How to Raise your Manifesting Vibration - The World's Greatest Manifesting Secrets Available Now on Instant Download Now! In 1993, my father committed suicide which drove me to take a trip to India to find answers to life's deepest questions. The most fascinating thing of all was that I realized that when I applied these special 8 habits of life on a daily basis, I was manifesting everything that my heart desired! I started writing down the daily habits, exercises and manifesting techniques I was using which were responsible for creating the greatest feeling of love, abundance, success and true manifesting power within my being.
I realized there were days where I didn't follow some habits and discovered that nothing manifested or changed in my world.
I know this might sound outrageous, yet I want you to know that these manifesting secrets are very real, very powerful and absolutely do work!
There are a lot of online manifesting programs out there, and many will give you an intellectual understanding yet most are lacking spiritual substance, and the practical manifesting daily habits I've found that are 100% proven to work. This was the month I used a special money manifesting technique and manifested over $20,000 in cash! I felt so confident, truly in touch with a feeling of abundance,and I had experienced a source of peace inside me that was deeply healing.I discovered a gold mine of manifesting technology that had transformed my life forever. Then one day a little voice came inside my head telling me exactly HOW I could share this information to that it worked to empower others INSTANTLY in their lives! The 90 Day Manifesting Program is a revolutionary experience that is guaranteed to increase your Manifesting Vibration!
It's also quite amazing how quickly you can attract the most miraculous positive experiences, people, and situations to you. Enlightened Manifestor Articles each week that will teach you how to become an Enlightened Manifesting Being! The information in this online program is from an ancient understanding that we are all Divine All-Powerful Beings at the core.
People have said that just reading the Manifesting Manual is a spiritual experience that will awaken your soul.
You'll find the inspirational exercises in this book alone will totally transform your entire life.
How can you not love knowing how to access a magical formula that teaches you exactly how to create whatever you want with in your life? The reason this program is soooo effective is because it's been tested on many people, and polished and perfected over many years.
The best thing is that this program works FAST!!You are 100% Guaranteed to actually SEE results in 90 days or less! As you find out how enjoyable it is to raise your Manifesting Vibration the AMAZING RESULTS you'll receive in every area of your life, will just be a side show. By simply following the 8 habits sacred manifesting routine in this program you'll be tapping into your unlimited natural manifesting powers and automatically start creating divine abundance all around you! Your mind and body act a lot like a radio tower that is constantly broadcasting a particular frequency of energy. Your thoughts and feelings are always sending out an "energetic blueprint" into the Universe about who you are and what you want. When you send out a high frequency and vibration, it has to return to you with the same frequency or greater. I could say this program works miracles, yet what I'm simply doing is showing you how to tap into the NATURAL manifesting power you already have! This is a proven scientific Manifesting Technology that is simple, practical, FUN and if it didn't work, I wouldn't have over 150+ Testimonials for you to be blown away with!!
I invite you to write down everything you can think of because once I show you HOW to turn up your Manifesting Vibration everything your heart desires will be magnetized to you! Perhaps you want to become financially free, or purchase your dream home in Hawaii with your gorgeous soul mate and live in the most exquisite creative environment and loving paradise surroundings? Dream BIG my friend, because by following this manifesting program, whatever your heart desires over the next 90 days is going to manifest for you! Learning the secrets how to raise your Manifesting Vibration has transformed the lives of everyone I know.
When you have followed the manifesting routine every morning for even a few weeks you will be blown away at what you start to experience in an ordinary day of your life.
It's the most practical comprehensive down-to-earth spiritually uplifting manifesting guidebook you will ever find anywhere! The 90 Day Manifesting Program is sooooo effective that real people (just like YOU) who decided to instantly download this program and start applying our manifesting technology started seeing results within 3 days! You will learn the secrets to creating amazing and enlightened relationships that will bring you the most loving, heart-opening, strong, and sensitive relationships you'll ever experience in your life. I guarantee that your romantic, platonic, and personal relationships will improve greatly with this program. I have personally given Manifesting Sessions to thousands of people on how to break through the loneliest, most fearful, and darkest places in their lives.
Meeting the man or woman of your dreams is effortless and EASY when you know the specific actions that will magnetize the right person in a matter of days. You'll also learn how to master the art of relationships so you can enjoy every person you meet down the road. It feels soooo great to know how to create solid loving dependable empowering relationships in your life.
If you are lacking motivation, joy or inspiration in your life, this program will totally transform you. Most people experience a youthful, inspired, celebrative mindset all day long, by just reading their Manifesting Manual in the morning time. We believe that this program is is powerful that you will never want to go back to any other way of living your life.
I notice that there is this deep feeling of relief that happens anytime someone starts to understand the secrets of manifesting. Some say that the healing experience they received from doing this program is what they have been searching for their entire lives! If you're needing a sense of relief, empowerment and calming healing energy download this material today!
Some participants have told me that from doing the manifesting meditations that they feel their heart expanding and are feeling more relaxed, loved and healed than they have felt in 20 years!
Many of the people who have done our program were previously feeling stuck, depressed, lacking energy or enthusiasm in their lives. Everyday that I do them I instantly experience a DRAMATIC INCREASE IN ENERGY, MOTIVATION, AND JOY FOR BEING ALIVE! There are some very interesting physical side effects we heard from some participants who did the Manifesting Program for 90 days that we must not ignore. If you have struggled to lose weight or improve your physical health, this is a great place to start.
Have you ever felt that you are stuck in a rut working a 9-5 job they you totally dislike with people you cannot tolerate? Do you realize that if are working in this negative condition for 5 days a week, over 70% of your life will be wasted doing something you don't like? The manifesting program has the exercises needed to clear the path inside your mind so you discover your true life purpose and mission. Imagine, you get one day of total relaxation to rest deeply and naturally you will attract your dream life to you! Take a deep breath because when you start this program you will become mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually enlightened! When you start practicing our manifesting exercises for even a few days in a row, you will start attracting positive people, situations and enlightening experiences into your life. You know, I once believed I was not "destined" for great things, and sure enough I manifested some pretty frustrating situations. Now of course not everybody has the desire to manifest zillions of dollars with the Manifesting Program, yet with a higher Manifesting Vibration you will materialize YOUR personal needs and desires with joy and effortless ease.

You will FEEL more relaxed, empowered and inspired by just reading our inspirational material.
Just follow the Manifesting Routine and you'll see how successful you become in WHATEVER you choose to do. Our Money Chapter contains every manifesting technique and technology you'll need to attract ANY financial goal you desire with joy, fun and effortless ease. Doing these simple exercises you'll see how easy it is to reprogram your vibration to attract financial abundance. There have been MANY people (just like me) who were up to their eyeballs deep in debt, struggling just to get by, and decided to do my 90 Day Manifesting Program. Some people have told me that reading The Manifesting Manual just ONE TIME makes you feel like you won the lottery! Once you just start applying The 3 Secrets to Raising your Manifesting Vibration found in our Manifesting Manual, you'll experience a dramatic change in how you think and feel inside. Awakening the Manifestor within you creates the most exuberant mental and emotional experience you can imagine.
We can guarantee you that money will start flowing more effortlessly into your life after doing the Manifesting Routine every morning for only 90 days.
The greatest benefits I find is the new sparkle in someone's eye, the happier tone of voice as they speak, and the extraordinary love for life they have inside.
If you have not ever had a 6 week vacation from your life, you definitely are caught in the rat race. The main reason financial issues occur is that people don't know how to access the state of "abundance consciousness" and stay there. I have discovered that just trying to think positive thoughts doesn't change the years of deep negative thinking patterns that are emotionally held in the body. Once you retrain your brain by raising your "Manifesting Vibration", you will be able to attract ANYTHING that you desire. You decided to step onto the playing field of your life and do the entire Manifesting Program for 90 days in a row!
You're receiving an extra $10,000 a month passive income stream, you decided you can afford a nicer house, you have amazing relationships with your soul mate, are in peak physical health and just went on a 3 week Hawaiian vacation. Some people have found that a few weeks of practicing the manifesting exercises they developed what is called the "Magical Manifesting Mindset" which allowed them to create a new personal financial situation that is living from a place of ABSOLUTE JOY, LOVE and ABUNDANCE. You'll get to download all 3 easy-to-read e-books below (in PDF) that you can read from your phone, computer or print out a copy to read out in the backyard hammock if you wish. Each e-book exercises a separate "manifesting muscle" which is needed to exponentially accelerate the speed and ease at which you can manifest anything you want in the world!
I can personally guarantee you'll transform your life in the most miraculous way using my manifesting materials. If you enjoy watching videos and listening to audios more than reading, you can download ALL 27 of my Enlightening Videos and 12 Powerful Guided Manifesting Meditations along WITH the 90 Day Manifesting Program on PDF! When you read these you will realize that it is possible to manifest ANYTHING with this program. If for some reason you feel like you cannot afford to start learning the secrets to manifesting right now, do not worry. Abraham’s message (channeled by Esther Hicks) is very clear, very concise, and powerful. E-Squared offers a practical, straightforward approach to law of attraction and harnessing Universal energy. From beginners to Law of Attraction experts, the practical exercises in this book will help everyone refine their manifesting abilities. This is a beautiful, gentle read that includes a gentle introduction to Creative Visualization (the power of manifesting through visualization) and many exercises that you can use to manifest your desires. Guided Meditations:  Profound meditations for manifesting your desires, dreams and visions! Hypnotic Techniques:  Powerful techniques utilizing NLP, Time Line, Hypnosis for 'reprogramming' old negative behaviors into new positive habits! Vibrational Exercises:  High frequency inner work to raise your vibration and allow more Love, Joy and Peace!
Weekly themes will be presented in the areas of Relationships, Physical Health, Emotional Well-Being, Self Love and Abundance! Wouldn't it be nice to start moving towards your desires and  having more Success, Joy, and Freedom in your your life? Now, imagine having an  Amazing Opportunity to effectively and successfully achieve all that Success, Joy and Freedom you deserve! Neuro-Linguistic Programming --  Powerful and effective tools to access your true potential for higher Success. Instant Coaching -- Experience spontaneous coaching from our trained certified coaches, 'blowing' up the boundaries of your problems.
Different and Exciting themes will be presented in the areas of Self-Love, Acceptance, Appreciation, Forgiveness, Abundance and Empowerment! The Empowerment Group is directed by Victor Razee, founder of the Razee Empowerment Center. Not knowing where to start, I asked a friend of mine who suggested that I simply focus on what went right each day. Reflecting back on these entries reminds me of the time in my life when I began doing this exercise.
I’m so grateful for all of my 10 fingers that allow me to hold this pen and write this gratitude list. When I first started doing this, I would be grateful for every little coin I found on the street and in that moment I would say, “I am grateful for these wonderful sign of abundance. So Pinkies, I encourage you to go out, get yourself a simple little notebook and try this exercise for 90 days.
I have kept this open in a window on my browser ALL week, just waiting for the right moment to read it entirely.
It's so great to hear of people's success stories, especially those with such a profound shift as yours. Shortly after being diagnosed with post polio syndrome and I needed to make a major shift in my life, a friend suggested I do a 30 day journal with envisioning a day in the life after I left my full time work, what was I afraid of and what would I look forward to - it was a very powerful tool and much of what I envisioned has manifested in my life. You've embraced the concept already by choosing to buy yourself a special book dedicated to the practice. I know for myself, I need to just look around myself for a moment and see so much to be grateful for! When you comment on an Owning Pink blog post, we invite you to be authentic and loving, to say what you feel, to hold sacred space so others feel heard, and to refrain from using hurtful or offensive language.
My name is Jafree Ozwald, I'm from Boulder, Colorado, and I'd like to share an enlightening experience with you that has totally transformed my life.
It seemed I had the answers to ALL of life's greatest problems, and this manifesting phenomena continued to increase in power and speed each day.
Over several years of polishing and testing it out on my clients, I created a powerful 90 Day Manifesting Program that is 100% proven to work! When your Manifesting Vibration escalates, you will start FEELING more energized, super focused,excited about your life, and feel deeply connected with the divine abundant spiritually being you truly are.
This material creates miracles in the lives of everyone who follows the program for 90 days. A continual broadcast of this higher vibration over many weeks in a row is what causes your life to manifest ACTUAL physical results. If suddenly you had the magical power to manifest anything you desired, what would you want to create? Seriously, everybody who has experienced this manifesting technology it has done something powerful for them. By implementing just this chapter you will see that this program is worth your weight in diamonds!!
Others have experienced tremendous increases in confidence and a feeling of being power from experiencing this magical manifesting mindset.

It is not all about placing every ounce of importance on what we can get to show up in the outer world. Most of us have been hypnotized for far too long to believe that we should only get a few weeks to relax a year and that is enough! We discovered there are things you must DO, SEE and FEEL to shift the deeply embedded programming that is in the brain.
Let me download Chapter One of your Manifesting Manual and Read your Daily Enlightened Messages which will Ignite, Inspire Empower and Enlighten my Life! The speakers are all leaders in the field of Quantum Physics and LOA, so even old manifesting hats are likely to learn something new (but for advanced manifestors, there are other, more in-depth resources to consider). Well, don't joint unless you truly desire powerful guidance and support in becoming more Self Empowered because the last members who participated in the "Circle Of Love" had to experience more Success, Joy and Freedom in their lives!
I am a realtor, and at the time I was involved in real estate coaching, through which I met many inspiring people who were doing more than me in the field of real estate – and just about every other aspect of life as well. So each night before bedtime, I would write down as many things I could recall that went right. My real estate business was good, listings and sales were coming in from various places, the kids were healthy, we had a roof over our heads…you know, the basics of life were being taken care of. It’s not the greatest car, but it gets me to work where I can earn a paycheck to support myself and my family. Get out there and meet people, do your job with a smile, take a little extra walk around the corner, do whatever you feel inspired to do. There are things we all want to do, be or accomplish, but our minds are full of negative chatter that often keeps us from being all that we are capable of being.
Each day, write down 10 things you are grateful for, 10 things you want to attract and what you need to delegate to the Universe.
When I find something I really want to read, but the content is super long (as in mine above LOL), I leave it open, or "favorite" it to read later.
I remember back a few years when I was struggling with all of the things that were happening and I finally threw in the towel and said "I quit" to the Universe. I do hope this exercise will help you move through the challenges with ease and grace, knowing there is something better coming for you. Congrats on the completed book, and thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this forum.
I will get myself a nice book to write in tomorrow and will give this also as a gift to my closest people this Christmas.
Right now, I am so grateful that I just finished my book and delivered it to my editor last night, that I had such a wonderful visit with my beloved family for Thanksgiving, that we made it home safely & my daughter didn't have any meltdowns during two long days of travel, that amazing people keep showing up in my life to direct my path, and that all of you PInkies are here to remind me of how fulfilled my life is.
Differing opinions are welcomed, but if you cannot express yourself in a respectful, caring manner, your comments will be deleted by the Owning Pink staff. It's truly liberating what happens when you follow the secrets to raising your Manifesting Vibration. Your life is magical and when you realize how to access this natural power within, you are destined for abundance in ALL forms. This deep transformation is done through our guided money meditations and manifesting money exercises found in Chapter 10. However, my husband had just been in a very bad motorcycle accident a few months before, and after 40 days in the hospital, he was home, in a wheelchair, recovering. You can start small and eventually work your way up the scale of gratitude as you learn to embrace the process. Sitting in traffic, you can be grateful for the forced time of slowing down and the opportunity to listen to an audio book or motivational CD.
They may not all come true within the next 30 or 60 days, but the time is going to pass anyway, so keep on writing and dreaming and wishing. Our manifestations may not always be exactly what we asked for, but quite often the end result is even better than what we wanted, or, more suited to what we actually need. I know, for me, this journal was a serious life-changing practice and continues to be so to this day. A friend just gave me a book The Answer by John Assaraf & Murphy Smith and it reminds me of this exercise in some ways. Please welcome Pink Goddess Kim Jenkins, here today with a simple yet powerful way to start reclaiming your mojo. As someone who is willing to try things that support my growth as a human being, I decided to give this gratitude journal thing a try. I can sit here now and recognize the powerful synchronicity of learning to be grateful amidst less-than-favorable conditions.
The idea is that by being grateful for what you have, you allow more of what you want to flow to you.
Allow God to take over and mix up a serendipitous concoction of people, events, circumstances and situations that you would never have dreamed possible.
I've been feeling like I needed to get back to the basics (I read "The Law of Attraction: The Teachings of Abraham" a couple of years ago and used to keep a journal similar to what you write about here). It is so hard to remain positive sometimes with this economy especially as a business owner. I keep a gratitude journal and say my gratitudes and affirmations every morning but now I will be able to focus my practice and also expand it to 10 things I want to attract and what I delegate to the Universe. This exercise is especially timely in that it that incorporates the theme of gratitude – something that seems to be on the minds and in the hearts of all us Pinkies, especially this month.
My gratitude journal reminds me how we were taken care of by so many people while he was unable to work. You will begin living your life in a state of gratitude and, at the same time, be open to more prosperity.
Because of your practice of gratitude and attraction, you will then be in a state of allowing, a state of possibilities, and of course, a state of perpetual gratitude for your life.
Who knows what will happen in the next few months but I am thankful for what I have and for what I will keep.
I think you'll be amazed at how focusing on the smaller things will really help you appreciate life more every day. People held bake sales for us, donations poured in to help with bills, friends and family helped me with the house and kids, and so much more. Saying Thank You to God, the Universe, Source, whatever you choose to call the amazing Energy that exists all around us is a powerful way to learn to focus on the good in life.
You can choose to find the perfection in every situation or you can moan and groan about how things never work out for you.
Then – and this is super important friends, go out and tell someone else about it who needs a shift in their life. By listening and following I received immense personal healing and a year later what the Universe told me was going to happen, but I didn't see how it ever would, did! I found the most challenging exercise in The Answer to be the one that asks me to visualize exactly what I want. As you physically write down what you are grateful for, over time a powerful shift takes place in your mindset. I had two young children to attend to, a household to maintain and a business that required daily attention. Concerned that your flight will be canceled or your computer will breakdown or your night out with the girls will be postponed due to some unforeseen circumstance? Focusing each night on the things that went RIGHT was the beginning of my powerful mindset change. We can make our world better one person at a time by helping each other believe in ourselves and in each other.
No matter what I’m feeling, I can ALWAYS find something to be grateful for and immediately begin to shift to better feelings.

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