Lord Ganesha has informed me that he would like me to act as a channel for his messages for tomorrow's workshop. Essentially, this workshop will teach you how to manifest and create the life that you desire and be of help to humanity at the same time! Before you can attain a goal, you must first have a dream ~ A vision of idealism that you seek to uphold and fulfill ~ Only then can your dream begin to come true!

However, there are also practical measures you can take to aid in your manifestation and a lot of it has to do with ensuring balance and harmony in the five elements within your astrological chart, as well as your immediate surroundings. It is partly a fengshui practice and partly how you purify your body, speech and mind to match with your dreams and aspirationsa‚ā¨¬¶ Follow your heart and live from your soul.
Hypnotherapy techniques will be used during meditation as well as deep breathing and relaxation techniques.

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