Im Rahmen des Bologna Prozesses wurden die Abschlusse im Bereich der Rechtswissenschaften nicht auf das Bachelor-Master-System umgestellt. Mit dem Master of Laws erlangst Du nach dem Bachelor einen weiteren akademischen Abschluss. Der Master of Laws empfiehlt sich vor allem, wenn Du eine Karriere in der freien Wirtschaft anstrebst. Um das Studium zum Master of Laws aufnehmen zu konnen, musst Du bestimmte Voraussetzungen erfullen. Die Inhalte des Studiums zum Master of Laws sind sehr stark an das internationale Vorbild angelehnt. Neben der Schwerpunktausrichtung legen die Hochschulen viel Wert auf das Vermitteln von Soft Skills.
Allerdings vermitteln Dozenten und Professoren weder Kenntnisse des allgemeinen Zivilrechts noch Grundlagen des allgemeinen Strafrechts oder des offentlichen Rechts.
Der Master of Laws eroffnet Dir in vielen Branchen die Moglichkeit einer rechtswissenschaftlichen Tatigkeit. Das Studium zum Master of Laws ist auch als Weiterbildung fur Volljuristen, die sich spezialisieren mochten, geeignet.
Singapore in South East Asia offers a fascinating study destination for international students.
Life in Singapore also provides the opportunity to experience the struggles of a fast-paced life while also allowing one to relax in some of the most exotic beach resorts. Singapore enjoys the status of being a cosmopolitan international and financial business hub of Asia and has a thriving economy. Faizan Hashmi, a student who studied his LLM at the National University of Singapore, recalled his LLM days remarking, “I chose Singapore because I always wanted to live there.
The government of Singapore invests a large amount of funds into the educational sector and ensures quality education for citizens and international students alike. A general LLM programme is available as well as with various specializations including International Business Law, Corporate and Financial Services Law, Asian Legal Studies, International and Comparative Law, Maritime Law and Intellectual Property and Technology Law are offered. Part-time work is also a possibility which will help student support themselves but this must be in accordance with visa requirements and students must not exceed permitted hours. In order to pursue education in Singapore foreign students will require a valid visa generally in the form of a student pass.
Energy is the driving force behind almost every area of modern life and its providers contribute hugely to their national economy. An LLM in Oil and Gas Law is ideal for professionals already working in the area as it will enable them to refresh their knowledge in this field while gaining a recognised qualification. There are many universities across the UK and USA which run well-lectured programs and a diverse syllabus covering this field. Some courses in the USA are based in the centre of the country’s energy production, such as the Master of Laws in Energy and Natural Resources run by the University of Oklahoma.
In order to be accepted on an LLM in Oil and Gas Law, you will usually need a first or upper second class degree with honours, a large component of which should relate to law or economics.
The Graduate Tax Program offers busy professionals an opportunity to take courses to earn an LL.M. The Graduate Tax Program's focus is to provide courses that give lawyers the knowledge and skills they need to accelerate their careers.
We keep the pulse of the marketplace to enhance the quality of the educational offerings and the career paths of the Program's graduates by maintaining open lines of communication with the state's top tax attorneys. The Graduate Tax Program provides a practice-oriented curriculum to help lawyers expand their opportunities by obtaining both a better understanding of tax law and a respected credential in the tax field.
An independent, private, non-profit educational institution affiliated with Western Michigan University.
An LLM in International Tax Law degree provides specialized knowledge of the international aspects of the regulatory, statutory, constitutional and common-law rules of national tax laws. While an LLM alone does not guarantee the right to take qualifying legal examinations or begin practicing law, it adds other valuable qualifications to a CV.
Law faculties are looking for applicants with a Bachelor’s in Law, Economics or another relevant discipline for LLM in International Tax Law programs. LLM in International Tax Law graduates go on to practice tax law in international firms, advise multi-national companies, take up consulting positions in international organizations or corporations, and also go on to teach the subject in academia.
Many LLM in International Tax Law programs are also offered online to provide flexibility for working professionals who also aim to study. Filling out the short lead form on the program pages linked below will prompt the university to send more information to you. A primary goal of the program is to enhance the international student's legal skills so that he or she may become a more effective lawyer and member of society.
SMU Dedman School of Law offers a rich curriculum to enhance the international students' legal skills to become a more effective lawyer. International students who wish to practice law in this country and qualify for admission to the bar in one of the states or the District of Columbia should familiarize themselves with the bar admission requirements in the particular jurisdiction where they plan to practice. Founded in 1925, SMU Dedman School of Law is a top-ranked tier-one private law school located in Dallas, Texas, and is situated in a tree-lined neighborhood, just minutes from the city center.  Established in 1949, the law school's graduate degree law programs have played an important role in training some of the foremost leaders around the world. SMU Dedman Law offers international students an opportunity to become part of a vibrant, diverse, scholarly community with the advantage of studying in Dallas - not only an international business center, but a dynamic cultural center situated midway between the east and west coast of the United States in a region known for its mild, sunny climate. The faculty includes scholars and innovators in a variety of fields, including constitutional law, corporate law, criminal law, environmental law, health law, intellectual property, national security law, oil and gas law, public interest law, and tax law. In addition to our diverse curriculum, students are invited to take advantage of the many activities outside the classroom. International graduates of SMU Dedman School of Law have made an impact all over the world. SMU’s international alumni represent a broad spectrum of legal systems, including those from Central and South America, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Africa, India, Southeast Asia, China, the Middle East, and the Pacific Rim. The law school is located on the northwest corner of SMU’s main campus – with the classroom buildings, administration building and law library forming what is called the “Law Quad.” This ideal location provides easy access to many of SMU’s wonderful student resources, including dining services, a premier fitness center, and health services center.
The Postgraduate Program in International Tax Law, as the name suggests, aims to provide postgraduate education in the area of international tax law focusing on significant national tax law regimes and related areas, in particular business administration. Students will learn about the taxation of individuals and businesses from leaders in the field, including former IRS agents. Thomas Jefferson school of Law has offered an LLM in Taxation since 2008, and is a leader in the field. The program is offered entirely online, and can be completed in a year while working full time. Studying tax law is not about numbers: it is about bringing to bear the best in legal and financial consultants and managers. Practical and personalised instruction: Learn from the Faculty’s distinguished academic staff, but also from judges & legal practitioners from the Court of Justice of the European Union and the private practise. Bilingual programmes: Sharpen your language skills to your professional advantage, as English and French are both the programmes’ working languages. European and Financial capital: Engage with the surrounding European institutions, such as the Court of Justice of EU, the EIB, etc. Moot Court: Gain international recognition and practise by participating in world-renowned competitions. Study abroad & Internships: Be immersed in different legal systems, & cultures by studying a semester abroad in leading partner law schools in the US, China, Russia, India or Canada. Leading Research & Recognition: Share the success of the Faculty’s listing in the Financial Times Innovative Law Schools Report. International faculty & student body: Make connections with highly qualified faculty & talented students from over 80 countries.
You will find our graduates working in European institutions, national governments, banking and finance institutions, as members of the judiciary or in law firms.
Advanced law students are welcome at the University of Luxembourg and may enter directly into one of the six LL.M. The US Tax Law Course will be aimed and focused on the sector of already experienced lawyers, accountants and other professionals with interest in Finance and Tax Law and who have proved experience and knowledge in the field of Taxation and are interested in learning about major elements of the US Tax Law.
As it is ISDE's Philosophy we do not only mean our students to reach the most up to date knowledge about US Tax Law, but to acquire the skills that will help them to reach their professional goals.
To do so we count on an academic staff composed by the most important lecturers related to the Tax Law in the US.

The main importance of the Program is focused on teaching topics on major elements of US Tax Law, which the professional daily life of an international lawyer, Tax or Finance Manager and other professionals are not too much elaborated on. Due to the fact that this Program will be offered to already practicing and experienced international lawyers, Tax and Finance Managers and other professionals with ongoing activities, it is therefore understood that our students will not be able to make themselves available for a consecutive period of study in New York, and so the studies will be carried out on an on-line basis;. Online learning can provide learning outcomes that are comparable or even superior to those of conventional educational formats, as it is proved that on Executive Programs the students, which already have professional experience work better when self-directed, as they are shaped by the accumulation of authentic personal experience. Position yourself for a successful international legal career with our LLM in International Business and Trade Law.
LLM in International Business & Trade LawPosition yourself for a successful international legal career with our LLM in International Business and Trade Law.
Tilburg University's Master's in International Business Taxation LLM program (sub-track: International Business Tax Law) equips you with the advanced tools needed to understand and manage the complex problems facing companies and governments in the field of international business taxation. Taxation is an increasingly important determinant for enterprises in their decision-making processes on where and how to invest. The key competencies necessary for a successful career including the ability to gather, process, and analyze information and communicate the results in an effective way. Theory is integrated with practice offering you a legal education that is both grounded in theory and infused with real-world and practical knowledge and experience. Our goal is to ensure that you reach your full potential - and thus meet your ambition of establishing a career at the top of international business tax law practice. Your International Business Taxation LLM master will ready you for the transition from university to your first job and the start of your career. A key advantage of the International Business Taxation LLM qualification is the specific skills you develop throughout the program - qualities valued by future employers.
Both sub-tracks are advised to students who wish to work for large consultancy or law firms, international organizations such as the EU and OECD, economic departments of multinational enterprises and governments. A perfectly stacked collection of bracelets complements any outfit, and gorjana knows how to pull the look off perfectly.
Don't shy away from this trend — gorjana makes layering effortless with several themed styles that work together for the ultimate stacked look. Located in Lubbock, Texas, the School of Law is part of the Texas Tech University system, which takes pride in being a major comprehensive research university with more than 100 masters degree programs and over 50 doctoral programs.
As economic globalization continues to expand, the need for lawyers with international experience also grows.
Der Grund dafur war massiver Widerstand seitens der Professoren und der Vertreter des juristischen Berufsstandes. Angebote fur ein Master of Laws Studium findest Du teilweise in Deutschland, aber hauptsachlich im Ausland. Aber auch wenn Du spater in einem international agierenden Unternehmen tatig sein mochtest, lohnt sich ein Studium zum Master of Laws.
Eine Zulassung zum Studium kann zudem vom personlichen Eindruck abhangen, den Du bei einem Bewerbungsgesprach machst. Im Rahmen dieser Masterarbeit fertigst Du eigenstandig eine schriftliche Ausarbeitung an, die sich mit einer speziellen juristischen Frage befasst.
Unter folgenden Links findest du alle Informationen zur Steuerberater Ausbildung sowie dem Beruf des Steuerberaters. Singapore, an island city-state that was established as a British trading colony, combines the best of east and west which makes studying there a unique cultural experience as compared to singlehandedly experiencing Western or Eastern cultures. Therefore, for students considering a blend of hustle and bustle of busy city life such as that of New York or London while also looking to travel to some of the most beautiful and scenic locations in Asia, Singapore may well be a perfect option! The factors that are generally considered highly favourable are political stability, personal safety as the crime rate is low, environmental factors such as little air pollution, well developed healthcare and transport system. I have always had an attachment with Asian culture and Singapore has a highly reputable educational system.
Some institutes offering the LLM include National University of Singapore, and Singapore Management University. There is also the option of pursuing a double degree programme with New York University which provides the unique and appealing opportunity to receive two degrees one from NUS in Singapore as well as one from NYU.
The tuition fees depending on the institution and the course you have applied for, however as an estimate the LLM programmes cost from S$20,000-25,000. The requirements for the visa differ depending on your country of nationality however, admission into a recognized institution on a full-time basis is a precondition for the pass. Locally and on a worldwide scale, activities which surround the procurement of gas and oil are highly complex. Like any sector, the gas and oil industry is always in need of well qualified, skilled employees to improve their service. Law graduates often choose to take an LLM in Gas and Oil to gain the detailed understanding needed to be a more effective legal force in this area. It focuses on general aspects of law, but also sustainability and environmental responsibility.
There may be a test prior to commencing the course and ongoing support with English throughout the program if needed. An LLM in International Tax Law is particularly applicable to the business administration of multi-national or international corporations. An LLM in International Tax Law would also provide a jumping-off point for PhD research in the subject. Juris Doctor graduates are also eligible to enhance their law practice qualifications with specialization in International Tax Law.
The career opportunities for an LLM in International Tax Law degree-bearer are diverse and rich. The costs of LLM in International Tax Law online, full time or part time programs vary depending on the department, so it is important to contact the university for more information.
Degree for Foreign Law School Graduates must be a graduate of a recognized foreign law school.
The diversity and depth of courses offered can be found in the SMU Dedman School of Law course catalog or in the course schedule listing.
We are proud our global alumni network - more than 2,000 graduates from 80 countries who hold prominent positions in government, legal practice, business, the judiciary, and legal education worldwide. These scholars regularly engage the world by appearing before congressional committees, working with state and federal regulatory agencies, arguing before state and federal courts, working with corporate executives and nonprofits, and regularly appearing in the media to translate their research or offer commentary on important stories of the day. At SMU Dedman Law, your learning experience will be enriched through year-round international conferences and lectures, bringing prominent international figures to campus to discuss current global legal issues.
Our international alumni network includes more than 2000 graduates in more than 80 countries. We strive for global geographic diversity in our student enrollments, and provide a high degree of individual attention and support for each international student.
Topics range from: individual taxation, business taxation, estate planning, and international taxation. Tax professionals operate in a globalised environment where trade and investment take place on a multinational level. Study in one of the most important financial centers in Europe with increasing needs of highly qualified staff. Benefit from the excellent research environment as the Research Unit in Law gets top recognition in recent external evaluation. Their commitment in making of this Program the best Executive Course in US Tax Law is the guarantee of its quality. Given the right tools and with the lecturers playing a key role, the online methodology, supplemented by the encounter taking place in New York, will make the perfect combination to provide the students with the knowledge and skills they meant to reach when they joined the Program. Optimized to provide degree candidates with a solid foundation in the rules, regulations, and legal approaches underlying international business and trade law, our LLM program offers enhanced marketability by building on Chicago's legal, business, and trade resources.Our curriculum combines coursework, skills training, and research developed to meet the needs of a changing world and marketplace. Incentives and disincentives created by tax systems affect the behavior of multinational enterprises.
Your graduate degree in law is a qualification in high demand by employers in both the public and private sector. These academics are widely published in the top academic journals in the fields of corporate tax law, international and European tax law, VAT, company law and European law. As a student of this program, you will benefit from the department's position at the cutting edge of international business tax research. Potential career paths include international roles as a professional business tax adviser, an in-house counsel of corporations, or a career in academic research.

With equally beach-casual and city-chic styles that pair so well together, daring to mix has never been easier.
Putting together a shimmering assemblage of baubles moves the eye over your entire ensemble.
Silver, gold, and rose gold all have the potential to look amazing together, and blending different colors and textures creates a polished arm party that is full of flavor. The law school offers an abundance of symposia, institutes, and guest presentations featuring jurists, professors, and lawyers from around the nation and the world. Dieser Master Grad ermoglicht Dir beispielsweise eine Karriere im hoheren Dienst oder als Wirtschaftsjurist. Somit durfen die Hochschulen weiterhin das Staatsexamen vergeben, das immer noch Voraussetzung fur eine Tatigkeit als Staatsanwalt, Richter oder Rechtsanwalt ist. Mochtest Du ein Master of Laws Studium aufnehmen, bietet sich daher ein Auslandsstudium an. The population comprises mostly of Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians which are classified as Singaporean but have their own distinct identities and take pride in their own festivals. Multinational companies, banks, insurance companies and law firms have well-established offices in Singapore. Further, students must take into account the costs for accommodation, utilities, food, clothing, transport, books and stationery, health and personal expenses. It is advisable to seek work on university campus as well as to take the rigours of your course in mind while depending on part-time work. This course will teach you about the geographical factors involved, plus the environmental implications and issues of law, and in order to best serve your future clients, you’ll need to be proficient in all of these areas. Here you’ll take core units on subjects like International Petroleum Law and Policy, but students are also given the freedom to select additional modules. At the University of Texas, the program is entitled LLM in Global Energy, International Arbitration and Environmental Law. An LLM provides relevant specialization for lawyers, economists and other professionals in the field. An LLM in International Tax Law is often one-year’s study comprised of coursework and research. The score must be reported to the Admissions Office directly from the Educational Testing Service. It is in your best interest to submit your application as early as possible with all supporting documentation.
Studying law at SMU gives students access to an exceptional faculty engaged in timely and cutting-edge research often informed by years of experience.
These professionals can be found at the highest levels of government, legal practice, and business. With the increasing government regulation in the field, this is a growing area of employment and a ripe time to gain knowledge in the arena. It offers a variety of courses in European, comparative and international law from which the students may choose in order to prepare for the requirements of the second year. Nonetheless, legal considerations are taken into account as well in the decision-making process on whether, where and how to invest.
Our status within the academic world and affiliations within academia enable us to involve some of the world's top experts in your learning. We're in love with gorjana's standout hero pieces, including midi rings and ring-to-wrist bracelets. Nach erfolgreichem Master Studium steht Dir der Weg frei zu promovieren, im hoheren offentlichen Dienst zu arbeiten oder Dich um eine Stelle als Wirtschaftsjurist zu bewerben. Du hast auch die Moglichkeit, eine Streitfrage oder Schwierigkeiten des Arbeitslebens zu erortern. In terms of the legal sector all top international law firms have practices in Singapore such as Allen and Overy, Clifford Chance, Baker and McKenzie, Ashurst, DLA Piper etc. Eating out is a favourite pastime and if you are a fan of food astounding range of delicacies can be found ranging from Little India, China town to Malay Village as well as Thai cuisine which are reflective of the cultural diversity found in Singapore. There are further various scholarships offered in Singapore by the institutions for example National University of Singapore offers scholarships each academic year. At the University of Aberdeen the LLM in Gas and Oil Law degree has units that cover licences and hydrocarbon resources. It examines corporate concerns and the resolution of multiparty conflicts in energy production. Students enrolled in this degree program must complete 24 credit hours including the required two-credit course in Perspectives of the American Legal System.
An applicant for whom English is a second language must present evidence of a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) computer based score of 233 or written score of 575. It is important when applying that you indicate on the TOEFL form the code number 6660, department code 03, to ensure that your score is sent to SMU Dedman School of Law. Faculty members advising candidates for this degree will make every effort to tailor a student's study plan to his or her specific graduate objectives.
Programs enhance careers in the private practice of law, teaching, and public service by teaching analysis and problem-solving skills for meeting the complex demands of our world. Generally speaking, their salary levels are higher than for jurists who graduate in other fields of law.
During the second year each of the six specialisations provides an in-depth knowledge and practical training in the chosen field.
Program, and the Program was approved by both the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission of Colleges.
Denn als solcher besitzt Du neben juristischen Kernkompetenzen auch umfassende branchenubergreifende Kenntnisse. A student should take into account their lifestyle while budgeting these such as whether you are fond of going out regularly and drinking, clubbing etc, whether you prefer to cook your own meals or eat out. Both universities offer courses full time over one year or part time over two years, distance learning is also a possibility.
The Law School has campuses across Michigan in Lansing, Auburn Hills, Grand Rapids and in Tampa Bay, Fla. Applications will be reviewed upon completion, and decisions will be made shortly thereafter. However, all students are required to take the course on Perspectives of the American Legal System.
The programs increase the student’s understanding of legal theory and policies, broaden the student’s legal horizons, and encourage the development of legal research and writing skills.
With your understanding on how tax and legal considerations relate, you will be optimally prepared to help multinational enterprises, organizations and governments to improve today's decision-making processes in the field of international business taxation. Therefore, there is ample opportunity to gain some internationally recognized and valuable work experience while studying for an LLM. Students should also consider whether they would be required to pay utility bills or not for example in university accommodation halls they may be required to pay a lump sum which includes all utilities. Students have the freedom to choose from a wide array of classes and can design their LL.M. Students whose TOEFL score does not meet these requirements can apply for conditional admission subject to the student successfully completing sufficient English as a second language course at SMU or another institution. We want to be your legal destination of choice, not just because we believe we can do a better job than most law schools, but because we appreciate that our J.D. A student will not receive credit for a course or seminar in which his or her grade is below D or 1.00.
We look forward to welcoming you as a candidate in the Master of Laws degree in United States Legal Studies at Texas Tech University School of Law. Students for whom English is a second language are allowed additional time to complete written final examinations.

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