Encouraging Christians In their faith In Christ, sharing the gospel with those without Him. In part one of this series we learned that Paul encouraged Christians to let the Word of Christ dwell richly within them (Colossians 3:16-17).
So as we allow God’s Spirit to live in and through us, the Spirit produces a set of Christ-like qualities or virtues within us, the fruit of the Spirit.
Patience is a quality of wise controlled restraint that prevents believers from speaking or acting hastily when faced with a situation of disagreement, opposition, or persecution. We see that Jesus was very patient with sinners and those that followed Him as their teacher and Lord. Paul described such patience as “unlimited.” We too can have this patience as we respond to the Word of God, are filled with the Spirit of God and let the fruit of the Spirit  demonstrate our love for God and others. Patience almost always involves waiting in some form or another, waiting for the Spirit to guide you in a situation, waiting for circumstances to change for the better, waiting for someone to change their actions and thoughts or waiting for your own attitude and perceptions to accommodate to what is taking place in your life. The patience of the Holy Spirit can be demonstrated in our lives as we let the Word instruct and guide us and as we are filled with the Holy Spirit. Since God can patiently wait for us, it is possible for us to be patient and longsuffering with each other, as well as to be patient in the midst of stressful uncomfortable situations.
The fruit of patience which comes from the Holy Spirit is grounded on you being willing to be humble before the Lord.
But a word of caution: Patience is not about allowing yourself to be a victim of abuse or enabling sinful behavior. The biggest reason women struggle with finding love is because… they don't believe it's possible for them. That's right, it's your internal experience - your doubts about yourself, men, and relationships - that keeps you from finding the greatest love of your life. What's important to realize is this pattern is not happening because all men are unavailable; it's happening because you believe it's going to be this way! And so, it is. Your beliefs about yourself, men, and relationships determines what you experience in relationships.
Do you feel confident, knowing, beautiful, incredible, and secure when it comes to men and relationships? If you feel insecure, doubtful, fearful or confused about love, limiting beliefs are holding you back.
I took the best concepts and exercises that I teach my private coaching clients and turned it into a 5-week self-study course. Shelly’s Manifest Your Love course is hands-down the most targeted and focused material I have encountered to date for the individual seeking a life fulfilled with love. I have friends of a certain age that I have encouraged to take this course, as well as teenage nieces for whom the information and lessons are both appropriate and invaluable. I have to tell you that your program is the best investment I’ve ever made in my life.
The way it has changed my life feels somehow magical – it just fixes my life as nothing else could ever has. When I saw that you had an E-Course for sale, I became quite guarded, and looked for ways that it was a trap. The first step to creating the love you want is your commitment to your own transformation. One of the biggest keys to manifestation is learning how to feel what you want to create, before it arrives. Spirit, Soul, Heart, Truth… we all have a Higher Self - the greatest version of who we are. Letting go (finally) of the person I used to be with and my old, limiting beliefs (plus envisioning my dream partner) worked! I am now almost three years in a relationship and this course really helped me to connect to myself, which made me see new, beautiful things in my relationship, too. Every day I wake up and do a little yoga, then I watch the short video attached to the module I’m currently working on and do the written exercise (15- 20 minutes max), and I spend the last 10 minutes meditating on the lesson learned. When indigenous healers along the Andean mountains in South America need to clear a lot of bad juju, they use a type of offering called a despacho. Burning is the most rapid method because the Universe immediately starts manifesting your intention as the despacho is converted from physical matter to energy by the fire. You can put almost anything in the despacho, but if you plan on burning it, please be careful and don’t use anything toxic, explosive or excessively flammable. Remember, creating a despacho is an intuitive process based on your specific situation and there are no absolute right or wrong answers about what to include (beyond the safety issue). The specific items for a love despacho include small figurines of a couple—like from the top of a wedding cake. Once you have everything ready, spend a few minutes meditating to get yourself in an intuitive frame of mind.
If you are burning it, please do so in a safe place such as a wood burning fireplace or fire pit (never in a gas fireplace). When you burn the despacho, you must watch until it is completely consumed in the fire while holding your intention in your mind. If you are burying it, find a private spot out of the way, where it won’t be disturbed and can fully decay. The beauty of a despacho is that you can use it as often as you like, even daily in the case of burning. Register with MeetMindful for free today—the fastest growing dating site for conscious singles.
Recommended for youAccess Your Life Flow & Manifest the Relationship You SeekHey, What’s Your Dosha? I begged my parents and the male police officer, who spoke with me about it immediately afterwards, to drop it.
I was left alone with the sound of my body hitting the pavement hard and the boys laughing and squealing in my head.
There’s a face I’m sick of seeing, and it’s not the rearranged mess of a scandalized Hollywood star. That’s because the face I unfailingly expect to greet me from a mirror is perhaps circa 1999, or maybe 2004, or maybe not from any specific era of my life except an idealized past. I went to my husband for a sympathetic ear, and also to gauge the waters of our marital relations. While trapped in the snaking line of the express checkout at the grocery store yesterday, the cover of a Prevention magazine caught my eye. Do you want the space and joy to get back into your body?To get into your words and stories? So a few months ago, a bestie Mindy Sterling (actor from Austin Powers), and I were shopping at the Promenade in Santa Monica, California.

Jen & Emily Rapp are leading another writing retreat in Vermont in October 2015 as well as a "Writing + The Body" Retreat with Lidia Yuknavitch. He also encouraged followers of Christ to be filled with the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5:18-20). This fruit of the Spirit is manifested in relationships, in our relationship with God as well as with other followers of Christ. His patience demonstrated He was led by the Holy Spirit as He followed the will of His Heavenly Father.
This takes reliance upon the power of the Holy Spirit built upon a foundation of God’s Word. Relationships are a source of magnificent blessing, but they can also be the source of much tension and conflict.
While the first three types of the fruit of the Spirit; love, joy, and peace can be very conceptual and abstract.
We can do this as we let the fruit of the Spirit, of which patience is a part, manifest itself in our lives. Wisdom and patience always work together, to help us judge when and how to act in a dangerous situation. I haven’t been asked out in over a year, so I know your course has everything to do with it. Manifest Your Love will teach you how to align your internal reality to the reality you want on the outside, which will strongly call it to you. Identifying with your Higher Self is the single most important skill you can learn to create the life of your dreams.
Faith is something we develop when we realize that by aligning to the love within ourselves, the Universe will arrange itself to create what we desire.
We are becoming closer and closer, we communicate better, he is open to change and so many other beautiful things. It’s such a positive, simple start to my day but I’ve noticed I’m so much more peaceful, happy and loving towards myself as a result and I’ve already started to manifesting some great things.
Would you like to get right with the Universe and turn those lemons into oranges and red lights into green lights?
There are despachos for everything from healing illness to growing good crops, but you need a Love Despacho.
You can also include a figurine of a baby, but only if you are absolutely sure you want a family. Once you have a clear intuition regarding burning or burying it, collect all the objects you will need including an outer wrapper and some string. Start by laying the outer wrapping on a flat surface and then roll the lard, butter or ghee into a small ball. Before you add it, blow on it three times with the intention to connect your spirit to the quintu.
Always remember that a single spark from an abandoned fire that is not completely out can quickly spread out of control. Similar to the fire ceremony, watch the fire until there are just coals left without any flame. Plus, as you continue to create despachos you may notice that they becoming more powerful and are manifesting more fully and quickly. Scott Carroll is an associate professor of child and adolescent psychiatry and is the Director of Psychiatric Consultation Services at the University of New Mexico Children’s Hospital where he specializes in pediatric psycho-oncology and neuropsychiatry.
It was like taking a deep inhale, closing off your ears, eyes, nose and mouth, and never exhaling again. It’s a face I confront in every reflective surface—the bathroom mirror, the screen of my smartphone if I tilt it just so. The skin at the corners of eyelids and lips is creased, slack; the purplish sacks under the eyes are increasingly puffy and swollen, almost like bruises. Who knows what I’m idealizing, because, at a still-spry 38 years, inside I feel more confident and sorted-out than I ever did when my skin cells still had snappy elasticity.
Her essay “Smelted”, from the website Full Grown People, appears in Best Food Writing 2014. Join Jen Pastiloff and best-selling author Lidia Yuknavitch over Labor Day weekend 2015 for their 2nd Writing & The Body Retreat in Ojai, California following their last one, which sold out in 48 hours. By Monday I was aglow, smiling at strangers, buying treats for my kids at the grocery store, paying attention to the things I love about my husband, enjoying dinner together instead of living for lights out. If you want to join the Tuscany retreat send an email letting us know to info at jenniferpastiloff dot com.
While we might think that the fruit of the Spirit are personal attributes and private virtues, they are more importantly interpersonal qualities, virtues that are a result of people loving and ministering to one another as they let the Word of Christ dwell in them, as they are filled with the Spirit. Even when He took active steps to confront the Pharisees and money-changers in the temple His actions were influenced by His patience.
We can all muster up a certain amount of patience with our flesh, but it takes spiritually empowered patience from the fruit of the Spirit to deal with most heated confrontations we face in relationships.
The fourth fruit; patience is consistently needed each and every day as we go about the business of interacting with people and situations. Scripture is filled with examples of how patient people redeemed situations and changed the lives of others.
They will also work together to show us how and when to confront sin in the lives of others and ourselves.
You must to get clear on the type of man you want to be with before he makes his way into your life. Manifest Your Love will teach you how to connect with who you really are, so you can have a life you love.
Manifest Your Love will guide to create the most loving relationship with yourself that's possible, which will attract a loving, adoring, devoted relationship to you. Maybe you’ve tried sand painting and the fire ceremony, but still want to kick it up a notch?
Pretty wrapping paper is ideal, but you can also use a large tortilla if your offering is small and you plan to bury it.
Place the ball in the center of the wrapping and then add the other objects in the order you feel intuitively directed. Also, always obtain permission if you are on public property or someone else’s land and be prepared to fully extinguish the fire with water if it sparks or accidentally spreads. He is also a full mesa carrying shaman in the Andean tradition and the founder of the Ayni Neuroscience Institute, which is dedicated to the integration of indigenous healing wisdom and cutting edge neuroscience.
I can’t remember it all, but can still feel the pebbles and grit embedded in my opened-up palms, see my ripped jeans, and taste the blood inside my mouth from where my face was shoved into the ground. I failed to mention “the event” again until I was 30 and in therapy for self-hatred so thick, I could stir it.

Perhaps this face may even appear superimposed on that of a celebrity of a certain age, if I pause while zipping along through my Facebook feed. My nose, which has always been large, is gleefully launching into a mid-life growth spurt, veering off-center to one side and becoming bulbous and shiny, like Santa’s.
After a few seconds adjusting to the very human lady blinking back at me in those oh-so-unbeautiful morning minutes after rustling out of bed, I just sigh and call a truce. The stomach is quite fit if I flex it, something I only do if I’m scrutinizing my profile under the unflattering florescent lights of a dressing room. Sometimes, if I go months without running into a friend, they’ll even say, “You look great!” And I, in turn, am pleased seeing their glowing, radiant selves, and I don’t even think about scrutinizing their expanding pores or multiplying crow’s feet. I’ve flirted with capsules, lotions, and masks, and I can vouch that it’s not humanly possible cease the steady march of the Other Plastic Surgery.
I was Gene Kelley in “Singing in the Rain,” spinning my umbrella over my shoulder, enjoying the slap of raindrops on my face. Other cities Jen will be hosting her workshop in 2015 include: Vancouver, London (twice), NYC, Atlanta, Sioux Falls, Seattle, Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago, Princeton, and more. The fruit of the Spirit is manifested as we grow spiritually and this fruit is a nine-fold visible attribute of a true Christian life. This takes power from God to confront people who are self-righteousness, selfish and prideful with godly, loving patience.
This is where the fruit of the Spirit in the form of patience is so helpful as we relate and minister to others.
It is God’s natural ability to be patient and longsuffering with us and this reflects His love for us.
It might be called “redemptive waiting.” We are waiting for the relationship or the situation to be redeemed by the Lord as we wait upon Him to use us, to change the situation, to change the other person, or even to change us. It is also filled with examples of how impatient people were ruined and harmed others with their inability to be patient. You can also burn a despacho as part of a fire ceremony to synergistically combine their power.
In his spare time, he writes about dating and relationships and mentors marriage minded singles at Marry the Right One.
I can still smell their boozed-up breath on my neck and feel their thick hands and fingers. Thanks God for the panic attacks that led me to the office of a persistent and wise therapist. Maybe that’s because their faces are not stretched in high definition across a television that spans an entire wall in our living room. It’s story-letting, like blood-letting but more medically accurate: Bleed out the stories that hold you down, get held in the telling by a roomful of amazing women whose stories gut you, guide you.
She has developed a massive following based on her "I just can't describe it but you have to go" workshops and truth-telling. She creates a strong container, sits on the edges of our yoga mats listening to the stories that weave us together as human beings.
Jesus serves as an example for us in how to live a life of patience with others and with circumstances.
Manifest Your Love will teach you how to stay focused and committed to the new reality you want to create. Manifest Your Love will show you how to let go of any limiting belief that is holding you back in love.
I had no idea my low self-esteem and carefully hidden self-destructive behaviors were linked to what happened at thirteen.  All I knew was I had spiraled to a black bottom and couldn’t find my way back up.
Thank god I’m not a glamorous media figure, because even without a long, expensive vacation to Camp Nip’n’Tuck, the shifting topography of my head is, to me, as startling as Renee’s, or Madonna’s, or Kenny’s, or Nicole’s. As for my breasts, once I stopped nursing my young daughter, they vanished; my cup size is essentially –AA.
Maybe because the energy inside someone when you see them in person has so much to do with how you perceive the physicality of that face. Move them through your body with poses, music, Jen’s booming voice, Lidia’s literary I’m-not-sorry. My sister kicked it off by quietly asking me if she could throw a mid-week gathering for me.
You really love me.” My inner eleven year old, terrified that no one would come to her party, was silenced. It can be hard, but it is always much easier if we rest in the power of the Holy Spirit and let His fruit manifest itself in our heart, mind and soul.
Many people, especially the apostle Peter, often put Jesus in situations that required great patience. This is the one session with Mother Nature and Father Time that’s made me feel youthful, because now the only place I can find bras that fit is in the little girl’s section at Target. Collectively, this is the fruit that all Christians should be producing in their new lives in Jesus Christ. All of these are situations the require us to seek the power of the Holy Spirit to live as Christ would, to be patient in all things and with all people. And they’re quite generous with appointments, happy to work your countenance over again and again. At first my mind scrolled through a list of motherly duties: homework patrol, soccer, carpool, piano lessons, riding lessons… How could I carve out time on a weeknight to drink wine with my girlfriends?
In other words, the fruit of the Spirit is a physical manifestation of a Christian’s transformed life. The Holy Spirit will also work with us to develop the fruit of patience in our lives, but this requires us making time for Him. We must clear away the “busy noise” in our lives so that He can change us from the inside out. It includes a deep honesty and vulnerability with God so that as we are truthful with Him we grow closer to the Lord.
We sometimes beat ourselves up because we are not growing spiritually as we think we should. God is the best judge of our spiritual growth and we must understand that spiritual maturity takes time to develop.

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