Since our external world directly affects our internal world it is essential that we have a practice to tune in and reclaim our balance by mastering our mind.
On this website I will show you how you can meditate deeply, in just minutes a day, with a very powerful meditation process called The Art of Mushin. It is widely known that many people find meditation very challenging and they often quit the practice early on as it seems too difficult to go beyond internal noise and mental chatter. Fortunately The Art of Mushin makes it very easy to transcend the busy mind and experience a profound inner peace. To conquer my fears I began a journey of mind-body-spirit training at the age of 14 in Malibu, California where I was blessed to learn martial arts from one of the world's most gifted teachers. He was a truly amazing instructor, full of passion, intense focus and great love for his students. However at this point something very important was still missing; I wasn't totally confident.
How was it that being a tough martial artist didn't prevent my mind from totally freaking out when asking a girl out on a date? These feelings really bothered me especially because I thought that all the intense years of training for my Black Belt would have removed my nervousness and fear. Sensei Cayenne shared with me how he had overcome his fears with the practice of meditation, and that by learning how to meditate I too could begin to develop my inner focus. For the next 15 years I completely dedicated my life to mastering the ancient art of Yoga meditation; let me tell you it has been the most Amazing Journey of Awakening into Consciousness. To some this sounds impossible, but I am one more person here to let you know that this experience of inner peace and inner confidence does exist, it is very real and it is very attainable. This state of consciousness is a state of no mind, no fear and no ego – also know as Mushin.
I have to admit that in the beginning I found meditation very difficult; my mind would wander all over the place.
The reality is there are quite a lot of forms of meditation out there and knowing how to practice properly can be quite confusing to the beginner; even a life-long meditator can go off track as they are exposed to advance, and sometimes esoteric methods. Looking back I can now say my life has unfolded beautifully over the years, but little did I know it would require great challenges and times of terrible pain to push me into my Awakening! The great reminder is that on the other side of our pain and suffering IS a more awakened life waiting to be discovered. I have found that when you hold steadfast to your breakthrough, focus your mind, clear your fear, connect to your heart and send out positive energy – that some very magical things start happening. To be totally honest I wasn't expecting that by dedicating my life to this path of meditation it would lead me to manifest as many golden opportunity and pure joy as it has. Surprisingly my meditation journey has allowed me to consciously manifest wonderful opportunities; speaking on stages and working with some of the top leaders in the personal development industry. Today I have integrated the meditation discoveries that I have described above, into a 5-step process I call The Art of Mushin. On the rest of this webpage you will discover how you too can use The Art of Mushin to turn off the busy, distracting mind and attain your highest levels of consciousness. The biggest roadblock for anyone learning to meditate is always lack of focus, or going beyond the inner noise. The Art of Mushin utilizes a sacred breathing sound from Yoga meditation and combines it with the ancient energy clearing practice known as Qigong. Now as you continue with the Mushin meditation journey you find that this fusion of breath and energy flow rejuvenates your mind and body by pumping fresh oxygen and life force through you. During this step you will feel as if the natural rhythm and power of the Ocean lives within you!
Please realize that Abundance isn't just about wealth, it's also about an overflow of vitality, peace, love and spiritual wisdom. From this heart-centered perspective you can now activate your Abundance Consciousness and begin to magnetize your life with all of the things that are in alignment with your Life's Purpose. If you have struggled with meditation before then The Art of Mushin is the done for you and done with you practice you have been looking. Today sound engineers working in conjunction with brain specialists and advanced meditators have discovered how to match certain pulsed sounds with the frequency your brain enters when in the meditative state.
Basically as you listen to these sounds your brain responds by aligning itself with the frequency you are hearing. The Art of Mushin audio tracks all incorporate safe Brain Wave Entrainment (BWE) technology to help gently entrain your brain to the meditative frequency and elicit a deeper state of meditation faster and with less effort. In order for healing to take place in the body you must first create a healing state of mind. Everyone should know these special breathing techniques, not only to improve their meditation, but also their overall health and vitality. Mushin unblocks your life-force energy by masterfully sequencing the ancient secrets of meditation so you can unlock the wisdom within and start manifesting a truly magical life. The Art of Mushin takes meditation a step further by helping you cultivate magnetic energy and send it out from your heart-center to experience astonishing levels of conscious attraction. Practitioners of meditation have long credited their practice as contributing to their physiological, psychological and spiritual well- being. Scientists can now study the electrical activity in the brain and have discovered that certain states of consciousness are connected to certain brainwave frequencies.
By identifying the link between changes in brainwave frequencies, levels of activity in the brain and changes in both conscious states and biological responses, researchers are coming closer to understanding the connection between mind, body and spirit.

Over the years there have been so many different approaches to meditation, vague instruction, complicated techniques and new-agey nonsense that it's no wonder meditation used to get a bad rap in our culture. The good news is today we have enough evidence-based research to prove how meditation is a natural process that allows you to return your nervous system and your inner mental state to one of balance and harmony. Sensei Tristan's mission is to make sure you understand all of the nuances and subtleties that will make you an adept meditator! This powerful 10-minute meditation session has been designed to give you access to the true meditate state as quickly as possible.
Do you ever notice how children have the natural ability to slip right into the moment as they play and focus on something? These special affirmations are also known as mantras, sacred statements given to you by a wise teacher to help you Awaken your consciousness. Along with the program's instructional video and follow along meditation audios we have created this Home Study Course Guide so you absolutely get the most out of the program. The Home Study Course Guide breaks down all of the Mushin training steps for you, dives into the ART of mastering meditation and helps you schedule your practice sessions. Studies show that note-taking can play an important role in the learning process in itself, helping you to process and understand the information you are receiving. Many Mushin students find that as they go through the program reading the Transcripts and taking notes in the Workbook better helps them fully understand and retain all of the nuances within The Art of Mushin.
I have full certainty that if you follow the simple steps clearly outlined in this program you will take back control of your focus, you will eliminate stress, recharge your body and tap into a beautiful state of inner peace and higher consciousness. I am able to share this meditation program with you for less than the cost of a personal growth session with a life coach :-) Right now you can pick up a copy of The Art of Mushin for only $147 (for the full program) or just $97 (for the digital version).
This high-value gift from i-Grasshopper is an in-depth manuscript on the Power of Meditation. This high-value gift from i-Grasshopper is the convenient audiobook versions of the Power of Meditation Manifesto. The Flower Meditation is a beautiful visual version of the 25 minute Guided Mushin Meditation experience. Upon checkout you will have the opportunity to receive LIVE Coaching and attend our Transformation Academy for one full month, for just $7. We’re finally ready to tackle the coveted, and often misunderstood, manifestation meditation.
If you want to work with this manifestation meditation, you must read and familiarize yourself with the material covered in all previous articles. That means on a “good day” you’ll materialize and attract some thing or opportunity that is of great value to you and your loved ones.
Now, take this intention of manifesting favorable experiences, learn the technique, and say “yes” to the goodness when it is presented to you. We’ve already discussed the importance of and how to gather materials 1 and 2 in our previous articles. It’s imperative that you as specific as possible in what you want your Manifestation to be. In the case of the new bicycle, the “why” could be something like, “This new bicycle will help me to build an exciting, safe, and healthy exercise regime. Follow the steps on how to find and assume the best meditative position by following the instructions mentioned in the previous articles. Once you have “dialed in”, begin to commit to the “what” and “why” of your Manifestation by speaking these ideas in your mind or out loud. As you focus on your Manifestation, allow this energy to fill your cupped hands like water. As a co-creator in this universe, you are creating this experience and the energy that will harmoniously with your physical Manifestation. You may spend anywhere from 10 seconds to as long as you like performing this step of your Manifestation. When you are finished creating, slowly bring your filled hands to your face and breathe in the oh-so-specific energy residing there. In our next article, we’re going to learn how to make the most out of our meditative experience with post-meditation exercise.
These exercises will help to bring your meditative state to the “real world” flow of your to-do list and everyday life. Use this Manifestation meditation to vibrate at the same rate at that which you wish to attract. If you are ever in the position where you feel that you are “stuck” with attracting your Manifestation, know that you have run into a road block.
If you find yourself still struggling with your blocks, consider employing the expertise of a Coach to guide you through this process. Like always, if you have any questions about this or any other article, please ask by leaving a comment below. He began these disciplines early on in life as he was plagued by anxiousness, nervousness and physical pain -- all symptoms related to stress and fear. One of the most effective tools to do this is meditation – a practice of relaxing the mind, improving focus and eliminating stress. With this breakthrough program you will be guided through five special meditation steps that quickly relieve stress, clear your mind and connect you back to Joy. This training in focus, especially from the years of sparring, gave me an edge not only in external combat, but also with my internal sparring (a form of combat that came a little later when my meditation training first began).

Yes I was a Black Belt but I still experienced awkward nervousness, self consciousness and lots of fear. But as it turns out, external strength and external focus alone were not the solution to conquer my core fears (or anyone's for that matter), but what I was soon to discover sure was. He too was was a martial artist and also a natural healing doctor, the now famous herbologist Dr. Schulze informed me that stress and fear could certainly be the cause of my new health conditions and that what was missing was my inner focus, something that martial arts sparring couldn't give me. In the instant that he showed me the basics of meditation I absolutely knew he was right; I needed to go beyond my self consciousness and fears, from the inside out. The good news is there are now a lot of people around the world who have also proved that this inner world exists. It is available to every human being and it can be accessed when the practice of meditation is applied in the right way, with proper instruction, following a step by step sequence – one that puts your mind and body in alignment for the no-mind, no-ego experience to take place.
Fortunately it didn't take long to realize that if I took my years of external focus and connected that concentration to my inner focus I could get into the meditative state much faster! I have seen some people get really messed up because their energy wasn't flowing correctly in their body! This 5000 year old art gave me the greatest healing breakthrough of my life – it helped me end a five year crippling back condition that even a $90,000 surgery couldn't. From a young man seeking to overcome extreme fear and anxiety, to a grown man trying to figure out how to heal from a crippling back injury, meditation has been the lifeline that has kept me going and growing. Each lesson, when used and absorbed, can be the catalyst to open us up to a more abundant state of consciousness, we just need to find the right tools and people to support our growth.
Not knowing exactly how to get this right causes many people to quit meditation before it ever really helps them.
As soon as your eyes close the specific Mushin meditation focusing secrets open up an energy point in the center of your forehead. Your nervous system and brainwaves calm and you begin to feel an inner connection opening up – it's a feeling within where you know everything is going to be just fine.
Daily fear, stress and worry try to shut this natural state down – but with an easy to follow, daily practice we can keep our minds clear and our hearts focused on what is most important to us. Meditation has long been known to cultivate this healing state, the power of Mushin helps you access it faster.
However, only recently have scientists in the West confirmed these claims through scientific research and come up with a possible reason as to WHY this is the case. Deep relaxing meditation encourages a shift from the dominant over-thinking, stress-related brain activity that is created by our fast-paced society, to a more balanced mix that includes our other higer states of awareness. In this audio Sensei Tristan guides you through a series of Mushin mantras that take you into a profound state of being. Additionally this guide has a detailed section that further explains the subtlies for each of the meditation steps.
This 50+ page manifesto reveals how meditation can help you unlock your full potential by aligning your mind, body and spirit to work in balance and synchronicity! Listening to this education material is an extremely effective way to increase your retention, speed up your personal transformation and absorb the depth of meditation. Simply slip on your headphones and follow along as the Flower Meditation guides you through the five steps and taps you into the state of Mushin!
On a “bad” day, you’ll materialize and attract some thing or opportunity that will be of great challenge to you and your loved ones. It’s a new, red, hybrid build, chrome frame, durable tires, suited for your body size and frame, all matching parts…bicycle. These sorts of blocks are very common and can be addressed during your meditation practice. Burbidge in his all time top ten list as one of the best Black Belt Champions that he ever had! I told him that I was still afraid and that now I was experiencing so much stress I felt it was even affecting my health.
Now this isn't to say that I never get afraid anymore, I do, but I now have a very powerful way to transcend my inner fears and tap into a state of consciousness where fear, stress, anxiety and worry do not exist. Gratefully over the past 30 years I have had the privilege of working with some of the world's most gifted meditators and I have since learned the correct way of breathing, focusing and directing my life-force. I have incorporated core aspects of Qigong into The Art of Mushin; it's one of the reasons this meditation system is so effective. Some days as I enter the Mushin state I send out an image of the most conscious version of myself that I can muster up. This track is advanced and best used after you have become familiar with the 5-steps of Mushin. If this is you, sign up for a free Coaching Strategy Session and learn what Coaching can do for you (serious applicants only). On this audio track you will go deeper into your inner joy with the Deep Dive 25 minute session.

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