Based on the book "Productivity Driven Success", productivity improvement should never be your final goal. This workshop widens your perspective on productivity enhancement and outlines a strategy to assure your efforts are aligned with corporate goals, holistic in nature, systematic in implementation, and measurable.
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WelcomeWelcome to the Food Manager Classes service for food managers employed within the State of Texas.
State of TexasThank you for visiting the Food Manager Classes service for managers employed within the State of Texas. Austin - Locations to be announced.Jan 28th, Feb 25th, Mar 25th, Apr 22nd, May 20th, Jun 24th.
DFW - Locations to be announced.Jan 29th, Feb 26th, Mar 26th, Apr 23rd, May 21st, June 25th.

Houston - Locations to be announced.Jan 30th, Feb 27th, Mar 27th, Apr 24th, May 22nd, June 26th.
It should simply be a conduit to free up the time, money and resources needed to drive organizational success. It goes on to describe the six "Productivity Enables" that make improvement possible, "Productivity Amplifiers" designed to maximize organizational efficiency, and the process that makes it happen.
This food managers certification course is for any food service manager who needs to obtain a certificate in order to work in a retail food establishment, or any individual who desires training. The Food and Drug Administration or FDA is an agency of the US Department of Health and Human Services. This course is State of Texas accredited and has been designed for those who want the best training in the least amount of time.This course is self-paced. In an effort to keep the public safe, the FDA cooperates with other agencies and publishes a model Food Code.

The FDA code is the best resource for making regulations that will ensure that food is safe and protected. The contents of the code are intended to assist local agencies that oversee food safety.The Texas Department of State Health Services has developed uniform standards for retail food establishments in the State of Texas known as the Texas Food Establishment Rules (TFER). The exam must be completed at the time you begin it.Food Managers Course - This food manager course will take you through the fundamentals of food safety for your food managers card, license, permit or certificate. Once the course has been completed, you should have a good understanding of what foodborne illness is, how it is caused, and what you can do to help prevent it from occurring.Once the course is successfully completed, you will be able to immediately print a certificate for your records.

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