In the following meditation you will remember a time when you were happy, and when all other beings were happy also. Close your eyes and see yourselves in a field of green; in a landscape of radiant beauty on Earth. In this reality, spanning across time and space, you are immersed in a radiant, shimmering energy field, golden-white in hue. As you sit or walk in this magical land, you now notice that you are breathing the same golden-white energy into and out of your body. There are certain beings walking by you who are less solid than others – some seem to slip in and out of the physical dimension at will. You do this now – you look with the eyes of a child at every single detail in nature, discovering anew the delicate latticework of veins in every leaf, the entrancing play of light and shadow beneath each tree. As you rise to your feet, you find yourself surrounded by many hundreds of Light beings, some human, some animal, some Star people - that are now able to show themselves to you because of the high frequency you are holding. Your friends say farewell now as you come back into this time and space on the Earth plane, reminding you that you may return at any time of day or night. You are in the transition, and your task is to bring as many with you as possible into the Age of Light. Identify a challenge you face in each of the five realms – physical, emotional, material, relationship, and spiritual – and pinpoint the quality that would help you overcome the challenge. By awakening the god or goddess in your womb – you will expand your sense of self, find new qualities that you didn’t even know you had, and cultivate the best version of you.
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This means that you cannot be deceived – and also that you cannot deceive another, as your vibration is recognisable to all as well.
You feel the hum of the great Mother Earth beneath your feet, and as you stop and listen, you begin to hear Her heart-beat. They welcome to you to the fifth dimension, and you remember them now, from a lifetime that has surfaced in your dreams sometimes, a lifetime in the golden age of Atlantis. Rather than waiting for a shift in consciousness to happen to you, simply shift now, by experiencing yourself as part of the matrix of Light of which all is created, and remembering the experience of one-ness which comes with an awakened consciousness.
Then call upon an archetypal figure that resonates with you – a person in your life (living or dead), a mythical character, or anyone who has ever existed throughout history. They can be found in all cultures throughout time and run from the esoteric detailed religious works of Tibetan monks to the sublime smiley face drawn by a modern-day child.
East came West in a popular way in the 1960s and 1970s when the Beatles met the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and began learning transcendental meditation. A walk through a bookstore these days will usually reveal an entire table devoted to the topic with dozens of titles to choose from. Combining meditation with mandala drawing can create great opportunities for self-examination and growth. One way is to begin by meditating on an issue you are trying to work out or something you want to attract into your life (manifestation).
The benefits are many from simply lowering blood pressure or finding a few quiet moments to relax to full-blown enlightenment.
She is a wellness director for Camp AmeriKids, consultant for The ELM Project Mentor Program, and a wedding officiant with the Universal Life Church. But in this timing, in the time of ascension, there is a great urgency to manifest your desired outcome more efficiently. They are imprinted into your consciousness from lifetimes gone by – periods of time in which you lived as one, in harmony with each other and with Mother Earth. The air around you pulses with the golden-white Light; the sky, although blue, is a shifting flowing field of energy that merges with the nature around you. As you pass by animals and trees, you notice that they are communicating with you – sending thought forms to you. And you remember now, that to hold as high a vibration as possible, all that is needed is to be in a place of appreciation for the beauty around you. How can it be that you have not heard this before, this deep, loving song of the Great Mother?
All of these Light beings were present already, but were invisible to you until your heart was opened into unconditional love for all beings on Gaia. Consciousness is awareness – awareness that you are more than flesh and blood, that you are a being of Light, like the Star people who assist you.

And then breathe that person into your awareness, invite them into your very being, and live your actions as if they were a part of who you are. It represents you in the center as the creator and, at the same time, the entire cosmos as the circle. Flow, on the other hand, might involve higher heart and breathing rates when, for example, an experienced skier is flying perfectly down a mountain slope.
There are Basford’s books, along with many books of paisleys, patterns, fractals and, of course, mandalas. Carl Jung famously worked with mandalas as he developed the foundations of 20th century psychotherapy.
During meditation, you are tapping into this inner reality, this unconscious side of yourself. You can do this all by yourself or in a group where you also gain the energetic influence of other meditators and the opportunity to hear commentary to give you even deeper insight. The ground below you emanates this energy and breathes golden-white frequency into the plants and flowers, and they in turn communicate with the insects and birds and all living things. Kneeling on the earth now, hands touching Her soil, you open your heart in Love and gratitude to her, pledging your allegiance to Her and her tribe, above all else, above all your Earthly concerns that seemed so pressing only yesterday. Begin to have an internal dialog with this being… partner with them… and begin to access the special trait or admired characteristic that you wish you had more of.
But flow is also that moment when someone is so fully and flawlessly involved in whatever they are doing that they lose track of time and feel as if everything in this moment is simply effortless. After spending time in guided meditation, you are ready to manifest change by drawing your mandala. Awareness that you have chosen to be on Earth now in order to assist others to remember these things. Placing a pencil in the center of the circle, and being mindful of your meditative state, you plant the seed of your mandala.
If a color or shape or direction or pattern seems right, that’s what you should draw.
As you continue to draw, the mandala will come into full bloom and eventually rest at completion.
Even as your eyes are wide open, your focus and attention should flow effortlessly as your mandala manifests.

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