Payroll Mate payroll software reminds US employers and payroll service providers that a number of major changes have been introduced into the 2011 withholding tables.
Payroll Mate makes doing payroll easy, smooth, predictable, and affordable through a set powerful and flexible payroll management capabilities that allow small businesses to operate smarter and save money. Per IRS regulations, employers should implement the 4.2% employee social security payroll tax rate as soon as possible, but not later than January 31, 2011.
Payroll Mate is comprehensive payroll software that fits the needs of accountants and small to medium size businesses.
Exports Payroll checks to Intuit’s Quicken and other accounting software like Microsoft Office accounting. Supports the following federal payroll forms: form 941, form 940, form 944, form W-2 and form W-3. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Version 4 utilizes a completely new system architecture and is not just an incremental improvement over previous version of the EHS Software Suite.
The new version offers significant benefits to facility-level end users, corporate EHS managers, administrators and system implementers. Unmatched dashboard capabilities including end-user personalization of dashboard graphs and charts. A new professionally designed graphic user interface takes what was already the most user-friendly application in the industry to a new level of intuitive end user interaction. The Basic version of KMI EHS Software Suite v4 can be implemented for about half the cost of traditional enterprise-level EHS software. KMI provides flexible, scalable and usable web-based software solutions that help companies operate more safely and efficiently, increase regulatory compliance, control environmental impact, and reduce corporate risk. SQS Software Quality Systems AG, the world’s leading specialist in software quality, has announced that Ralph Gillessen and Riccardo Brizzi will become Main Board directors from January 2013. Ralph Gillessen, 43, will be responsible for all regional market units, sales and marketing. Riccardo Brizzi, 50, will join SQS as Chief Operating Officer (COO), responsible for the global operational performance of SQS Group. SQS is the first German company to have a primary listing on the AIM (Alternative Investment Market) in London.

With over 7,000 completed projects under its belt, SQS has a strong client base, including half of the DAX 30, nearly a third of the STOXX 50 and 20 per cent of the FTSE 100 companies. Our W2 Mate software provides one of the most powerful and easy-to-use tools for 1099-INT Filing on the market today. The 1099-INT software for 2013 offers huge savings in time and money for users by allowing them to print an unlimited number of 1099-INT forms on regular white paper. According to 2013 IRS regulations, penalties may be assessed for failure to file correct information returns (1099, 1098 and other similar tax forms) by the due date, without reasonable cause. These changes are a result of the recently passed Tax Relief Act which reduced the employee tax rate for social security to 4.2%. Through Payroll Mate, the payroll system offered by the company, small businesses and accountants can comply with IRS rules for withholding and wage reporting.
After implementing the new 4.2% rate, employers should make an offsetting adjustment in a subsequent pay period to correct any over-withholding of social security tax as soon as possible, but not later than March 31, 2011. Payroll Mate automatically calculates net pay, federal tax withholding, Social Security tax, Medicare tax, and calculates user defined state and local taxes.
Over two years of dedicated research and development from KMI's on-site product development team went into the technical design of the new platform. The new interface offers one-click access to almost all functions within the system, centralized reporting, dashboards and corrective action management from all modules as well as at-a-glace status summaries of important records such as incident reports. KMI is a trusted supplier of web-based EHS Management Information Systems (EMIS) to manufacturing and energy companies ranging in size from hundreds to over a hundred thousand employees.
While Ralph Gillessen was appointed as the Chief Market Officer (CMO), Riccardo Brizzi joins SQS as Chief Operating Officer (COO). As an internationally experienced manager, he brings considerable expertise in Managed Services and IT services. He will strengthen our management team, help safeguard the deployment of our mid-term strategy and improve our operational excellence. In addition, SQS shares are also traded on the open market of the German Stock Exchange in Frankfurt am Main. These include, among others, Allianz, Beazley, BP, Centrica, Commerzbank, Daimler, Deutsche Post, Generali, JP Morgan, Meteor, Reuters and Volkswagen as well as companies from every other conceivable industry. Under new specifications, form 1099-INT has gone from a 3-up (3 forms per sheet) to a 2-up (2 forms per sheet) format.

The new copies are Copy 1 (for State Tax Department) and Copy 2 (to be filed with recipient’s state income tax return, when required). Payroll Mate has been updated to include the most up to date federal and state withholding tables to help businesses comply with IRS regulations.
Payroll Mate also supports different types of pay periods, prints payroll checks and prepares payroll forms. Already the industry leader in usable, flexible EHS software, KMI's new version 4 represents a leap forward in performance and configurability as well as the introduction of a host of important new features.
Having previously worked at companies such as Cap Gemini and Vodafone, he joins SQS from SAP, where he spent the last six years in various senior management positions, lastly as head of strategic client delivery.
Ralph Gillessen will strengthen our sales and marketing competency and has an exceptionally deep knowledge of the testing and quality services market.
SQS consultants provide solutions for all aspects of quality throughout the whole software product lifecycle driven by a standardised methodology and deep experience in various industries. W2 Mate software serves businesses and tax professionals across the United States and Canada. The penalty may also apply if the filer shows incomplete or incorrect information, or files on paper when required to file electronically.
Gillessen has worked in various senior sales and consultancy positions and has headed SQS’ largest profit centre, Central Europe Middle East (CEME), for the past two years.
Any software application that produces 1099-INT returns or prints on pre-printed forms will need to be re-programmed to support the new specifications.
Its current clients include accounting firms, banks, hotel chains, universities, municipalities, factories and hospitals, to mention a few.
Along with a strong presence in Germany and the UK, SQS has further subsidiaries in Egypt, Finland, France, India, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa and the US.

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