This entry was posted in Owners, Property Management Tips and tagged Chico Property Management, Owners, Property Improvements, Tip & Advice on December 16, 2013 by ipmchico. Members of my Network Marketing Coaching Programs can ask me for help or advice every week. Today’s Coaching Question comes from Advanced Diamond Mastermind Coaching member, Christina from Melbourne, Australia. How do you manage to build team culture and bonding when you have a very diverse team – spanning several ethnicities and age groups? Every successful network marketer including myself rely on coaches and mentors to become successful.
But do you have a mentor and coach that pushes you to take your network marketing business to the next level?
Due to numerous requests, I have finally started my Coaching Program to help motivated network marketers overcome the obstacles in MLM and achieve the success they deserve.
About simonwchanSimon Chan is a MLM coach, trainer, speaker and writer who helps distributors find better prospects, sponsor more people and create duplication.
Being wrong 54.1% of the time means that things are going on in the sales process that salespeople are not aware of. When quotas are announced in early January, they will typically be accompanied by so-called B2B sales training sessions designed to educate salespeople on what the company wants them to do, that will enable them to hit those targets.

These sessions are usually not real sales training sessions, but information sessions on what is needed to hit the 2016 targets. This guru will then give a “motivational” speech about how to succeed in sales, sprinkled with some ideas about how to hit their targets. The real problem here is that so called sales training (usually one session efforts) is not followed up with the needed coaching. Like anything it takes years of practice and extensive COACHING to become good at golf, AND especially sales. In order to succeed in life and sports, and especially sales, sales people need constant reinforcement through coaching. As you can see from the first graphic, training gives a one-time boost in sales behaviour and results, but people quickly slip back into their old familiar behaviour without coaching reinforcement, and increases in sales are negligible. However, with coaching after training, you can see that although there is a slight dip in both graphics right after training, the sales people who received coaching keep getting better and better results. Through all of my coaching years, I have found that coaching costs very little compared to the increased results that have occurred. So, if you truly want to grow your business, you need to have your sales people trained and coached by professionals. If you want your sales people to reach their quotas this year, then get them the right coaching.

To see if your company is ready to meet their targets next year, take your MARKETING & SALES ASSESSMENT here. Today’s No BS No Hype Network Marketing Training talks about the importance of attending ALL events.
It’s important to attend Events not just for the content and what you will learn, but MORE IMPORTANTLY because network marketing is a mental business and the Events build on your 4 Beliefs. Also, to reemphasize the importance of attending your annual International Convention, please go to this link here.
Je suis la pour vous aider a faire et entretenir votre jardin naturellement, en vous procurant conseils et astuces que j'ai adoptes durant 27 ans de metier. You go out and hit balls, practice some putting and chipping, and then can’t figure out why you can’t even break 100, never mind shoot par. You usually get some gain, but everyone is back to their normal level after about one month.

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