In-spireLS Magazine had the great pleasure of being invited to Margs mix CD release, ‘Margs On A Hype Ting’, at the infamous G Shock store, in Brick Lane. What was the inspiration behind your new mix CD, ‘Margs On A Hype Ting’ and what can fans expect from your latest offering? After not releasing any material in a little while, I thought it was time to put something out there. Previously I was putting out more underground material, but now I’m creating music that a wider range of people can listen to, I’m even making music that the females can listen to.
What advice would you give to any artists trying to make a name for their self and getting their music out to the masses?
If you’ve got it, you need to keep plugging away, and keep striving to get your music out there. Nowadays, it’s much easier, since you have the ability to use the internet. I’ve been through a lot throughout my life, from my brother dying when I was young and I’ve got a lot of friends in bad situations, so I feel I’m doing it for them, which really pushes me and makes me feel that I want to make a difference.

Because it’s my birthday, please enjoy this recipe I invented last year, that turned out to be The Greatest Pitcher of Margaritas Ever.
Combine with superfine sugar and two pinches salt, muddle, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate.
I hope you’ll try this recipe for your next summer party, and love it as much as we did last year!
The venue was filled with many well known figures in the music industry, from Charlie Sloth, Benny Banks, Joe Black, Little Dee, to name a few. I believe in my content, my flow and I have the ability to create and put songs together, which I feel sets me apart from others, as I’m not just a street corner rapper. I’ve always been known in my borough and locally in East London, but being on the Westwood pushed me throughout the whole of the country. I’ve got videos coming out, a new mix tape, andwill probably release something on free download for my fans.

I think more than anything, you need to ensure you keep trying and attempt not make no one knock you down. Additionally, it gave me more recognition than I’ve ever had, so I made sure I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and embraced it. Hopefully, I will start making an album this year, with the prospect of releasing it next year. The buzz in the room was electrifying, and the talent that this young artist, from Hackney, East London exudes, is definitely of a person that only has big things ahead of him.
I’m showcasing new musical things that people haven’t heard me do before and I’m pushing it to a higher level.

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