The post holder will manage the GRI?s Training and Coaching team to help ensure smooth and efficient running of GRI?s various Training & Coaching Programs and other related services.
In addition the post holder is responsible for the ongoing budget management of the Training and Coaching programs. GRI is an international independent organization that has pioneered corporate sustainability reporting since 1997.
With thousands of reporters in over 90 countries, GRI provides the world’s most trusted and widely used standards on sustainability reporting, enabling organizations and their stakeholders to make better decisions based on information that matters. Our Vision: A future where sustainability is integral to every organization’s decision-making process. Our Mission: To empower decision makers everywhere through our sustainability standards and multi-stakeholder network, to take action towards a more sustainable economy and world. Share your Sustainable and Social Responsibility jobs and make your recruitment process a success as we continuously attract and retain the best for the better! I will be sharing parts of the management training program we go through over the next few weeks. Point 1:  One of the first steps a manager takes is understanding that you must always have a goal or objective in mind for all that you do.
As an actor, I was constantly asked by directors and teachers what I wanted out of a scene, what was my objective.
Once you have your objective then the next step is to discover what you have to DO to accomplish this.
Question from the team: Does this apply even if it is just a “quick” call where we are not reviewing anything specific? Answer: Remember that every interaction you have, you are pulling this person away from what they are doing to fulfill their job duties. Just like my director would say, “If you don’t care about what you are doing, neither do I as the audience.
I want to connect ideas on marketing, training and personal development and make these ideas accessible for organizations and people so they perform better. I am blessed to have great support from my team at PCG Companies but most importantly I have a great wife and boys to keep reminding me what is important.
The most powerful path to selling success has always been to better understand the buyer and their decision process. Adversarial expectations and conflicting priorities have often left sellers and buyers at odds. In order to revolutionize selling and provide customers with what they truly expect from their provider partners we must move away from traditional selling methodologies and behaviors by aligning ourselves with the customer to help them make the best decisions for them! This sales training program teaches sales professionals to understand both the ‘Buyer Decision Science’ and the internal questions that customers commonly ask themselves to help them make what they believe is the best possible decision. Salespeople know that today’s buyers are more demanding, better informed, less trusting and more price sensitive than ever before.
Give your customers the buying experience they’ve always wanted and help them to respect and appreciate your salespeople and solutions. This powerful and contemporary sales training methodology teaches selling professionals at all levels to fully understand and align with the buyer decision process and creates maximum competitive differentiation in their selling approach. Cooperation SellingTM was created from the collection of best practices and research accumulated during sales process consulting, training and coaching with more than 70,000 successful selling professionals and leaders over the last two decades. Selling professionals have asked for help aligning themselves more closely with customers so that they can sell more, sell faster and grow customer relationships.
This high impact, experiential 2 and 3 day sales training program is specifically designed to engage sales professionals and leaders to enhance retention and application for the greatest possible return on their investment.
Scalable content, applications and strategies make this program perfect for organizations wanting to transform their entire enterprise into a customer centric and powerful selling culture.
The flexibility of our sales model enables us to customize the program to different levels of sales complexity.
Most cad managers function as a corporate CAD training department while at the same time keeping the CAD department running.
Which factor is most important in your selection of a mouse or other input device for CAD use? The upcoming fall programs will provide a combination of classroom learning and hands-on exercises and training techniques. Bob Leibel, Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes director of sales and operations, Canada, is proud to point out that the company has long provided guidance and shared best practices with all levels of collision repair management and technicians.
NextEra Energy’s fleet operations training manager, Chuck Sizemore, oversees the initial licensing and continual training of reactor and senior reactor operators at the company’s five nuclear energy facilities in Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire and Wisconsin. Sizemore: The most interesting aspect of my job is working with colleagues who have a wide range of experience in the industry. Every day, I ensure that I am driving the standardization of processes and procedures at all five of our plants.
Q: Walk us through the process of becoming a licensed reactor operator at one of NextEra’s plants. Sizemore: To get into the program, a candidate has to meet education and experience requirements, which includes having a high school diploma and first becoming a non-licensed operator, which takes 14-18 months.

When prospective operators complete their training, they prepare for the NRC Operator Licensing Initial Exam, which tests both knowledge and skills. Sizemore: All reactor operators are required to participate in a continuing training re-qualification program, which has both fixed and flexible components and includes both written exams and scenario training in the simulator. Sizemore: In addition to our regular training programs, we do drills and graded exercises on emergency preparedness. Q: Do you think training standards in the nuclear power industry will change as a result of the Fukushima accident? Sizemore: NextEra Energy took very aggressive action following the Fukushima event to re-validate all of our equipment and processes to ensure that we are ready for these types of events. Sizemore: In my opinion, our training standards are more rigorous than any other field, including aviation.
I attended flight school in college, so I’ve gone through aviation training and have also been able to operate commercial flight simulators. Currently, about 60 to 70 percent of prospective reactor operators make it through the program, and these are people that meet extensive education and experience requirements prior to even being enrolled into the program. Learn More About Nuclear EnergyVisit NEI's main website to learn more about general nuclear energy issues, including new nuclear plants, used fuel management, careers and more! GRI helps businesses, governments and other organizations understand and communicate the impact of business on critical sustainability issues such as climate change, human rights, corruption and many others. I explained how the course would work, what their responsibilities were and then we discussed what they were looking to accomplish with this training. I have to prepare my outline, I have to hit these points first, I have to listen to their response etc.  Then we can execute our steps, monitor the interaction and change tactics as needed to accomplish our goal. They will monitor very quickly if their actions are leading towards success or do they have to change tactics.
If your interaction does not have a purpose, it can be perceived as a waste of this person’s time and in turn people will not want to take your call or interact with you.
So why do all other traditional selling methodologies focus on the sales process instead of the buying process? And yet, research proves that the customer is much more likely to award the business to the seller who understands the buyer and helps them through each step of their decision process. They also know that customers’ previous buying experiences have left them with negative impressions that have made them cautious and resistant. Each powerful module is complete with real world customer decision process and selling information, personalized exercises and proven application based strategies that can dramatically improve selling results. With proven effective and practical selling language, process and strategies which can enhance any company selling channel, you will quickly understand the value of aligning your sales teams with each other… and your customers! This sales optimization program focuses on sales situations where customers go through a deliberate decision making process, and often there is more than one person involved in the decision. Although training remains on the CAD manager's plate, funding and resources for it have declined noticeably in recent years. For even more AutoCAD how-to, check out Lynn's quick tips in the Cadalyst Video Gallery. These newest classes will include painter certification and jobber reviews with the latest AWX Performance Plus waterborne and ATX refinish systems. Some of my colleagues have worked at nuclear plants since they were being built in the 1960s, but there are quite a few who are right out of the Navy or recent college graduates.
The licensed reactor operator program is about 18-24 months long and includes classes on reactor theory, power plant components and thermodynamics, as well as training on plant systems, procedures and processes. In addition to taking an extensive written exam, candidates are tested on two to three scenarios in the simulator and evaluated on tasks in both the simulator and inside the plant itself.
Every plant analyzes the types of tasks performed by operators at their facility and they determine how often to retrain operators on certain tasks. We put the operating crews in the simulators and run scenarios on a wide variety of situations, including events that are beyond what each plant is designed to withstand.
Our fleet operates in prevention and detection, which means that if we spend most of our time detecting or preventing issues, we can avoid having to correct problems. Additionally, NRC resident inspectors, who work onsite at each plant to oversee and inspect the facility’s day-to-day operations, perform monthly and quarterly observations of the initial license training program as well as the license operator re-qualification training program. Their training standards are extremely high, but I believe our training program is even more challenging.
GRI is built upon a unique multi-stakeholder principle, which ensures the participation and expertise of diverse stakeholders in the development of its standards.
GRI appreciates all expressions of interest, however only short-listed applicants will be contacted.
The key is that by having your objective in mind ahead of time, you control your actions and responses versus being unprepared and passive. We as managers need to commit to the objective and have the flexibility to change tactics when needed.
Cooperation SellingTM teaches salespeople that customer perceptions can be changed for the better.
By using retentive learning and application connective exercises and skill practice, salespeople will retain, implement and achieve more with Cooperation SellingTM than any sales training they have ever experienced.

There will also be a class offered specifically instructing new Sherwin-Williams Automotive jobbers (Level 1). Navy and the commercial nuclear power industry and currently chairs the industry’s Licensed Operator Focus Group, which works with the U.S. Helping these individuals to obtain a reactor operator license and develop their careers is very satisfying. Standardization is an important part of the equation because it streamlines the process of incorporating operating experience and lessons learned from other facilities.
Next, the training moves into the simulator–which is an exact replica of the plant’s control room–where they do on-the-job training and are trained and evaluated on tasks by licensed operators. During these drills and exercises, we work with county, state and federal agencies to test our emergency preparedness capabilities.
Our standards are very high, but they are always evolving since we’re constantly in pursuit of excellence. Every two years, an NRC licensing inspection team goes to each plant to perform licensed operator re-qualification inspections. GRI’s mission is to empower decision-makers everywhere, through its standards and multi-stakeholder network, to take action towards a more sustainable economy and world.
My goal here is to help offer a view of a training program I am currently undertaking in order that you have a framework to aid you in the future. They should not be in the program to prove to me they could be a manager, they needed to be there for themselves.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to promote effective operator licensing and training programs. Our oversight procedures and initial license program are standardized across our fleet of nuclear plants, and we’re currently in the process of standardizing all of our training procedures and the licensed operator re-qualification program. The program also requires hundreds of hours in the actual control room as an extra staff member on-shift to gain direct experience under the control and direction of a licensed operator. Twenty percent of the re-qualification program is based on operating experience, ensuring that we incorporate lessons from the other NextEra plants and the industry as a whole. As an industry, we’re reviewing guidelines and procedures that reactor operators use to respond to extreme events to make sure that we’re even better prepared than we are now.
This team inspects the training program, simulator and license maintenance of reactor and senior reactor operators, and observes them taking the re-qualification exam that is being administered and graded by the utility.
Following each exercise or drill, the participating emergency response personnel conduct an in-depth critique of our performance to identify any areas needing improvements. The NRC grades the exams simultaneously to ensure that the results match and that the utility has the same high standards as the NRC. When you consider that training not only costs money to deliver, but also causes a drop in productivity while users are in class, you can see management's viewpoint.
Use training to increase acceptance of standards.All of these objectives demonstrate that you plan to tailor a training program to maximize results and minimize expenses, thereby maximizing value for your company. In short, if management believes you'll deliver as much "bang for the buck" as possible with your training program, they'll be much more likely to support you.
I can't stress enough that getting management support is crucial to maintaining a long-term training program. Deciding on TopicsOnce you have management's support, it's time to list and prioritize your training objectives.
The question won't be "What is an xref?," but rather, "How do I use xrefs on a given project to meet our CAD standards?" The distinction between these two types of questions is that users don't typically blame a command (such as the Xref command) for being confusing, but they are happy to blame CAD standards or procedures.
Your training challenge is to teach people how to use CAD tools in your particular environment, not merely the generic use of a given set of commands. Fix Processes as RequiredIf your list of training topics seems to indicate that not comprehending standards is the top cause of confusion in your company, it may be time to examine your standards. Bottom line: If it's hard for you to train people how to use a feature, imagine how hard it will be for users to learn it.
You may find that embarking on a training program gives you a great opportunity to update and tweak company standards and procedures. Because the training program is supposed to raise user productivity and cause minimal intrusion on work schedules, everyone involved should support your desire to simplify work processes via training. Build training materialsRunning a training class without training materials is, in my experience, a waste of time. Because most people don't take good notes during a class, it becomes the instructor's responsibility to provide a handout or workbook that chronicles the training.
After all, as soon as users walk out of a training class, the only resources they have to fall back on are their memories and the handouts you provide.
Because I've advocated targeted training that solves your company's specific problems, you can't go to your local bookstore and buy a training workbook.

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