my first official introduction to Electrical theory in the military learning Electronics repair.
After four years in the army, during which time their first child was born in Germany, Vic and Anne alternated getting MBA degrees. He helped develop the NFPA & IAEI National Certified Residential Electrical Inspector and Master Electrical Inspector examinations. At the age of twenty-eight he has held fast, excelling in areas such as electrical construction and the National Electrical Code.
Mike has now worked as an illustrator and editor with the company for over 25 years and, as Mike Holt has proudly acknowledged, has helped to transform his words and visions into lifelike graphics. John also oversees the maintenance of facilities at the headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas.
He also enjoys cycling, running, reading, and continual learning as well as family vacations. As a co-op student, Joe first worked as an ac motor designer for Allis Chalmers and later as a home electronic organ designer for Baldwin Piano.
As an independent consultant, Jason provides technical services to many clients in the PV industry including technical training, design review, performance modeling and validation, system optimization, commissioning, troubleshooting, and owner’s agent.
It was at this time that he first had contact with Mike Holt when he helped with the editing of one of Mike’s earlier books.
Their son, Neil, is a teacher in Seattle, WA; their daughter, Lisa, teaches in Lincoln, NE.
He continues to teach estimating and AutoCAD night classes at the Electric Association of Chicago, where he has for nearly 15 years.
Mike’s experience in the real world gives him a unique understanding of how the NEC relates to electrical installations from a practical standpoint. Brian and his wife Carissa have shared the joy of their four children and over 30 foster children during a happy 13 years of marriage. He is an instructor for an accredited apprenticeship program, and also represents the American Chemistry Council on Panel 6 as a principle voting member. After his first class Ryan was hooked, and is now a highly sought after seminar instructor.
His son Elijah joined the Marines in 2012 and works on F-18s and has his dad’s upmost respect. He teaches High Voltage Lineman and Electrical Construction courses at the OSU technical campus in Okmulgee, OK.
He holds licenses from the State of South Dakota and the City of Rapid City as well as certifications from the International Association of Electrical Inspectors, International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, and the International Code Council.
John has been an instructor for 20 years, teaching master and journeyman exam preparation courses and Florida State certification courses. He enjoys making things for his children as well as fishing, family picnics, and vacations with his family.
After 21 years in engineering, he accepted a new position at Warren Rural Electric Cooperative in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
In 1987, Gary was awarded the Certified Professional Estimator certificate by the American Society of Professional Estimators. I worked in electronics repair for a short while before turning to industrial maintenance in 1994. Brooks was a member of the California Office of the State Fire Marshal’s (Cal Fire) PV Task force that developed the Solar Photovoltaic Installation Guideline, which became the model for national fire regulation. He then worked for Archer Daniels Midland as an industrial electrician until 2002, when he went back to NWKTC, now a college, as an instructor in the electrical program.
When not at work or church, he is an avid fly fisherman preferring the action-packed intercostals for his angling venue. He has taught in several states, and loves helping people increase their understanding of the Code. Leading electricians to doing their jobs in the safest methods possible was very rewarding. Tom feels that this can be accomplished through dedication to your trade, along with a strong education base, honesty, and integrity. Jeff teaches electrical continuing education classes for Western Dakota Tech and local electrical trade groups. Ron became the Technical Adviser to the agricultural, commercial and industrial customers for power quality issues and solutions.
He completed an apprenticeship as a land surveyor, then a stint in the San Diego shipyards as a journeyman maintenance electrician. After hours (so it seemed, really only a minute or so), he crawled out and went to where his dad and brother were working.
He then served an IBEW apprenticeship and became licensed as a journeyman in 1976 and as a master in 1979.
I performed various electro-mechanical upgrades and modifications as well as much needed code compliance upgrades.
John is an active member of his church where he works with the children’s group in a leadership position. Scott also serves on NEC Code-Making Panel Number 5 (Grounding and Bonding) and worked on the 2005, 2008, 2011, and 2014 cycles. Tom continues to put forth everything he has every day of every week for his beautiful wife TinaAnne and their two amazing sons (Tommaso and Antonio) she and God have allowed him the luxury of having.
He has volunteered with the Pennington County Search and Rescue Team for the past 19 years. In 1986, with a keen interest in continuing education for electricians, he joined the staff to update material and began illustrating Mike Holt’s textbooks and magazine articles.
I have lived my life with the belief that education is the suppression of ignorance with the constant application of knowledge. By using Mike Holt material, building power point programs from scratch, and adding his own sense of humor, he’s become a well-respected instructor and code official in the area. I, from the beginning, was fascinated at the diversity of the trade and sought after knowing as much about the trade as possible.

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