Our retail cleaning staff have been specially trained in how to professionally clean boutiques, stores and malls whilst minimising disruption. So if you are looking for a professional London cleaning company to look after your retail   space, please call us on 020 7582 8111 or contact us for a free quote. The Specialty Coffee Association of America’s annual trade show is the largest such event in the United States. There are some who anticipate this trade show by packing suitcases filled with carefully curated outfits, steamed, ironed, and starched.

This season, Sprudge contributor Elizabeth Chai scouted the arena floor and showroom to find members of this special collection of collectors, and found a wide range of styles, palates and palettes. Shoes: Franco Sarto (“I rarely wear heels, but my standby USBC shoes are always black grippy bottomed Mary Jane pumps. Cleanology’s retail cleaning division can provide a range of specialist cleaning services to both small boutiques, large departments stores or shopping malls.
Our staff can work either late in the evening or early in the morning to ensure the store always looks perfect for opening.

A class with class, who either reluctantly or excitedly find themselves in a spotlight that showcases how they visually define themselves.
These events are about much more than fashion, of course—new champions, new gear, and new opportunities abound—and yet, year after year, the fashion on display at this event proves to be an irresistible narrative.

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