Last week we heard how Jerry Manas uses simplicity, clarity and focus to approach managing the ever increasing complexity in business processes.
This is The Project Management Podcast™ for the 12th of February 2010, nice to have you with us. Here is another reminder for you that I am currently on vacation in my home town of Solothurn in Switzerland. Last week, we heard how Jerry Manas uses simplicity, clarity and focus to approach managing the ever increasing complexity in business processes and consequentially in the processes that we need to manage on our projects. Cornelius Fichtner: In this interview, you are going to open up your bag of tricks and let us take a look at your experience. There was a concern about how to integrate all of these since the other departments have specific needs and their existing models were just overly complex for general use. In this particular case, was this the first time that they were setting up, trying to set up this EPMO or was this a repeat performance so to speak? Jerry Manas: What’s on my record, I think another organization was there was a fifth attempt of a PMO. Jerry Manas: They viewed project management as a much needed improvement area and especially among the areas outside of the current PMOs that existed. Cornelius Fichtner: Alright, so we’ve got the setting, we know where we are and what we’re trying to do.
Jerry Manas: Absolutely, I think a key was to meet the leaders of these existing PMOs which we did both separate and together to discuss what areas can be leveraged across the organization. So the first thing we needed to do was to meet individually with these other PMO leaders and then get them together. And we also examined best practices across these PMOs to see what made sense to standardize any of them. But we got a sense of where their challenges were too, where they felt we might be able to help because in that kind of set the right tone upfront, but we’re able to agree on common stage gates so that was simplified management reporting across the organization because that was one need. So that was a huge accomplishment if they were going to create a certain high level reports. And we also talked about some of the complexities of facilities’ projects with an IT component and vice versa because organizations have plenty of those and ways to communicate better across those groups.
Cornelius Fichtner: Was the EPMO targeted at replacing the other two PMOs or was it just more of an umbrella organization? The PMI Registered Education Provider logo is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc. Selenium is a well-known open source testing tool, which provides a robust set of tools that supports rapid development of test automation for web-based applications. Selenium at times fails to function correctly if a dynamic event or change takes place during the test cycle. Dealing with pop-up windows: Selenium can sometimes fail to record common popups in web apps. Protected Mode must be set to the same valueerror occurs when trying to run Selenium WebDriver on a fresh Windows machine. The opinions expressed in this blog are author's and don't necessarily represent Gallop's positions, strategies or opinions. The Waterfall concept of project management can basically be explained as a logical step-by-step method.
These attributes make it easier to more accurately draw up a budget as well as a time table.
In many instances, the very attributes of Waterfall are those that also make it difficult to work with. This type of structure allows developers to instantly respond to any concerns, adapt design components to address these concerns and implement any changes necessary without putting the entire project on hold. Because of the flexibility that is the hallmark of Agile, predicting when projects will be complete or how much they will cost can be difficult. While there are no hard and fast rules that dictate that Agile is always preferred or Waterfall is best, the popularity of Agile has increased in recent years for good reason.

My goal is to help companies of any size reach full potential by tailoring customized business solutions and creating aggressive strategies to fit client goals. Your Mobilized Business and You: Do You Need a Mobile App or a Mobile Website to Reach Customers? Most art projects start with some kind of deadline when a work needs to be delivered to a client or to meet a show opening date.
Identifying and Managing Project Risk is a practical guide to minimizing the possibility of failure in critical projects.
Managing Projects as Investments: Earned Value to Business Value (Industrial Innovation Series) by Stephen A. Every project is an investment; however, traditional project management methodologies do not support assessment of the business value that enables senior management to maximize decision making. Project management is a vital and growing component of many organizations and can literally make or break a company. This means that project management processes consequentially are getting more and more complex as well. And of course it is also only you the premium subscribers who receive a complete transcript of our episodes.
In particular, we are going to take a look at a project of yours, a case study, in which you helped a client reduce complexity. They were asked to create an Enterprise PMO, EPMO, as we have seen everybody is trying to implement. Were you just ill and you happen to be at the hospital and like – I’m here, might as well help you? How long was the overall project and how much out of this time did your engagement with the hospital last? Oftentimes, most of the people that I’ve worked in, it was the third or fourth time that people tried setting the PMOs and they failed miserably before and sometimes even I failed.
So they looked at that as a strong need so that they’re being asked to create a centralized organization. So we discussed where it made sense to have integrated reporting and where it didn’t and how we could get this information using common stage gates. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.PMI, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, PgMP, CAPM and PMBOK are trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. It provides a vast set of testing functions designed to fit the needs of testing web applications.
A few common problems faced are listed below, along with how to mitigate them with selenium test automation. This recognition confirms Gallop’s position as a specialized software testing service provider, committed to making sure clients get value from their QA investments. With its distinct and linear model of design, Waterfall was a popular option for working collaboratively for many years.
In addition, replacing developers in midstream is pretty simple due to the extensive documentation and planning required. This method of product development gives everyone involved an incredible amount of flexibility. Because Agile is so transparent, it is particularly useful when working with those clients whose vision is not totally solidified. Projects can be large or small, last from weeks to even years and involve only the artist or a multitude of people.
Project management will help you identify and schedule all of the steps or activities that need to be accomplished for a project to meet its deadlines. The book takes readers step by step through every phase of a project, showing them how to consider the possible risks involved at every point in the process. The next evolution in project management, therefore, will be to manage projects as investments. But they weren’t one that was simple and flexible, whose processes will be accessible to anyone in the organization who manage projects.

There was one in IT and there was one in Facilities and both of them were very mature and add complex processes.
I did one on the Virtual PMO and it was about how to create a flexible, integrated model with limited resources but heavy on relationships and clear on goals. PMI has not endorsed and did not participate in the development of our products.OSP International LLC has been reviewed and approved as a provider of project management training by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Operations in Selenium allow many options for locating UI elements and methods to compare expected test results with actual real-world application behavior. Before actually running the script, you must import a package that can generate a WebDriver script for handling alerts.
Recently, however, its limitations have given rise to an new way of product management, and that is Agile.
Due to the design of Waterfall, a distinct plan and vision to reach make that plan a reality are required before the development phase can be initiated. Making changes in the design of the product at any stage is nearly impossible yet the next stage can only be reached upon the completion of the previous one.
Small modules are worked on by the developers with feedback from the client as well as testing occurring simultaneously.
As the project moves forward, the client’s vision will naturally move toward a firmer end goal. Whatever your project, you need to be efficient in managing your projects as this will have a big impact on your bottom line. Meeting your deadlines is a key ingredient in your art business brand, so don’t take your commitments lightly.
In particular I want to know from him what the first 3-4 steps are that we should take when we begin working on a complex project. So they wanted something that was really accessible to any department in the organization and a lot of them were not trained in project management. When I say ‘complex processes,’ in some cases, they were overly complex but in a lot of cases they were necessarily complex for those specific areas. So they liked what they heard and so they recognized that would be a good fit for their situation and luckily, they recognized it. It was sort of framed as a catalyst program to get them started in the right direction and then get to the essential processes and templates set up. It also supports almost all web browsers to run test cases and also supports many different programming languages to help create or modify test scripts. In order to formulate an opinion about making the switch from Waterfall to Agile, it is best to first understand the differences between the two.
Teamwork is highly prized as modules are worked on by different developers with an end goal in mind. Because Agile is leans so heavily on teamwork, the members of the team need to be firmly committed. Remember: It is better to under promise and over deliver than to over promise and under deliver! At the end of each chapter is an analysis of how the principles just discussed applied to a supreme example of what many once considered a truly impossible project: the building of the Panama Canal.
In particular, I want to know from him what the first three to four steps are that we should take when we begin our work on a complex project. So they wanted a central PMO that could work with these organizations but they kind of have a standard across the organization.
The first two basically click on the “cancel” and “OK” buttons respectively on a popup window.
When using Waterfall, the testing and feedback stages are left until quite late in the process, an aspect that could have dire consequences for the end result.

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