Perhaps the thing that struck me the most about the characters in The Seduction of Silence was that they often came out with strange internal contradictions.
Even the way the characters played off against each other created some kind of bi-polar dynamic. What interests me about polarity in fiction is that the greater the poles, the more swing the pendulum has between the two outposts. I wanted to start the story off from the other side of life, because I wanted to set the scope of the book with the broadest and most sweeping of all brushstrokes. And yet, I felt so sure that the reader would have to arrive very suddenly on solid ground, because life is like that. I have always been fascinated by universal laws and the way that they operateA  in the world of manifest differences. I was in hot pursuit of the story at all times, and did not feel inclined to stop and spend hours smelling the roses on that journey. Basically I wanted to write a book that I would absolutely love if I were to stumble across it in a bookshop.
Although this book took around 1 and a half years to complete, most of the writing for The Seduction of Silence took place over 9 months. So much of this novel touches on the theme of birth - probably because I started writing it while I was pregnant with my second son, and completed it while I was still breastfeeding. Lastly, I really loved working on The Seduction of Silence and Ia€™m so thrilled that I was given the opportunity to share it with others.
Manifest Your Destiny: The Nine Spiritual Principles for Getting Everything You Want by Wayne W. Dyer's New Age twist on the power of positive thinking, finding ways to make your dreams a reality. Read an ExcerptIntroduction You have the power within you to attract to yourself all that you could ever want. Her experiences dona€™t exactly match up with mine, but she did happen to go to my school, did a lot of the things that I did as a young woman and ends up having her baby in India, like I did while I was writing this book.
I touch on external landscapes only occasionally when they have significance to somebodya€™s internal responses. Thata€™s because so often when I come across long, detailed descriptions in a novel, I lose interest in the scents up ahead. About the time of a gestation, with a particularly painful period just before final delivery! Overwhelming, too, because at times I had this feeling that the novel was going to be written with or without my assistance! Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.
Dyer's astonishing Nine Spiritual Principles:Are the decisions and actions in your life controlled by your ego?
This is the central theme of Manifest Your Destiny, which is unlike any book I have previously written.
He was the one who almost dictated that the others exist, so that the sacred could be matched by the profane. He has the nobility of old school India, the wisdom of the rishis and the compassion of a saint.
Ever since I read Joseph Campbella€™s work and well before that when I studied Levi-Strauss Ia€™ve been fascinated by the role of mythology in fiction and real life. If characters and stories can come fluidly out of this Source, then you have a potent starting point for fiction.

I did not want to give a daily account of his life in Uttar Kashi where he went to renounce the world. It is so rich in content and meaning that I felt compelled to use it as an anchor for a significant part of my story. I didna€™t want readers to feel that this is only a novel about India, because it simply isna€™t. The simplicity borrows something from Herman Hesse.A  I have definitely been influenced by earlier works of Isabel Allende.
I would sit down in the morning and characters would write their own part in the story (even if they played no part in the original vision for the book). I have chosen to write about this subject of manifesting because I have been drawn to it, rather than because it is the next logical step in the progression of books that I have produced over the past two decades. She was, after all, the one who prayed for the good health of her dolls instead of for the health of her own spirit. I would not have written it, because it seemed too perfect an ending, except that Saakshi insisted. It was too personal and quiet an experience and did not bear any relevance any more to the lives led by the characters that followed.
He lectured across the country to groups numbering in the thousands and appeared regularly on radio and television. Some writers believe that you should know absolutely everything about your characters - way beyond what you write. As I began writing, I felt a kind of humility, along with a feeling of arrogance, about taking on this subject matter.
Storytelling is a part of our genetic make-up and predates the novel by several million years. These feelings created questions such as: Who am I to write about this capacity to manifest?
She is the one who is magnanimous enough to allow all the other characters to play their part in the dynamic without interfering.
Beautiful language can make a story more poignant, more satisfying and more dazzling, but it will never be able to replace the story altogether. See The Third Principle.Do you have limits in your life that prevent you from making changes or achieving your highest goals? These questions swirled around inside me; I was motivated by more self-doubt than I like to acknowledge.
See The Fifth Principle.Is your day filled with high energy and the feeling that "everything is going my way"? As I began the task of writing these spiritual principles, I had no idea what I would be saying and how I would say it, nor how many principles were involved. And then I did what I have encouraged my readers to do in my most recent book, Your Sacred Self.
See The Sixth Principle.How would your life change after learning to attract what you want — peace or love, job advancement or monetary fortune? I banished all my doubts and began listening to the inner voices that kept telling me I would receive the guidance I needed, and that I would not be alone in this project.
In other words, I surrendered and went deep within in my meditations and allowed myself to release all fear and doubt and, simply, to trust.
A part of me knew that the ability to manifest into the material world from the unseen world of spirit is possible for all of us. See The Eighth Principle.Do you complain, find fault or take for granted more than you appreciate your life?

I believed this because the words of all the great spiritual teachers encourage us to see ourselves as unlimited and to know that even the least among us has the divine power of God available at every moment of our lives. But to actually write this in a book, and provide the spiritual principles that one must learn and master in order to do so, seemed a daunting task. It was at this time, as I was considering writing these principles even though I had no clear idea what they were precisely, and in what order they should be presented, that I received a message from a teacher named Guruji, to whom this book is dedicated. In this message, Shri Guruji instructed me to listen to a tape on the power of manifesting and to practice, in my own life, what I was being taught, and then to present this manifesting technique to the world. He explained that the ability to manifest had been known and practiced by great sages and teachers in the East for thousands of years and has continued in much secrecy for centuries. I listened with great interest, and began to practice, just as they are presented in this book, the manifestation principles in my daily meditations. I then began to include a discussion of these results in my lectures and to teach these spiritual principles, which I had begun practicing in my life, though without cataloguing or organizing them in any way. People who are using these techniques and sound meditations have written to me from all over the world. The sound meditation, described in this book, has produced amazing manifestations in the lives of many people. I have heard stories of manifesting job promotions, having a baby, which was supposedly an impossibility, selling a home that had been on the market for years without potential buyers, and other stories of prosperity and healing that border on being miracles.
I know that we have divine power that has gone untapped primarily because of our conditioning. I know that you, if you practice these nine principles studiously, can begin to manifest for yourself virtually anything that you are capable of conceiving in your mind. I am aware that entering this realm of manifesting is like walking down an unfamiliar path. Make an effort to read these principles and begin to apply them in your daily life, without judging them based on what you have been conditioned to believe about yourself as a person who is "only human" and, therefore, limited.
Preconceptions will only serve to contaminate your unlimited potential for manifesting your heart's desire. What you desire is of central importance, though you may never before have thought of desire and higher spiritual awareness as compatible concepts.
Your desires, cultivated as seeds of potential on the path of spiritual awareness, can blossom in the form of the freedom to have these desires in peace and harmony with your world. Giving yourself permission to explore this path is allowing yourself the freedom to use your mind to create the precise material world that matches your inner world. That inner world is the one which is the catalyst for determining your physical world experiences. You will have to abandon the idea that you are powerless over the circumstances of your life. You will need to shift out of the group mentality that says you are incapable of manifesting.
Group thinking inhibits your natural abilities to co-create your life as you desire it to be.

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